Friday, March 31, 2006


Our little Scout is 2-years-old today!! And, boy, is she ever excited! She'll tell you quickly that she's 2 and that she's having a Dora party. Then she gets to rattling off who all is coming to her party--she can't wait!

Hard to believe she's already 2! And how much fun is it to have a 2-year-old in the house? So much fun! Her vocabulary is HUGE and she has the most engaging personality. We just love her so much!

I'm posting one picture from yesterday, of her pre-birthday celebrations. I took a cake to McKenna's drama group practice after school (everyone was so cool and had a great time!) and, of course, Sydney had to dig into a piece. Also posting a pic of McKenna in her Birthday Princess mode.

McKenna had a great birthday yesterday. She wore her birthday tiara all day (funny!), had her mini celebration with drama, got one of her gifts from us (a Bible she was wanting; she gets her big gift--a new bedroom set--this next week), and got to go birthday shopping with Lori and her Aunt Angel. Today we are playing hookie from school and going to Olive Garden for a late lunch!

I'll post birthday updates and pictures after the weekend.

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