Monday, September 14, 2009

The Best Stuff

Okay, I know that you guys may be tired of looking at pictures of my red velvet cake creations (and, personally, it was sorta tempting me to go make another one and I do NOT think I need to be doing that!) I have finally put together a new post for your enjoyment. :-)

Since it is also the eve of another Tuesday, I thought I would make the post a bit random. So, as usual, join in the fun and post your own responses to the following statements. (Post either in my comments section, or use it as inspiration for a blog post of your own.)

Here's a little bit of what's been going on in my life lately...

Best thing I've watched:

I caught up on the new show, "Glee," from and now have set my DVR to record it this season (Wed. nights on Fox). It is SO fun...a totally campy, over-the-top, exagerrated look at high school show choir. The characters are great and the music and choreography is wonderful. I can't wait to watch it this season.

(Another favorite, of course, is "Psych" and I'm so glad the new episodes are finally on. That show makes me laugh out loud more times than should be legal!)

Best thing I've heard:

You know I could just pop in any conversation with Sydney into this category, but I've reserved an entire section for her below, so...I'm going with my new Bob Dylan CD (actually, it's not new; I bought one of his "Greatest Hits" CDs because he was next on my list of "music to teach Sydney about, so that she will know music that came out before the year 2000"; so far, she knows Abba, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Cat Stevens, and Bon Jovi pretty well; after Dylan will come The Band and Tom Petty); my new Regina Spektor CD; the new Miley Cyrus CD (yes, I bought it and didn't buy it solely for the girls, I admit it!); and the Christmas CD we've been listening to since Sunday night (Sydney has a solo in our church's Christmas play that is going to be BEYOND sweet and we're already practicing the music!).

Best thing I've eaten:

Once I got past all the goodness that was my Crimson Velvet Cake, I decided I needed to make some "real" food (i.e: not desserts), and boy did I find a good recipe. I found a recipe for Creamy Cajun Shrimp and Pasta and tweaked it a little bit to where it was absolutely delicious. It was like a roux-based cajun sauce, filled with shrimp, and poured over spaghetti. I'm thinking it would be wonderful over chicken or tilapia; yumm-o!

Best thing I've read:

I'm in the middle of reading Aunt Dimity's Death by Nancy Atherton and I am loving it (in fact, I'll probably have it finished before this auto-posts in the morning!). It's been listed as one of the Top 100 Mystery Novels of all time and I have to agree that it is so unique and charming and mysterious.

And some other non-"thing" moments...

Best random 13-year-old moment:

Delaney's school had Homecoming last week (really early for some reason!) and had Spirit Days each day. Delaney is very school-spirited and gets into the fun full-throttle no matter what it is! She dressed up for Twin Day, Tacky Neon Day (she basically looked like she'd been spit out of the 80s!), Disney Character Day (as an Incredible!), and School Spirit Day. (It had me reliving my memories of spraying red hair color into my hair for Punk Day way back in my eighth grade year!)

Best random 17-year-old moment:

I like to say that McKenna changes boyfriends like some people change tires, but I'm not sure that's an entirely bad thing (because it gives her a good understanding of all the different types of guys out there). Still, she is a bit fickle sometimes and can go from thinking one guy is the best thing ever, to feeling like she's in love with someone new...which is sorta where we are right now.

And while McKenna and I have our "moments" (what mother and teenage daughter don't?), I am truly grateful that she shares so much with me. Just last night she come home from church squealing, and then did a little turn-around-dancing-movement. She looked at me sheepishly and I said, "Did So-and-So kiss you?" She screamed and then said, "And my heart melted a little bit."

Best Patrick Swayze memory:

I was so sad to hear about Patrick Swayze's passing last night; his battle with cancer was courageous, and I always had felt like he was one of the "good guys." But then, as I thought about him more and more, I realized how many good memories I had of him...and how many of them were connected to something personal in my own life. Like: seeing him for the first time in The Outsiders (way back in junior high); reading and loving North and South and then falling in love with him as the character Orry Main in the miniseries; going to see Dirty Dancing when I was in college and laughing with my friends at the "old" ladies in the bathroom afterwards swooning over how gorgeous he was). The older I get, the harder it is when someone from my generation (or a little bit older) dies.

