Friday, November 06, 2009

The Game's On!!!

All the good guys won this past weekend!!! Delaney's travel team, the Birmingham Mustangs, won their tournament on Saturday!! Then--of course!!!--Alabama got a HUGE win Saturday against LSU. The game was loud and fun and exciting...and I will have some pics up sometime soon. And then last night, my Dallas Cowboys won again and took first place of their division. A good weekend for sports!)

I was born in Texas. So I love the Longhorns.

I lived my elementary and junior high school years in Fayetteville, Arkansas, so I still cheer on the Razorbacks (despite my girls being quite embarrassed when I show them that I can "call the hogs").

For some reason, Delaney cheers for Notre Dame (while we mostly make fun of her).

And I cheer for several other teams, because I have friends and family who love them. (My blog friend, Phats, has made me a Purdue fan. I cheer for Nebraska, since an old junior high friend is an avid Cornhusker. I even hope the Dawgs win, since my favorite cousin is a Georgia graduate.)

But you all know that Alabama is my One True Love.

I love the school, the campus, the colors, the traditions, the championships, the everything.

And tomorrow...well, tomorrow is our biggest game of the season so far!

Gary and I will be there in-person to enjoy the rivalry and craziness that is the Alabama-LSU game. Seriously, that game is always the most intense and loud and fun game of the season--mostly because of the LSU fans (it's the one game I would question taking my kids to, because the LSU fans can shout some pretty ugly things at you...just for standing there!).

If you're near a television at 2:30 tomorrow, turn it onto CBS and catch a great game full of fire and passion...and really good defenses! And if you don't have a team to cheer for, I give you permission to adopt my Crimson Tide.

To get you fired up (okay, really, it's to get me fired up again!), here's one of the videos that's shown pregame:

(And then also check out my gameday picks as the Guest Picker on Phats' awesome blog.)

I hope you all have a great weekend.

And I hope that your favorite team wins!


Phats said...

Love this post! You're one of the only people who understands my sports nuttiness! I will see most of your game, with yours starting at 2:30 we start at noon and it's away so I won't be there, and Kristen gives me reign of the remote haha I will look for you guys

BTW I want to hear you call the hogs, possibly a youtube clip post?? HAHA

Phats said...

Great day for BOTH our teams :)

Marjolein said...

Here someone that doesn't know a thing about football....that's what you get when you're Dutch:-)
But.... I just totally love your enthousiasm in this post..... maybe..... just maybe.. I should watch a game once?
But..... I live in Canada.... any good teams here??????

hippo chick said...

I honestly couldn't watch the Bama/LSU game. Once again, though I'm not a football fan I am always on edge till the Crimson Tide wins. You have me hooked.

~hippo hugs~