Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Two-Fer Random Tuesday (oops, it's now officially Wednesday morning)

(And yeah, the banana art is really very random. Fun, though, right?)

I tried to come up with something fun for a Random Tuesday post, but (as always seems to be the case, during the busy, busy Summer that also includes sleeping way too late every morning) I didn't get it done in time. Instead of posting this on Tuesday, I slept late, read most of the day away, picked blueberries, watched some mindless t.v., washed laundry, and baked brownies. (Productive in a sense, I guess, but it still didn't accomplish my getting a Tuesday post out here.)

Still...better late than I come to you today with a Random Wednesday post. It comes in a fun two-answer variety, and I hope you'll join in by posting your answers to the questions in my comments section or posting them on your own blog (and letting us know about it).

Two things that have made me laugh out loud since last I posted:
1. Sunday night's "Hannah Montana" episode on Disney Channel. I know, I know. It's a kids show, but I laughed out loud so much one time that I think stuff came out of my nose.
2. Watching Sydney tackle Gary last night. I love Daddy-Daughter fun time!

Two favorite fast food restaurants:
1. Taco Casa (This is a local restaurant that has taco grease down to a science!)
2. Zaxby's (Gary saw that a new one was being built in our small town and called to ask me, "How much money do I need to earmark in our savings account just for Zaxby's?")

Two snacks that are really good that you might not know about:
1. Nutella on croissants (Breakfast the last three days in a row!)
2. Movie theatre popcorn (Sure, you already know this is true, but on Sunday night I may have consumed the best buttery kernels ever!)

Two favorite Summer t.v. shows:
1. "Royal Pains" (A new show on USA about a guy who becomes a "concierge" doctor to the rich and famous in The Hamptons. Really fun!)
2. "The Closer" (If I were a man, I'd have a serious crush on Kyra Sedgewick.)

Two things I'm looking forward to in the next week:
1. Heading to the beach
2. The new Harry Potter movie!!! (I ADORED the sixth book, so I'm excited to see the movie!)

Two lessons I've recently learned:
1. Seventeen-year-olds feel real love and their hearts can break. It's my job as a parent to try and give her strong advice and guidance about what "true love" is, but to also let her know that I give her feelings validity. I don't ever want my girls to think I don't take their feelings seriously (although, as a 40-year-old, I know how things will almost invariably turn out!). It's a slippery slope to navigate and it can make you cry and pray a lot...but it can also make you smile when you think some of it might be working.
2. Texting is not the Great Awful Evil I once thought it might be.

Two goals I have for the coming days:
1. To get Sydney started into kindergarten without becoming a bawling, hysterical, sentimental wreck.
2. To accomplish actual writing on my novel.

Two "fun" things I've spent my money on recently:
1. The new Green Day album. It's loud and I love it!
2. A new makeup kit. I rarely buy makeup for me, so this made me happy with all its Summer-friendly colors.

Two things I'm dissapointed about:
1. That I will miss Vacation Bible School while we're at the beach.
2. That I still haven't figured out how to keep my big mouth shut sometimes (I'm sorry, Gary. I do love you, even if I keep talking and don't let you get a word in edgewise.)

Two sounds I hear right now:
1. Gary watching t.v. downstairs.
2. Sydney humming in her room, creating some sort of imaginary environment that I'm sure to be invited to.

Now join in if you'd like. Answer all of them, answer the ones you like, ignore them completely, comment on my answers. But whatever you do, have a wonderful Wednesday! And oh yeah...

Two things I will say to you in closing:
1. Good night.
2. Remember that today (Right Now) is a gift!


Stephenie said...

I posted my answers on my blog! I loved your answers! And I think you'll enjoy mine as well. Have a good day Otra Mommy! :]

Cheryl Wray said...

Ooh, yay, off to check your answers out!

hippo chick said...

Hey Cheryl, I just posted last weeks answers about the beach. Now I have to think about these. I totally agree with the popcorn snack. Now that we're retired, Jim and I go to the movies on Tuesday afternoons and get $1 popcorn. It's yummy.

I'll answer the rest of your questions on a post later this week.

~hippo hugs~

Stephenie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them! And that show comes on Oxygen Monday nights at 9. That's why I left early Monday night from yall's house. I had to make it home in time to watch it with Ray! Haha We're hooked!

Faye said...

Some awesome questions with delightful answers. I'll have to do this one myself as well as the "Beach" one that you and Pam did.
I have neglected all my Blogger buddies as of late, but I'm back now :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, just awesome, as usual. I really love your answers, especially the "lessons."

Ms.L said...

It's so funny/weird/awesome,every time something happens in my household,it also seems to happen in yours and I so appreciate your
thoughts on things because they
point me in the direction I need
to take,to make things easier.

Phats said...

I hear Royal Pains is really good I might have to check it out.

What's Nutella?

I already emailed you so you'll get this but BOILER UP!!!!! haha :)

Ms.L said...

PS: i played along too,on my blog:)

Jeff said...

Great answers!!! Sorry I'm actually doing this on Thursday... oh well, better late than never right?

Two things that have made me laugh out loud [in the past 24 hours]:
1. The attempt by someone in my office to moonwalk.
2. Watching the pilot episode of the Peyton Place soap opera. This is circa 1964... a young Mia Farrow told this boy to stop being "exasperating." Teenagers in '64 talked like that?

Two favorite fast food restaurants:
Maybe not fast food, but it's where we order from a lot...
1) Gatehouse: Good burgers, good sandwiches and killer quasadias (which apparently I can't spell).

Two snacks that are really good that you might not know about:
1. Getting stuff from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. He does up his ice cream right. Vanilla/Dulce de Leche/Nilla Wafers... or Nuetella Ice Cream Sandwiches... amazing!
2. The chocolate cream cheese muffin at Starbucks

Two favorite Summer t.v. shows:
1. "Burn Notice." Super smart spy show on USA.
2. "So You Think You Can Dance" for all the obvious reasons.

Two things I'm looking forward to in the next week:
1. Harry Potter Movie!!!!
2. Starting to officially work with the clients in the mentoring program. I got assigned to a house this week and next week I get to dive in.

Two lessons I've recently learned:
1. Do everything possible to not take work too seriously.
2. I need to always plan a summer vacation.

Two goals I have for the coming days:
1. Finish up the redesign of that I'm working on.
2. Form firm ideas for the two short stories I want to write for anthologies this fall.

Two "fun" things I've spent my money on recently:
1. The new cast recording of "Hair." The show is fab and the new recording captured it great.
2. (hmmmm... can't think of a second one, odd)

Two things I'm disappointed about:
1. As noted above, that I didn't plan a summer vacation of some nature. We're both missing Provincetown so much.
2. That there's only one hockey game this weekend... stupid schedule.

Two sounds I hear right now:
1. A fan running
2. Me typing
(What can I say, it's early and it's pretty quiet)

hippo chick said...

Hey Cheryl,

I posted my answers on my blog today. Thanks for this idea. It was such a fun post.

~hippo hugs~

Gretchen said...

As always...lurve. Great answers. Re: 17 y.o. love. Ouch. My husband and I were high school sweethearts, but by all accounts shouldn't be married because of all the growing up, apart, and back together we did. Truly God's grace b/c I don't recommend this way. Still...what your daughter feels is real, and very real for her, so I give you so much credit for keeping the lines of communication open and for just loving on her and praying for her. She'll remember this, Cheryl.

Edleen said...

the banana art is cute!!! :D
hope you'll have a fabulous weekend!