Monday, January 30, 2006

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now . . . In no particular order (in fact, in completely random order) here are ten things that I'm really into right now: (1) College basketball. Okay, so my beloved Alabama lost its leading scorer and star player Chuck Davis. But they've really compensated well and are playing great. They're about even in the SEC right now but, who knows?, they might make it into the Big Dance later on. Texas is doing well too, which is great. But when it comes to college basketball, give me any two teams on television and I'm watching the game. I love it! (2) Scrapbooking--and especially really cool scrapbooking paper. I'm so addicted to scrapbooking that it's not even funny. And my favorite product these days is the most basic of all--paper. I especially love it in bright, bold, curvy, retro-looking, cool patterns. (3) Nice warm days. Okay, it's not even February and I'm sure we'll be getting some really cold days soon, but there's nothing like the warm breeze blowing into my den on a sunny afternoon. I put on shorts this afternoon and enjoyed the 68 degrees outside. Nice! (4) "Lost" on DVD. We totally missed the first season of "Lost," but Gary got me the first season on DVD for Christmas. We just finished watching the episodes and are now ready for Season 2. Of course, we're behind on the regularly televised episodes, so we're gonna have to download them from Itunes to get current. But that will work just fine . . .just gotta figure out what's in that danged hatch! (5) Any days and evenings I get to simply enjoy being with Gary and the girls. It seems like we are so busy for much of the year that we don't get to simply hang out and enjoy each other's company. We did go to Atlanta with Gary, though, two weeks ago and had a great time going out to eat together, hanging out in the hotel dining room during free happy hour, and lazing around the hotel room. Gary and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas in March and I'm totally looking forward to that. We need some alone time (doesn't everyone?)!

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