Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 (brought to you by the Wray family and Facebook)
As I sit here writing this annual Christmas letter (with just a few days to go until the Big Day; what can I say? I’m a procrastinator) and hear Sydney downstairs, I take a quick break to post the following Facebook status: “Scout is using the fire-stoking tool and mini broom in the fireplace and on the hearth: "The chimney has got to be clean and dust-free for Santa. He will come down the chimney and he will be like, 'Woah, this is so clean. Sydney did a great job.' Cause, you know, he always sees and knows what you've done."
It got me thinking…what a better way to tell you about our previous year than to share it with you via Facebook? Here are some actual, real-live FB statuses posted throughout 2010.
Jan. 7: Celebrated the championship game with Texas and Alabama fans alike. We ended up the happy ones, and Delaney cried tears of joy.
Jan. 12: In Tennessee for McKenna’s first big Winterguard competition of the season. She looks beautiful and, as always, I’m amazed at the ability to toss anything four rotations in the air.
Feb. 20: Family church retreat at Camp Sumatanga has got to be in the top one or two weekends of the year. Nothing like it!
Feb. 27: Visited the University of West Alabama today, and I saw the light go off in McKenna’s eyes. I do believe this is the place. [She ended up picking UWA for her college!]
March 20—Waiting in line for Tinkerbell and the fairies for almost two hours? Suprisingly worth it. (By the way, Disney World bed-jumping pictures are now officially in my FB albums for all of you to enjoy!)
April 10--Just sent McKenna off to her Senior Prom, and she looked mah-velous! (Thank you Jessica McClintock for the dress, Tina for the hair and makeup, and whatever family genes gave her what I couldn't give her.)
April 29--Kindergarterners still learning to read crack me up. Yesterday after school, Sydney got excited in the car and said: "Look, it's Waffle House! Let's go!" Then she stopped and said, "Oh man. That's not waffle house. It says mattress warehouse.”
April 30—Scout has decided to give nicknames to every Atlanta Braves player. We now have Chippyjon Jones, Brian McCandy Corn, Melky Way, and Clucky McClutch (Nate McClouth).
May 4--Noooooooooo! (Delaney and I just watched our dvr-ed "Lost" after coming home from a victorious night of softball.) The episode--especially the beach scene with them all crying over the loss of their friends--had us bawling like babies. “Lost,” you're killing me (and, yet, I love it)!
May 11--Scout's possible championship-winning game and McKenna's Senior Night (where she's giving a speech) are both at the same time tonight. I wish I could clone myself!
May 27--Today is a real "full circle" day! Fifteen years ago today, Gary and I got married...with this adorable little 3-year-old by our side. And today, McKenna graduates from high school.
June 14—I’m exhausted from the Southern Christian Writer’s Conference. But, as always, it was uplifting and encouraging and oh-so-fun!
June 24--Coming back from the beach last night, Sydney made this wiser-than-her-years (and also funny...since, well, it was Scout saying it) statement: "Think about all the dolphins and the fish out there. And the sharks too. Even though they're mean, they're important for this environment." Seeing the oil barriers on our beloved beach made all of us so sad.
July 24--Red-letter day for Scout: She swam "for real" for the first time and now can't get enough of it. ("I can't believe I can swim now!" she keeps saying.)
July 26--Best place EVER to play softball. The pitcher's circle is shaped like Mickey's ears. :-) [Delaney’s travel ball team participated in the USSA World Series, and came in 5th out of 48 teams.]
July 27--I'm always afraid of looking forward to something and then being disappointed, but that was NOT the case today. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was absolutely fabulous!!! (From Hogwarts, to Olivander's, to the frozen butterbeer, to the chocolate frogs...everything.)
Aug. 3--So good talking to McKenna today. She is doing well, making friends, learning her guard routine, learning to eat at the dining hall, getting used to her dorm. (Whew!)
Aug. 15—Haven Grace’s 4 am heart transplant went great, and her NEW heart is in and beating. We are all crying tears of joy! (Isn't God grand?) [Haven is my sweet two-year-old cousin, and we have prayed so long for her to get a new heart.]
