Thursday, March 30, 2006


Today is McKenna's birthday. It's hard to believe that she is 14-years-old (or will be, officially, tonight at 11:10 p.m.). Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I was expecting her--wondering what it would be like to be a Mom for the first time, nervous about whether I could do it or not, but excited about all the amazing possibilities! And, let me just say, that it has been an absolute joy from the beginning! Yep, there were some hard times--especially when I thought I was going to have to parent her by myself--but she has been a shining light through it all. No, parenting a 14-year-old isn't always easy--there are days when she can huff and puff and raise a fuss like no one else! But there are many more days when she just inspires me; she is an amazingly cool, smart, and spiritual teenager and I'm proud to be her Mom!

You all are sure to get some great photos after this weekend of all of our birthday celebrating. So, stay tuned . . .

(Here are two pics to commemorate McKenna's bday today--the two of us WAY back when! Boy, do I look young; and doesn't McKenna look like Syd? And then a picture of McKenna now--taken from her football banquet this year.)

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