Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Girls Night Out!!!

This past Saturday night, I had the joy of going out with two of my best girlfriends, Allison and Chris. We left the guys (and ALL the girls--7 daughters between us!!) home to fend for themselves and went out for a fun night together. We went to Shogun, a Japanese steakhouse in Birmingham over on 280 and just had the BEST time. Al had been to one of these restaurants before--where they juggle with spatulas and knives, and cook your food in front of you as a "show"--but neither Chris nor I had ever been to one. So it was something new for us! And it was SO much fun (even if the flames right in front of me almost singed my eyebrows!). The food was great, the drinks were yummy, and we had a great time just sitting there and gabbing.

After dinner, we went to Target to look for shoes but got stuck in the lingerie department (I'm throwing Chris a lingerie shower for her upcoming wedding and had to check out the lace and garters and various accessories). Thank goodness Target closed at 10, because we could have stayed there until midnight and spent way too much money!

A trip to Bruno's to look for something sweet (the ice cream shop was closed!) got us eclairs, tiriamisu, and chocolate mousse. Yummy (even when eating it in a moving car)!

Nights like this remind me how special my girlfriends are. I go out like that way too infrequently and it makes me realize that I need to make it a higher priority to do so!

The photos here are us at the restaurant (somehow missed getting a picture of the flamethrower chef!).

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