Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a Cupcake Queen

Most of you already know how much I love to bake. I've posted enough pictures on this blog of my cakes, and cupcakes, and brownies, and special treats for you to know how much I love it!

Now, though, I've taken it to a different level and I've decided to open up my own custom cupcake business!

It's one of those things...I've always had people tell me, "You could seriously sell your treats," or "You should make cakes and cupcakes for other people."

And, since I don't really have enough to do already (!!), I decided to give it a go.

My business is called Cupcake Queen and I have a blog... (This is basically a place to share information about my flavors, prices, events, and so forth, but I'll also try and update with pictures of my latest creations and events I do.)

and a Facebook group page... CupcakeQueen group (Come join the group!)

and a Flickr account... Cupcake Queen Photostream (Where I will try and post pictures from all of my events!

I've got plans to do some marketing at some point soon (brochures, and flyers, and postcards, and maybe some shows), but I started by putting the word out on Facebook two weeks ago and I already have several orders. I'm SO excited about it!

This weekend I'm making Tie-Dye Cupcakes for a little girl named Sara's birthday. And then I'm making a Princess Cupcake Tower for 6-year-old Maddie.

And then next weekend I'm doing two cupcake cakes for a little boy named Jack who has a Halloween birthday (one's a pumpkin, one's a mummy), and some mini cupcakes for a Halloween office party.

And I already have a Sleeping Beauty party lined up the week after that!

Since this weekend will be my first paid customers, I'm a little bit nervous about it. I hope the cupcakes end up tasting and looking good, and that the birthday girls all love them. (Keep your fingers crossed for me.)

I had a friend ask me something like, "Don't you already have enough to spend your time on?"'s true...I am already a busy gal, but I absolutely love to bake and if I can bring some joy to some other people through my dessert creations, that will make me extremely happy!

So, for this morning, I am off to get to work.

I have an article due this afternoon and then, once I hit the "send" button on that, I'll start mixing up some tie-dyed cupcakes.

My weekend will be full of cupcakes and frosting and sprinkles...and a Girls Night Out tonight, and some great Alabama football (Alabama vs. Tennessee tomorrow!), so I'm anticipating a lot of good things.
I hope your weekend is wonderful too!

(And if you're in the Birmingam area and need a cupcake, or cupcake tower, or cupcake kabobs, or cupcake cakes, for any sort of party or event, let me know! Sorry...I can't ship to South Carolina or Oklahoma or Washington!)

Love to you all.


Lynilu said...

Oh, good luck with that, Cheryl!

I might note you didn't say you couldn't ship to New Mexico! hee hee hee!

Stephenie said...

That's amazing! Good luck with the business, Otra Mommy :D And I'll be more than happy to help you eat any extras :D

Check out my blog. I'm gonna post a picture/question for all to answer!

Phats said...

Need a taste tester?? :)

See here is my problem I went to the cupcake blog and looked while on an empty tummy, now it's really growling. Those ALL look delicious I am sure you'll do great and everyone will love them, my mouth is watering just looking at them!

I would like to request the Boilermaker Cupcake! :)

Gretchen said...

Blessings on your business, friend. Makes me want to move to Alabama. Yes, I think I wouldm move for food. :)

Daisy said...

Since you didn't mention New Jersey in the places you don't ship, does that mean you'll ship cupcakes to me??? Just kidding! :-) But if I ever get to Alabama, I will have you make me a batch of cupcakes.

Good luck with your business!!

Gin said...

Cheryl, that is so exciting. I wish you so much good luck with this venture.

Danielle said...

Congratulations Cheryl!!! Best of luck on your new venture ~ I'm sure you'll do amazingly well :D :D :D

Monogram Queen said...

Ha! I knew you'd mention me (South Carolina) and if I am ever in your area I will put in an order in advance cos' I KNOW they are GOOD!
Best of luck to you, I know you will be a smashing success!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Lynilu-Sorry...I wish I could deliver to New Mexico! (I really just wish I could come visit and all of you and bring cupcakes with me! )

Steph--You can taste test them ANY time!! :-)

Phats--LOl You know, I may have to make some college football cupcakes to celebrate bowl season. I'll have to figure out how to draw a boilermaker...

Cheryl Wray said...

Gretchen--Not many good reasons to move, but food would have to be one of them! LOL

Daisy--Ha ha! Sorry, not New Jersey either!

Gin--Thanks! I really appreciate your good wishes!

Danielle--Thanks! (And it's great to see you on here!)

Queen--I need to come YOUR way and bring sweet treats with me!