Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random Tuesday Has Returned!!

Well, after major upheaveals in my schedule (there were times when I was a good two days off from real time; it was like I was stuck in a "time warp" episode from Star Trek or something; Tuesdays felt like Saturdays, etc. ), I feel like I'm finally back "on schedule."

That means--yay for all of you!!! ha!!--that I'm back with my Random Tuesday post today. I have gotten to where I absolutely LOVE posting my Random Tuesday questions because it's helped me get to know so many of you a lot better, and a lot of your answers have just simply made me smile (or laugh out loud!). So, I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say today. (In fact, I've loved all your random responses from the past few months that I'm thinking of posting a "Top Ten Random Answers" some day soon. Be looking out for that in weeks to come . . . LOL)

Okay, so I got my inspiration today from this new book I'm loving--Simple Scrapbooks Magazine's book of quizzes. It is SO much fun. I recommend it, not just for scrapbookers, but for any of you who want to learn more about yourself or your children or your friends. A really cool book!

Anyway . . . I digress . . .

One of the fun quizzes in that book is an "Either/Or" quiz. So that's what I'm throwing out to you on this Tuesday morning. Remember to post your own answers (or for those of you who aren't Blog-addicted yet, email them to me and I'll post them). Can't wait to hear from you!

Here are my thoughts . . .

* Spaghetti or lasagna? (Okay, I love them both, but gotta go with lasagna. Especially if it's Chocolate Lasagna from Olive Garden. Does that count?)

* Cake or pie? (Gotta go with cake . . . I love it!! In fact, I'll go to weddings just because of the promise of cake!!)

* Early or late arriver? (you even ask? I'm late for everything!!)

* Blonde or brunette? (I guess I better go with brunette, or I might get in trouble. LOL
I especially like my guys with really DARK brown hair and mix in some blue eyes in there with it!!)

* Young Elvis or old Elvis? (Okay, this is so weird because I much prefer Young Elvis when it comes to his looks and his style, but man oh man I LOVE Old Elvis' songs. My faves are "Suspicious Minds" and "Burning Love.")

* Math or History? (Yikes, I still have nightmares about Algebra 2!!! Give me History any day of the week!)

*Early Riser or Night Owl? (I'm writing this at 11:15 p.m. on Monday night and will post it around midnight, so it will count as a Tuesday post. So, definitely Night Owl!!)

* Special K or Captain Crunch? (Neither--I really can't stand many cereals at all!)

* Oreos--whole or broken apart? (Whole--gotta enjoy the whole taste explosion happening at the same time!)

And now for a few extra happenings/updates--

I had a Major flashback last night as I watched Delaney model her new clothes for Gary! I remembered when Mom and I would go on our back-to-school shopping excursions and I would come home so excited about my new stuff. I would dress up in all of my new outfits and model for my dad. He would nod and smile and say, "That's really nice!" or "I like that one!" and I thought he was truly interested in my show! Now, looking at Gary, I see that he probably was just indulging me.

Gary was so sweet watching Delaney proudly show him her cute new shirts and pants from Justice (her favorite new clothing store!). He exclaimed over each one, but I could tell that he was just trying to make her happy. Guys are so funny--they really could care less about clothes. But fathers are even sweeter--they do whatever they can to make their daughters happy!! My dad did it way back when, and now Gary does it too!

Watched "Must Love Dogs" tonight and reminded me how much I love John Cusack. Such a cutie pie!! (You gotta go read Gary's post about it on his blog today. Too funny! www.garykwray.blogspot.com)

McKenna had her first day of marching band practice. She said it's much harder than you'd expect to hold a french horn steady and move your feet at the same time. LOL It really wore her out!!

Talk to all of you again soon!


toya said...

isn't that book fun, love it and love your answers

Adrienne said...

Told you must love dogs was good! LOL...loved that movie lol

~gkw said...

* Spaghetti or lasagna? LASAGNA!!!

* Cake or pie? Pie. I'm not a big cake eater. I especially love Apple pie with a scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla

* Early or late arriver? Early except to work :)

* Blonde or brunette? Redhead... Ok, maybe I better change that to Blonde. I notice my wife didn't give me the Redhead option.

