Monday, April 17, 2006

A Great Easter . . .

We had a wonderful Easter holiday yesterday! The weather was absolutely gorgeous (although hunting for eggs in 85 degree heat can be kinda rough!), and we had a great time at church and later with family. McKenna and I got up for our sunrise Easter service at church (at 6 a.m.!); it was done by McKenna and the other youth in our church and they did a great job! Then our church service was really nice--great sermon and really wonderful music (especially by Woody). After church we visited with Mom and Dad in Tuscaloosa; the girls hunted eggs with Uncle Christopher, Matthew and Garrett (we had 160 eggs!) and we had a delicious meal. For supper went to Larry and Clara's, and the girls got to hang out with their other cousins!

These two photos are off all of us in front of our flower cross at church (we decorate it during the sunrise service). The girls looked so pretty in their Easter dresses (and even Gary and I had new outfits!), so we had to pose for a picture!

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