Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Totally Random Ramblings on this Tuesday (& Some Interactive Fun for Everyone!)

Since I've overloaded this blog with lots of pictures and tales of our family activities lately, I thought I'd make today a little more "random" and a little bit interactive.

So, here are 10 things (some big, some small, some important, some not so much) going on lately; and then some fun questions for you to join in on.

10. I'm seriously in denial that it's already the last day of June. Which means tomorrow is the first day of July (funny how that works, huh?). It seems like the Summer is going by too quickly...but, thank goodness, we have lots of fun stuff still planned for the rest of the summer months. Namely another trip to the beach in two weeks (this time it's mixed in with Delaney's World Series in Panama City, Florida, but the beach is right there!).

9. I just made an appointment for my first mammogram. (Gretchen, I have stolen your word for it...mammoCRAM). Not looking forward to that!

8. Losing Farrah Fawcett last week made me have such fond memories of elementary school recess. When I was in second grade, me and my best friends, Kelly and Michelle, pretended like we were Charlie's Angels during recess. I loved that show, and it was great being Jill (Farrah's character) and then Kris (Cheryl Ladd's character) soon afterwards. I was blonde, so I was the natural choice for those characters. Good times and great memories!

7. Then the death of Michael Jackson sent me into serious 80s-flashback mode. I listened to every song on the "Thriller" album when it was first out and it is a huge part of my high school pop culture history. (And related to that--I think I've created a monster! I dug out the Thriller CD and decided to re-introduce/introduce the girls to his music. Sydney absolutely LOVES the CD and refuses to listen to anything else in the car. Just yesterday we made it through the entire cd and I turned it to the radio. "Nope, no radio," she said. "I want to listen to Michael Jackson again." (Her favorite song? "Beat It.")

6. One of the girls in my Feature Writing class this past Spring was tragically killed in a car accident last week. Carly was just 22 and just a beautiful girl, and so friendly and respectful. It really hit me hard and saddened me for days. We need to cherish each and every day, don't we?

5. I was so excited to get to spend a day with my wonderful grandmother, who came from Texas to stay with my parents for a while. She arrived while we were at the beach, so I only got to spend a day with her, but just those few hours were wonderful. The last time I saw Grandma Iwas really worried about her; she seemed much more frail and not like her usual self. This time, though, the sparkle was back in her eyes and she had a spring in her step I hadn't seen in a while. She is such an energetic, fashionable, upbeat lady...so I was so glad to see that side of her back in full gear!

4. I have been reading nonstop throughout the Summer and my latest discovery has been the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. These are actually younger young adult books (think on about the Harry Potter reading level) and are so much fun! Percy finds out he is a "half blood"--the child of a mortal mother and a Greek god. Yep, the ancient gods of Greek mythology (and all the monsters that come with them) are still running amok around the world and Percy gets stuck in the middle of all sorts of quests and adventures. There are five books and I'm finishing the third one right now.

3. I went to the local prouduce market yesterday and came home with corn on the cob, snap beans, banana peppers, and watermelon. The best thing, though? Fresh blueberries. I absolutely LOVE blueberries!

2. Seriously: is there any job more difficult than being a parent? I have been dealing with a teenager who so bads want to be an adult and thinks she has so many of the "secrets" of life and love already figured out...all you can do is guide and direct and instruct and try and empathize with what she is feeling (because, believe it or not, I remember what it feels like to be a teenager). If I can raise my girls to be strong and kind and honest and true to themselves--and get out of the house, into college, and into independent lives of their own; LOL--I feel like I have done my job. (Of course, I will be striving for that for the next eighteen years or so, with little Sydney just getting started...so I just might possibly go crazy.) Parenting is not for the timid, that's for sure...although it has so many wonderful rewards mixed in with the challenges!

1. I'm playing Bunko tonight, and am totally looking forward to that. (It's always good when you can get away from everyone--kids, hubby, laundy piles--for the evening and laugh with girlfriends.)

