Monday, March 27, 2006

Softball Opening Day!

We had a very busy weekend! Had our float party for Delaney's softball team on Friday night (the girls all seemed to have a really fun time together, and some of we adults did too--although a few guys thought it was silly to spend so much time on a parade float; lol) and then had the parade, opening ceremonies, and our first game on Saturday.

Boo hoo--we lost the parade contest and lost our first game! I hate to lose more than anyone (believe me, it's true--I'm still upset about the loss and it's Monday morning), but I also know that our team is a good team and we'll win plenty of games this season. We made some mistakes and didn't do as well as we should have (and the other team did great fielding--they left us with our bases loaded three times during the game!), but that's okay. We have another game tonight (although it will be a tough one!) and then have plenty more to play during the season. We're gonna do great! (And, besides, I have to remind myself--these are still 9- and 10-year-old girls. We need to have fun playing, not just worry about winning all the time! Got that, Cheryl? Gotta remember that!)

McKenna's team didn't play on Saturday, so I have to wait until Tuesday night to see how they look. My prediction is that they're gonna be great--they've got some good girls on that team!

I love softball in Hueytown, for a lot of reasons. I LOVE sports and I LOVE winning, so there's a lot of the appeal right there for me! I also love to see my girls play and have fun! And I love hanging out with so many good friends. Although these early cold nights make me want to stop sometime, what else could I be doing every night in March, April, and May? (Okay, I guess I could be home watching "American Idol," but it's a sacrifice I have to make.)

These are a couple of pics from Delaney's team--High Tide--during the parade and opening ceremonies. Enjoy! (And come join us at our games this season!)

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