Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!!!

I just finished watching my round of Sweet 16 games for the night and, oh my gosh, what unbelievable finishes there were tonight! Other than the Memphis blowout of Bradley, the games tonight were incredible! First, LSU took down top-seeded Duke. This one, though, didn't suprise me (although the commentators were all calling it the upset so far of the tourney); I've had LSU picked all along to beat Duke and eventually make it into the championship game. The way LSU handled J.J. Redick was inspired. Great game!

Then, my Texas Longhorns beat West Virginia on a buzzer-beater 3-point shot. WVA had just tied it up with their own 3-pointer when Texas came back down the court and shot one of their own. Amazing ending!

And then the game of all games tonight--UCLA, who had been embarrassed by Gonzaga all night and really looked quite foolish (they were behind by 18 at one point!), came back to win the game! They took their first lead of the game with 8 seconds to go, then stole the ball to secure the win. I really couldn't believe that one! I'm not sure that I've ever seen a comeback like that one! It was truly amazing for the winners, but a heartbreaking loss for Gonzaga (poor Adam Morrison looked like so forlorn, I really felt sorry for him!).

Now, believe it or not, my brackets are in pretty good shape. From the beginning, I had LSU and UCLA in the Final Four; another round of games and they'll be in there (in my other bracket, I've got UConn and Boston College going to the Final Four; we'll see how they do tomorrow).

Wow is all I can say tonight! This is why I absolutely love March Madness!

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