That's a little of what's going on with me right now. Now, how about you tell me (and the rest of us) what's going on with you.

To guide you along the way, here are some questions to answer that are sorta related to my own post today (either in my comments section below, or on your own blog--just remember to tell us that you are putting them on your blog, so we can come visit and comment there too):

1. Now that June is almost over, what are you looking forward to in July?

2. Do you have any specific memories of Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson?

3. What's the last book you read?

4. What's your favorite Summer fruit?

5. What is your most important job or role in your life today?

Thanks for stopping by, and I love you all!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Nina Diane said...

1. I'm looking forward to the beach!
2. Always loved Charlies Angels and MJ's music.....that's all
3. Currently reading The Associate by John Grisham
4. fav summer fruit is peaches and blueberries
5. I have to agree with you...being a parent is my most important job! Esp now as my young adult kids are making important choices and really need and actually want our advice!

Adrienne said...

1. Now that June is almost over, what are you looking forward to in July?


2. Do you have any specific memories of Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson?

Just when Michael Jackson came here back in the 80's (When the Sheraton was the Hyatt) lol We stood outside for the LONGEST time waiting to see him! LOL

3. What's the last book you read?
A Preachers Passion lol (QUALITY SMUT LOL)

4. What's your favorite Summer fruit?

5. What is your most important job or role in your life today?
Being a mom, wife and friend!

Gin said...

I love your list, Cheryl. I totally agree with you onthe beach and blueberries, although I totally love peaches also. Now I think I want to make a peach cobbler. Ha!

hippo chick said...

Hey, we all love you too. As for parenting, I remember so well the years when Gretchen adored me one day and pretended I didn't exist the next. Like you, I can still remember what those turbulent teen years felt like. They will survive and so will you. You and Gary seem to have a good handle on things.

As I'm now your mother's age, I am hoping I will grow up to be like your grandmother. My mom was taken from us at age 71 and she was such a live wire. As long as God leaves me here, I want to enjoy every minute.

I am going to post about the beach and will answer your random questions next week after VBS is over.

~hippo hugs~

Dettao said...

aww, being a parent of teenage girls. Glad those days are over. You are right, though. Your job is to guide and advise so they grow up to be independent. Stay the course.

Cheryl Wray said...
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Cheryl Wray said...

Nina--As they get older, that's what you want...to be there to guide them on their way through important decisions.It's hard, though. Whew! (And yummy on blueberries and peaches!)

Adrienne--Did you see MJ in concert here? That's so cool! And, hey, summer smut reading is essential! LOL

Gin--Mmmm, cobbler would be SO good!

Hippo--I totally see you living for a very LONG time and loving every minute of it. My Grandma is an inspiration; she is so "alive" for her years! Have continued fun with VBS!

Detta--That's the goal. Let's hope we get there. LOL

Jeff said...

Excellent post today...

My answers

1. In July the mentor work picks up full steam, so I'm looking very forward to that.

2. For Farrah, I do remember "Charlie's Angels" well. I was shocked to be reminded last week she was only on one season of that show. Seemed like longer in my memory. For Michael Jackson it would be the premiere of the "Thriller" video. It's still a classic today. I'll be glad when everyone stops focuses on the weirdness his live had become and just leaves the world with the good music to remember.

3. "Out of the Pocket" by Bill Konigsberg (see review here: http://www.jeffandwill.com/2009/06/02/out-of-the-pocket-by-bill-konigsberg/)

4. Blueberries have been so fab this summer!

5. For today it's being a good manager at work. I'm leading a couple big projects, so that just needs to go well.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hi Cheryl, I've really enjoyed reading your "randomness". Gotta love it what your mind is flooded with stuff and it actually makes sense once you write (type) it out. I hear on the parenting thing...it is NOT for the weary...nor is it for sissys :-). Keep up the good work, you're doing an AWESOME job! Love ya!

