Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Well, does anyone feel like today is Sunday? or that it's the fourth Saturday in a row? My days are so screwed up it ain't even funny! This LONG holiday weekend has been SO nice, but it has really got my schedule whacked out!

So, my blog schedule is all messed up too! There won't be a Random Tuesday posting today, but will get caught back up next week!

What have you done to celebrate this holiday? Let's see . . . we spent Sunday afternoon at a friend's church playing in moonwalks and water blow-ups (well, the girls did that!), and listening to several good friends perform there with their Christian rock band; we also spent part of Sunday at a fun, fun birthday party for my nephew, Garrett, down in Tuscaloosa; we went last night to a friend's house to have an impromptu pool party and grill-out (had a delicious shrimp boil, with shrimp, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, etc.!!).

Another "exciting" thing we did this weekend was have a massive Family Clean Up. The kids weren't really too thrilled about it, but Gary got everyone up Saturday morning and had them do some chores--imagine that!! Delaney cleaned the bathroom and did a surprisingly good job with a surprisingly good attitude. McKenna cleaned up the kitchen and, although she didn't have as good an attitude, she did a good job with it. They also did a great job cleaning their rooms up! We've decided that we need to be more intentional about having the kids share in the household chores. So, "as we speak" I'm coming up with a plan for their weekly chores! (We'll see how that all goes over! LOL)

Today, we were really torn about what we wanted to do to celebrate the 4th. We usually go down to Mom and Dad's, but we are just pooped out and we decided to just stay around town here and relax as much as we can. I think it was a good decision! We've learned to not feel like we HAVE to go anywhere anymore, but to do what's best for us right now. We will probably swim some, do some fireworks, and grill out something yummy!

Of course . . I will post assorted photos from all of these celebrations later on this week in this here blog (probably tomorrow, since you all know I can't usually hold off on good photos!).

I got to thinking about what the Fourth of July means to me, and of course it's important to think about the fact that we live in a land where we have such freedoms--to say what we want to say, to worship where we want to worship, and to pretty much go anywhere we want to go . Freedom, though, is not just about doing whatever you want to do. It's about using our freedoms in a GOOD way--especially to help others.

More important, though, than my freedom as an American is the freedom I have as a Christian. A lot of non-believers think that being a Christian is all about restrictions and NOT being able to do what you want to do. But it's absolutely the opposite. Being a Christian is totally free-ing; it's knowing that there is Someone there who can help you break through bondage and barriers; and it's knowing that you are so loved that you can now freely give that love to others.

My all-time favorite Bible verse says, "If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed." I'm not just a little bit free . . I'm all-out, absolutely, postively, live-out-loud FREE. I am free (say it loud with me now) INDEED!

So, have a good Fourth of July and think about the things you are truly grateful for this day as an American. And if you're a Christian, reflect on just how truly GOOD that is!!

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