Best time spent spent with 92,000 friends:

Alabama's first home game was this past weekend in Tuscaloosa , and McKenna and I headed down to the game together. We always look so forward to Saturdays spent in Bryant-Denny Stadium, and this year is no different. McKenna and I had a blast yelling "Roll Tide" more times than we can count, doing the "Rammer Jammer" after the victory, and even doing the wave (that simple activity can make me smile and laugh like a little kid!).

And to grow on, a few "Scout Moments" for you...

Best Moment #1:
At one of Delaney's recent volleyball matches, Sydney came up to me and whispered in my ear: "Mom, that other team is called the Idiots." Me: "Now, Sydney, don't be mean." Sydney: 'They are, Mom. Listen to them cheer. They're saying Let's Go Idiots, Let's Go." Me (laughing pretty loudly now): "They're not saying Idiots. They're saying Let's Go Indians, Let's Go."

Best #2:
Sydney came home from school one day last week and was giggling slyly. I asked her what happened and she said she couldn't tell me. But, she could tell Delaney and went and told Delaney her "secret." They finally decided to tell me that "Harper gave me a kiss on the cheek." (Harper is a friend's son who is also in kindergarten, and he is abolutely adorable.) "Only thing is," Sydney said, "Harper has three girlfriends."

And one more:
This afternoon, Sydney was telling me about how the kids in her class were telling each other about what they liked to do. They had to fill in the blank, "My name is ____ and ______ is my game." Sydney said that one girl said, "My name's Dylan and hopscotch is my game" and another girl said, "My name's Emma and skating is my game." When I asked Sydney what she said, it was: "My name's Sydney and softball is my game. Because I am goooood at softball and it IS my game." (She just started Fall Ball and is playing first base; it is so cute!) She then asked what mine would be and all she could come up with is "Cheryl's my name and cooking is my game." I thought that was pretty insightful and was as good as anything else (Scrabble? Writing? Watching football?) I could come up with.

And now, I pass this on to you.

Comment here on anything you can relate to, or go and post some of these (Best Thing you've Watched, Heard, Eaten, Read and/or any special moments) on your own blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and I can't wait to hear from you!


Adrienne said...

This is such a great post!!! I think my "best" right now is the weekend I just had lol. I'm still trying to recover lol.

Daisy said...

I've heard good things about "Glee". I may have to start watching.

I love your taste in music. I used to do the same with my daughters. Letting them appreciate music before their time.

The book (Shut The Door) I a currently reading is not what I had thought it would be. So far it is very slow going.

I am sad too to hear about Patrick Swayze. I don't think there was any movie he was in that wasn't good. He will be missed.

Gary K Wray said...

LOL about all the kissing....!

hippo chick said...

I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Good weekends are always GOOD!

Daisy--Love your comments. You gotta try Glee.

Gary--I know!! I realized after the fact how much kissing was an important part of this post. :-)

Hippo--You know I can't wait to read yours!

Monogram Queen said...

Your post has lifted me up today Cheryl! I want to see McKenna's "new" BF (and yes switching frequently at her age is NOT a bad thing!)

Edleen said...

i enjoy watching Psych too! although we're not getting new episodes here...

and sad about Patrick Swayze. loved him in The Outsiders, Dirty Dancing and Ghost.

Happy Baking Cheryl and have a fun weekend!

Linda said...

Best Blog post I've read today...this one. Love it. Sydney is sooooo funny. Love the "idiots"

Phats said...

This was a good post! And I too am glad you posted looking at that cake made my mouth water.

Our homecoming was really early too, third week of the season the theme this year was Circus. The kids do such a good job!

I think you'll like my Bama prediction

Gin said...

I love this, Cheryl. Some great stuff here.

Have a great Friday.