Cheryl Wray said...

Jeff--I'm with you on Michael J. Let the great music live on! And I'm coming to check out your book review.

Dawn--You're so sweet! Sometimes I'm not sure...but I'm doing the best I can (aren't we all?). :-)

Stephenie said...

I'm gonna be posting my answers on my blog :] Be sure to come check it out!!

Anonymous said...

Your ramblings are so much fun.

That book series sounds really good. I think Im going to have to go back and read some Harry Potter again before the new movie comes out.

Love ya too!


Gretchen said...

1. I'm looking forward to Big landing safely home from a 9 day trip to China this Thur. Then we'll caffeinate him and drag him to our beach house for a weekend of fun and fireworks and friends. Special friends are sleeping over on Fri and Sat.

2. I played Charlie's Angels in 3rd grade on the playground. And of course I was Jill Monroe. And later, Kris. I was very pleased with my 10 or 11 year old self when I recognized "Charlie's" voice as John Forsythe's/Blake's when he was on Dynasty a few years later. In the summer btw 8/9th grade, we did a drill team bit to Beat It. It was fun. Talented, talented man. Very flawed. But that takes nothing from the artistry in God's hand when he made Michael.

3. Last Book: Fire and Ice, by Julie Garwood. Fun, fluffy, mystery-romance. Perfect for summer. Now, I'm reading The Dead Don't Dance by Charles Martin (that author I told you about on FB). So far, heavy, but awesome writing.

4. My fave summer fruit? Probably the cherries off our tree and blueberries from the farmer's market. End of summer fave is blackberries--and blackberry crisp, of course.

5. Most important role? This may sound trite, but child of God. Everything else comes from that wellspring. And I find that when I'm not focusing on Him, I let all my anxieties and gunk run around in my head and it interferes with the major roles like mom, wife, and girlfriend.

Have a great week. Nice to hear your randoms.

Daisy said...

Normally, I would be in serious denial that it's already the first day of July. Normally it would seem like Summer is going by too quickly...but, the weather we've had, makes me feel as though Summer hasn't even started and it's a 1/3 of the way over with already. We have lots of fun stuff planned for this month. We have a 4th of July get together to go to Saturday, a birthday party to go to Sunday, seeing a show on Monday, possibly seeing my cousin and his family before they go back to England, having lunch and celebrating a birthday with a dear friend, spending a few days with Miss Haddie and her family in Avalon, NJ, flying out to Indiana for a few days to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday and hopefully some shore days slipped in between.


Grrrrr.. I know what you mean I have a teenager too!!! Hang in there girl.

Edleen said...

always enjoy reading your ramblings :)
and yes, being a parent is never easy!

have a fun week :)

Auburn Kat said...

1- I'm looking forward to some warmer weather in July! It's been chilly and rainy here!
2-I have more memories of Michael Jackson. i still remember watching his Thriller video on MTV in awe!
3-The last book I read was One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell and the last audio book I listened to was Sail by James Patterson.
4-My favorite summer fruit would probably be strawberries!
5-The most important job or role in my life today is trying to accept where I am in my life right now.

Cheryl Wray said...

Steph--I'll come check yours out!

Marg--That's EXACTLY what I'm doing to! I've got one more book on my "to read" list and then I'm reading it again!

Gretchen--I love the memory of a Drill team routine to "Beat It." And I am writing down the name Charles Martin to check out his books. And your comment on your role is perfect--not trite at all! That should always be #1 role!

Cheryl Wray said...

Daisy--WOW!!! You have got A LOT planned,but it all sounds like great times!

Cinni--I'm hanging in! LOL

Ed--You have a FUN week too! :-)

Kat--I love your answer to the last question. Praying you figure out where you fit in; that's a tough thing and tough time in your life!

Maria said...

Hi Cheryl, always loving your random posts! I just got done posting my answers on my blog...yes, it's now Friday! LOL. :D