Sunday, July 16, 2006

Scrapbooking & Assorted Stuff
I rarely post over the weekend, but I knew I'd probably have lots of photos and updates on Monday, so I wanted to go ahead and post some of the fun stuff I got done last night at Adrienne's. (On Monday, I'll need to report on McKenna's homecoming, our travel ball pool party, VBS, Delaney's first ride on a BIG roller coaster, and who knows what else!)
We had scrapbook night at Adrienne's last night and had SO much fun. Adrienne, her friend Gloria (who was just SUPER sweet and had the best stories, advice, etc. from life with her kids, who all seem to be so cool!), and I spent time scrapbooking, eating, drinking, fending off children, and basically making a big ole mess of Adrienne's scrap space!
One reason I love to go to Adrienne's is because she has SO much stuff. I sat at her scrap desk and just sat there and drooled over her stuff--paper, brads, inks, stamps (you should see that collection)! Heck, I think she had every single thing that Heidi Swapp makes--no joking!
Adrienne always laughs that I power-scrap and I DID get several pages done while there! (Adrienne, on the other hand, takes longer to think her designs through and then creates like works of art! I sit there and make a quick decision, slap some paper down, and see what happens!)
I do like what I made, though. Here are a few of my pages from the night--
(another advantage to scrappin' with a friend is that you can borrow all her cool stuff--like stamps!)
(okay, I was really lovin' this page already when I realized that Adrienne's Prima flowers would make it even better! LOL)
(okay, this one kinda has a retro feel--like it's something I might have made two or three years ago. But I really like it, for some reason! Could be the awesome photo here of Sydney hiding behind her chair in her room. A great story always makes a great layout!)
(didn't actually do this entire layout at Adrienne's--just tweaked it some. I really LOVE this layout, because of the cool paper and the chipboard journaling strips! And that cutie 10-year-old!)
McKenna wasn't with us because she's still inPC, but Delaney and Sydney went over with me. Delaney loves to hang out with Jaelyn and they did a ton of scrapbooking together too! But Sydney is who really cracked us up. She was getting really tired by the end of the night--it was about 10--but then she got some kind of second wind. She decided she wanted to do a page, so she got two pictures from me and the other girls helped her out. She came in to show us her page and pose with it for us. How funny is that!
She is such a huge nut! She was just so proud of herself! (Gotta add one more story here--before went over, I asked Sydney to pick her out something new to wear. I was hoping she'd pick out a cute dress or outfit, but NO, she digs out her Braves tank top that she really wears mostly as pajamas. If she SEES it, she wants to wear it! She calls it her baseball shirt and says it has her name--Scout--on the back of it. So she looked my little tomboy tonight! LOL)
Had a great time! We all agreed at one point during the night that sometimes it's just so much nicer to have others around you while you create!
Well, I'm off to bed! Sydney is the only one with us tonight and she and Gary are snoring soundly together. Off to move her to her own bed . . .


toya said...

LOL, looks like you had a great crop night, I never get anything done at crops except for talking my lungs out. Looks great Cheryl, good job girl

Anonymous said...

How much fun! I love to scrap with friends. Wish I could do it more!

Greta said...

great pages...i wish we had more people to scrap with around here....i LOVE LOVE heidi swapp stuff too!!

liz said...

Ooh, I wish I'd been there. I love to scrap with friends!

Adrienne said...

so glad you came over! I had a blast too! LOL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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