Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Morning Rambling Thoughts . . .

Well, it's Friday morning and I'm really not feeling very well (everyone else has had it, so I guess it's time it got to me). I've got a whole slew of things I need to get done today (get some stuff ready for a softball tournament this weekend, work on a couple of articles I have due within the next week), but I just don't feel like doing any of it. So, instead, here I am with some rambling thoughts from my Friday morning . . .

* We're missing Gary here at the house. He's been in Las Vegas since Tuesday and is flying home today (hopefully on an earlier flight than the 11:00 p.m. arrival he had planned), and we're ready to see him. Every morning, Sydney asks where Poppy's at and I tell him he flew on a plane for work. She just laughs and makes hand motions like she's flying a plane. Cute! I was a tad bit jealous that Gary got to go to Vegas and stay in a luxury hotel for three nights (what I wouldn't give to be all by myself in a hotel, able to watch tv and order room service with no one asking me for anything!) .. . but Gary did not have a good time. He was sick the whole time and worrying about work he's got to get done here at home. (btw, he stayed at the Venetian Hotel, which he said was ungodly huge and amazing. May have to go back someday just the two of us!)

* I so don't like not having money! (Well who does, right?) We have had to make so many payments this month that we're just about out of money and it's only the 10th of the month. Aargh! Guess I need to make sandwiches and canned soup for our next couple of meals! (Until I get a few article payments in, and Gary makes some money from some photography jobs he's got coming up!)

* Delaney has her first travel softball tournament of the season this weekend and we're SO excited about it. Our team (Havoc 10U) is hosting it at our Hueytown ballpark, so it's close at home which will be nice. And the weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous this weekend--close to 80 degrees and sunny tomorrow! Delaney's team definitely has some talent and lots of potential this season--I'm looking forward to seeing how they stack up against other teams. If you wanna check out their team, go to ; (you can also visit our park's website, This is where Delaney is also playing park ball!) Go Havoc (and Go High Tide--our park team--!)

* Today is the official Birthday of Paper! Not sure how anyone in the world could actually figure out a day that paper was invented, but hey . .. there's a day for everything! I LOVE paper of all sorts--especially the kind you write on and the kind you scrapbook with. I was going to celebrate paper's Big Day by going and buying some at my fave scrapbook store (Scrap Etc. in Hoover), but the aforementioned lack of money will keep from that, I guess! Wah!

* Alabama plays today in their first game of the SEC tournament against Kentucky. Although Kentucky has had an up-and-down season, this should be a pretty good game. And then Sunday is Selection Sunday for the NCAA tournament. Cannot wait!

* Okay, a few quick thoughts about American Idol. I think there are still a few that need to go (Kevin, Lisa, maybe even Bucky--although my kids love Bucky and almost cried last night when he made it through the round of 12) . .. but overall I think a great field. I'm loving Scott (great voice!), Mandisa (just love her power!) and, of course, Taylor--our home-grown boy! My mom is so funny--she's addicted to AI and watches it religiously. We talk to her every Wednesday and Thursay, because we have to share notes and make predictions.

Okay . .. this post went really long. Going to take me some medicine and try to get through the day. Have a great Friday!

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