* Young Elvis or old Elvis? I gues Young because I use to take a toy guitar and play with him on his movies that my mother would watch. WELL, he wasn't really playing either!

* Math or History? BOTH

*Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl except during hunting season, then it's up at 4am (but I still don't LIKE getting up that early)

* Special K or Captain Crunch? CAPTAIN CRUNCH!! I love CC. I also love cerial in general. I could make meals out of cerial as long as we have good cold milk!

* Oreos--whole or broken apart? Whole, but I'm not that big on Oreos. I like Chocolate Chip!

Cheryl Wray said...

Toya-I love that book! And what's so fun is coming up with your own "take" on the quizzes. I took the general idea of an either/or quiz and came up with my own questions. You could come up with all sorts of questions/quizzes for layouts!

chris a said...

Spaghetti or lasagna? Lasagna

Cake or pie? Both depending on what it is, I love cheesecake, carrot cake w/ decadent cream cheese frosting, Also love chocolate mousse pie, Blueberry or other fruit pies

Early or late arriver? Early or on time(most of the time)

Blonde or brunette? Brunette Like the dark hair & beard

Young Elvis or old Elvis? Young

Math or History? Neither

Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser

Special K or Captain Crunch? Captain Crunch - used to be able to eat a whole box, but it mangled the roof of my mouth.

Oreos--whole or broken apart? Whole

jenn s said...

Spaghetti or lasagna? Lasagna with lots of cheese (and you know me...with deer meat)

Cake or pie? Chocolate Pie & Hot Fudge Pudding Cake mmm mmm good. I couldn't decide so I picked both!

Early or late arriver? Early

Blonde or brunette? Brunette with some splashes of gray...I've always liked that, and now I have it. :-)

Young Elvis or old Elvis? oung Elvis. Looks and songs, especially the gospel songs.

Math or History? History. I never was any good at math.

Early Riser or Night Owl? Kind of both. I like to get up and watch the sun come up but I usually end up stayin up late too trying to get everything done!

Special K or Captain Crunch? I don't eat either of these, but if I have to pick one of these I guess it would be Special K. I'm not much for sugary cereals.

Oreos--whole or broken apart? Broken apart to scrape the filling off with my teeth, then put it back together to dip the cookie part in milk. hehe I can't get the kid out of me!!

Cindy Barb said...

Spaghette or Lasagna? Lasagna baby!! My Mom totally killed us on spaghette growing up. It was the one thing she would make and would feed everybody.

Cake or pie? Pie, what I wouldn't give for one of Momma Wray's choclate pies and some HOT apple pie with ice cream scooped on top, yummy.

Blonde or brunette? To be honest, brunette, how I married a blonde(I have know idea), in fact I am still asking that question.

Young Elvis or old Elvis? There's no discussion, YOUNG!

Math or history? Math, loved math hated world history in the day, but what is really weird, love history now.

Early riser or night owel? Both, depends on the day before. I was up late last night and up early this morning, no sleep at all. lol To be honest I am a midday person.....

Special K or Captain Crunch? Special K with berries. In my younger day I would say CC, but the stomach can't take all the sweet stuff anymore.

Oreos--whole or broken apart? Whole, so I can dip into a cup of milk. Hmmm, might have that with Nikki at lunch today.

Jane said...

Spaghetti or lasagna? Spaghetti for the fun of twisting it round your fork!

Cake or pie? Pie in any shape or form

Early or late arriver? not early or late but nearly always on time!

Blonde or brunette? Blonde

Young Elvis or old Elvis? Young Elvis

Math or History? History definitely, math brings me out in a sweat!!!

Early Riser or Night Owl? Night owl to the extent that it could almost be counted as early riser!!

Special K or Captain Crunch? Don't have CC here but I'll go for it because it sounds way more exciting!

Oreos--whole or broken apart? Broken apart!

maria said...

We all love dogs in my family! And back to school shopping with my DD also brings back very many of my own memories. It was always my most favorite time of the year!
Now on your random questions...

