Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eight Ramblings...

1) What is it about being almost 18-years-old? I can still remember what it was like--I thought I knew as much as my parents did, I was so ready to head off to college and get on with my life, I was really just sick of high school and wanted to get on with the future--but it doesn't make it any easier dealing with McKenna's push-and-pull these days. She's having a hard time with her Calculus class, she wants to be with her friends all the time, and she acts like she's got it all together on her own. I know that part of it is her natural separation from us, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! I think you all know what a positive person I am, but this has really gotten me down and I don't like feeling that way. (It doesn't help that I've had to punish her for getting caught with her telephone at school...ugh!)

2) In the midst of the aformentioned crappy stuff, there is still so much exciting stuff going on with McKenna. She chose her senior pictures yesterday (they are SO pretty, and I'll try and post some of them soon!), and we're going to visit a good friend of mine who is a professor at a local university that McKenna's interested in (it's a really beautiful, small liberal arts college that's about 45 minutes away).

3) I am so glad that Fall television is back! My favorite late-Summer show, "Pysch," is still going in full force,but now I have some other favorites to fill my DVR..."Glee" (which is my new favorite show), "The Big Bang Theory" (Monday's premiere was hilarious, didn't you think?), "How I Met Your Mother" (ditto), and my very favorite, "Fringe" (the premiere was kick-butt and I can't wait for the next one!). What are your favorite shows, and have you discovered any new good ones?

4) I went to Target the other day and found Sydney the cutest apron! She LOVES to get in the kitchen and cook with me (maybe she and I will open a bakery someday together in my old age!), so I thought it would be the perfect gift to put up for Christmas. The best part is that I found an apron for me that matches hers! (I also found an awesome cake stand, the cutest cupcake-themed bag, two shirts for $4 each, and some fun scrapbooking stuff...finding fun deals can always turn my mood around pretty quick, and this definitely helped my day!)

5) I've started teaching my Feature Writing course for the Fall semester and it's going really well. And I'm hoping to locate some other teaching opportunities (it really is one of my favorite things to do).

6) Delaney has been nominated for a "Youth Who do The Right Thing" from the local Urban League, and we are so proud of her! She had to put a portfolio together for the nomination process and it was so impressive (or as impressive as it can be for an 8th grader). Even if she doesn't win, it's a great honor for sure!

7) Alabama football continues to make me very happy!!! We've looked really good in all three of our wins (we have what I like to call a "total" team--each part seems to be working really well!), and we've moved up to #3 in the national polls. This weekend, though, will be a big challenge when Arkansas comes to town. The Hogs have a quarterback who can sling the ball around better than maybe anyone in the country, and it will be a challenge. Gary and I will be at the game, of course, and we are really getting excited about it!

8) Last week in church, our pastor made this comment and it really touched me: "It's not what's on the outside. It's how we dress our hearts." Too often we worry about what we look like on the outside, or how we appear to other people, or how we fit in with the rest of the world...when what we should really be worrying about is what we look like on the inside. In conjunction with the service, I did the children's minute that morning and I showed the kids my makeup kit. I told them that grown-ups put makeup on because we want to look prettier or younger; then I showed them some of Sydney's dress-up clothes and told them how fun it is to act like you're someone else. The trick, though, is to realize that it's the inside--not the outside--that's important. We need to worry more about the reflection our inner life is sending out into the world; can people see our kindness, and integrity, and generosity, and love? Are we dressing our hearts with good things?

And now that I've preached to positive, Cheryl; be loving, Cheryl; LOL...I'm going to go and enjoy my Wednesday.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully, and I'd love to hear how you're doing as well!

Love ya!


Lynilu said...

mmmmm. Children growing away. Perhaps one of life's greatest struggles. I remember one of my own such struggles when my son had a 3rd fender bender. All three were very slight, but obvious indicators of poor judgment. As we prepared to talk about it, he walked to the key rack and hung his car keys there. He never kept them there! I didn't have to make a hard decision about consequences. He already had. I hid my tears.

One day, when her separation has reached a more stable place, she will get it, possible even appreciate it, Cheryl. :)

Daisy said...

OH*BOY!!! I do remember both daughters as seniors in high school and their senioritis. I would be so thrilled with them and excited for them and at the same time be so dang frustrated. This too shall pass.

Your pastor's comment reminded me of a saying my mom would always say..."Pretty is as pretty does." Good message.

Gin said...

Im sending you a big hug, Cheryl. I think that its definitely just a phase, because I know that McKenna is a great girl and your a great mom. Chin up. It's all good.

camport said...

It doesn't seem like 18 was all that long ago for me. I remember my parents trying to tell me things, but I knew it all. NOW I see that they knew a little bit. It's a learning game.

Oh, and favorite shows...House and the Office. Biggest Loser is a fave, but I always feel guilty about eating ANYTHING after watching that show.


hippo chick said...

Oh Cheryl, I so can empathize with you. First of all, I know what I put my poor mom through. I was determined to get married at 18. I have thanked God nearly every day of my life since I came to my senses that my parents stuck to their guns.

Then there were the tough times with my own girls. Looking back, I guess it wasn't earth shattering, but at the time it seemed so. I think it's so much harder when we have had kids that were really easy; who looked up to us totally; who never gave us any problems. They have to find themselves, but it's hard on the parents. I think them too. Hang in there.

That brings me to now when my Gretch is struggling with something that I just can't help with. I can see God working and I know He has a plan for her, but right now, she only wants her own way. I pray mightily and often for her to acquiesce to His will.

So, all that said. I know what kind of parents you and Gary are. I know someday, just like you and me, she will be grateful for your strength. I know that God is in control for all of us. I will continue to pray for you and for me.

~hippo hugs~

Ms.L said...

Cheryl,I hear you. I am feeling much the same and while I'm trying,trying,trying to be positive,it is a bit of a struggle.
I think this is just a rough patch,before you know it,you'll be over it and then you'll have all that new knowledge to share with the rest of us.

What your pastor said was really beautiful:)

Stacy said...

yikes i thought life with an 8 yr old girl was rough then i just remember me as a teen ugh what did i get myself into with a girl lol hugs my friend your words helped me alot today

Gretchen said...

Hang in there. We'll ride the roller coaster together. I had to think of 5 things I really loved about my dtr last night, since her mood swing was about to kill me.

Can't wait to curl up to Glee and some of my DVRd faves. Waiting till Doug comes home to watch TBBT. The kids are excited for that one.

Laura said...

Roll Tide! I can't wait until this weekend!!

Adrienne said...

Cheryl, the starts have aligned or SOMETHING because Tony is NOW AN ALABAMA FAN! LOL Did I tell you that already!? I will HAVE to get a pic of the two of you in Alabama shirts lol. I'll have to tell you the story of him "crossing" over later on lol.

Monogram Queen said...

Great post Cheryl, I think Maddie has the same apron from Target, we love it too!
You have a wonderful family to be proud of, they aways make me smile

Phats said...

Is McKenna going to go to Alabama?

I love Glee! It's been great so far Kristen and I never miss it. Also love Psych such a good show. I am stoked for the return of Amazing Race!

Maria said...

BIG hug Cheryl! :D

I am also loving Fringe and Glee this Fall! We are also totally hooked to Bones. The hubby is in love with the actress in that show. He thinks she is brilliant (and the smartest woman on earth) and it's so funny to see him get all happy every time he watches that show.

Sabrina loves to watch the Food network (among her faves shows are Chefs vs. City, Chopped and all the cake constest shows.)