Aug. 26--The doctor who treated McKenna in the ER was named--get this!--Dr. Pepper. And as McKenna was finally going up to her room in the wee hours of the morning we saw him holding--get this!--a Dr. Pepper. Has got to the best. doctor. name. ever. [McKenna had a serious bronchial infection and spent four “fun-filled” days in the hospital.]
Sept. 11--Look for me on ESPN. I'll be the crazy, crimson-clad fan halfway up around the 20-yard line. I'll also be yelling "Roll Tide Roll!!" at the top of my lungs. (I'm sure I'll be easy to find!) SO excited to see the renewal of this wonderful rivalry between Bama and Penn State.
Sept. 13-- Delaney made the all tournament team for the JV volleyball tourney this past weekend. I am so proud of her (and so glad she gets her athletic abilities from someone other than me!!).
Sept. 24-My sweet McKenna is home for the weekend, and it makes me so happy to talk in the kitchen while I cook and get updates on boys, and classes, and friends, and life in general. She seems happier and more content than she has in a long time, which makes me incredibly content myself.
Sept. 26--I cry out to Him, not even knowing the words to say. [On the 26th, we lost three of our best friends in a tragic carbon monoxide accident. We miss Greg, Karen, and Malorie—one of McKenna’s best friends—so much, and their passing was the greatest challenges of our year. Amidst our grief and pain, though, we learned so much about faith and friends, and have so many awesomely beautiful memories that we are still leaning upon!]
Oct. 6--I want to go along with Mitch and Cam to the Studio 54th of July Party, the Sederday Night Fever Party, and the Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch. [Along with “Modern Family” and the aforementioned “Lost,” I also loved “The Big Bang Theory,” “Psych,”and “Fringe.” Gary loved “Sons of Anarchy,” Delaney loved “Pretty Little Liars,” McKenna loved anything “Law and Order,” and Sydney loved “iCarly.” We all loved “Glee.”]
Oct. 7--For homework, Scout had to write down as many -all words as she could come up with. We did the regulars (hall, ball, mall, etc.)and I even taught her a new word, "gall." Then, the clincher...she put yall on the list. Yes, she is a Southern girl!
Oct. 16--I'm missing the Bama game tonight, but it's for the Perfect Reason. We are heading down to Livingston for UWA's Homecoming and I CANNOT WAIT to see McKenna.
Oct. 30 -- I'm ready for the Genie, Wonder Woman, Police Woman, Mad Hatter, and Red Queen to make another Halloween appearance! (I seriously wonder if most 42-year-olds love dressing up quite so much.)
Nov. 12-- Just home from a whirlwind trip to Texas for my Grandma Sloan's funeral. It was a beautiful service that truly did justice to the wonderful woman she was. There were so many smiles and few tears...just what she would have wanted, I believe! [My grandmother, Fay Sloan, passed away at 92-years-of age after battling dementia and illness.]
Nov. 20-- It's almost time for a Harry Potter Date Night with Gary.
Nov. 25—I am thankful. Oh so very thankful.
Dec. 5--Whew. We made it through the children's Christmas play at church. (Can you hear the "Hallelujah" chorus in the background?)
Dec. 15: “You really did have a wonderful life, George.” (“It’s a Wonderful Life” at the Alabama Theatre; “The Nutcracker” by the Alabama Ballet. I love making memories with the family…and I do, indeed, have a wonderful life!)
We hope you have a wonderful, peace-filled Christmas season. May your upcoming year be one with goodness, and joy, and laughter … and the knowledge that you are loved beyond measure by the God who made the awesome decision to be born among us as that sweet Christmas baby. His love is ever-real and ever-present and shows us how to live more fully in 2011!
We love you all!!
Gary, Cheryl, McKenna, Delaney, and Sydney


Nina Diane said...

that was a great idea!

Maria said...

Awesome idea Cheryl! Merry Christmas and happy New Year my friend! :)

Phats said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Cheryl!! :)

Jeff said...

That is a very clever way to look back at the year. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Cheryl Wray said...

Thanks everyone!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and have a perfectly wonderful New Year!

I'm doing my best right now to work on a photo roundup from Christmas.