Spaghetti or lasagna? (I love both too)

Cake or pie? (Gotta go with cake too . . . I love it! In fact I just recently wrote a long story on my blog about my first home made -from scratch cake)

Early or late arriver? (A little of both)

Blonde or brunette? (Naturally or artificially?, LOL I have light brown hair, but I highlight it)

Young Elvis or old Elvis? (I was never too much into Elvis, Johnny Depp on the other hand, yumm...oh, wait, Depp is not a singer, dah)

Math or History? (History all the way!)

Early Riser or Night Owl? (Night Owl too!!)

Special K or Captain Crunch? (Neither--I rather have a yogurt)

Oreos--whole or broken apart? (Whole for sure)

Ryan G said...

This is a good one, unfortunately, I have to be difficult on a couple of them.

Spaghetti or lasagna? Fettucine Alfredo

Cake or pie? Yes please

Early or late arriver? Try to be early

Blonde or brunette? Red Heads and brunettes

Young Elvis or old Elvis? The Beatles

Math or History? Science

Early Riser or Night Owl? Depends on my shift, right now, night owl

Special K or Captain Crunch? Captain Crunch

Oreos--whole or broken apart? Dipped in milk, whole

lisa lindsey said...

Lasagna – cheese freak

Pie – because I think of pecan and sweet potato and lemon and chocolate, I’m hungry right now, can you tell – then there’s carrot cake, gosh

Usually just on time

Anything but red

Young, old Elvis got kind of nasty

History, Napoleon said an army travels on its stomach; I got that out of A Farewell to Arms (Jake’s summer reading)

I don’t know, I hit my stride around 9:30 or 10:00 a.m.

Captain Crunch, me and the Cap’n make it happen

Oreos, whole, best cookie in the world

allison g said...

Here's mine but i think i'm gonna be difficult like ryan:
Spaghetti or lasagne? any pasta in a storm, but if i have to choose then spaghetti
Cake or pie? yes please- cake would probably win , especially if it's choc!!
Early or late arriver? early, almost always
Blonde or brunette? why no redheads? brunettes, definitely
Young or old Elvis? honestly, neither. I'm just not an Elvis fan.
Math or history? Eeewww! English major for a reason.
Early riser or night owl? except for this job thing, I am a night owl but have to be an early riser to get to work at 7am
Special K or captain crunch? healthy cereal?? gross!! captain straight out of the box!
Oreos-whole or broken apart? whole i guess but only b/c i like to microwave them and melt the centers.

Ronalyn said...

I love that mag.. I have been scrappin those journaling like crazy.. it's fun to have the journaling before the pictures for once! LOL! Does that mean you want to read our answers?

Spaghetti or lasagna? Lasagna

* Cake or pie? Cake, chocolate

* Early or late arriver? LATE!!!

* Blonde or brunette? I prefer to be a brunette, if I could! LOL

* Young Elvis or old Elvis? Young, much cuter!!

* Math or History? UHM, MATH!

*Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl, I can stay up tilll 3am and wake up at 7 am!

* Special K or Captain Crunch? Captain Cruch, that has sugar, eh!

* Oreos--whole or broken apart? Whole.. I don't like to split it!

That was fun! I need to scrap that too! Talk soon!

margie welch said...

Spaghetti or lasagna? Spaghetti. My ex-husband and I still joke that it's the only thing I know how to cook.

Cake or pie? Chocolate cake, hands down. Any other kind of cake and it's a toss up with pie.

Early or late arriver? Um, to work? Either/or. Anywhere else? Early!

Blonde or brunette? My outlook on this has changed since my brush with baldness. Either is now good. :-D

Young Elvis or old Elvis? Have to go with young. And did I tell you my biological dad looked just like him?! No wonder the man had children everywhere!

Math or History? You remember Mr. Hughey?? Ninth grade algebra?? HISTORY!!!

Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl, absolutely. Early Risers are clearly not right in the head.

Special K or Captain Crunch? Ewww, neither.

Oreos--whole or broken apart? Whole, mint, and dunked in milk.