Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Random Tuesday Pop Quiz . . .

Got a good Tuesday morning going on, and so happy about that! Yesterday was a good day, primarily because I got several important things done! I finished up an article I had due to the News (one that I had procrastinated on for three or four days), got a go-ahead from a query I sent out, and actually stayed at the house without going shopping or running around (the goal here—to spend less money and to not have to buy so much gas!).

The other great news from yesterday was that Delaney finally got to complete her tryout for the travel softball team she’s been trying to make (meaning—the rain finally stopped falling and let us have a sunny tryout!). She did GREAT in the tryouts (you should have seen her snag some of those hard-to-reach fly balls and line drives!) and they told Gary last night that she made it! This is for a really strong program called the Birmingham Thunderbolts (www.birminghamthunderbolts.com) and I think she will really do well with this team. The only problem is that she doesn’t know any of the other girls on the team. I tried to tell her, though, that it won’t be long until she’s friends with all of them. They’ll get to be good friends quick!

I was so proud watching her in tryouts. She continues to amaze me with the way she plays—she dives for balls, runs so fast, and just gives it everything she’s got! I was never an athlete, but I LOVE sports—so I tell her all the time that I live vicariously through her!
So . . . yay, D!!!!

Now for the business at hand . . . Random Tuesday!

For my post this morning, I thought I’d get us all thinking about our schooldays—with school back in session here in Bama, it’s got me thinking about my school memories. So, with that in mind . . .

(1) How many schools did you attend growing up? Five—from Asbell Elementary in Fayetteville, Arkansas, through Tuscaloosa County High.
(2) Who was your first school crush? Oh boy, that would have to be Bobby Foster in the First Grade. Loved that boy! Tall and cute (and just happened to be the son of the Arkansas Razorbacks’ assistant basketball coach.) Where are you now, Bobby?!
(3) Who was your most unique (i.e., eccentric, weird) teacher? What’s bad is I can’t even remember her name, but she taught 8th grade math at Ramay Junior High in Fayetteville. I just remember that she wore the same two outfits over and over! And then there was Mr. Foster, my Geography teacher in 11th grade. My friend, Angela, and I still laugh about him. He pronounced everything wrong and always thought we were sisters. And, oh gosh, Mrs. Coley in 11th grade Chemistry; she’d get carried away writing on the chalkboard, run out of room, and just keep on writing on the walls!
(4) Who was your best teacher? Lots of great teachers through the years, but I always remember Mrs. Thompson from 4th grade. I still remember the unit we did on Hawaii; we had a luau in our room and we all thought that was the coolest!
(5) When/where did you graduate from high school? 1986, Tuscaloosa County High (yep, just celebrated 20 years!!)
(6) What was your best and worst subject in high school? Best—History Worst—Any math or science (in Physical Science in 9th grade, I literally blew up an experiment and was basically blackballed from actually participating in any mixing of chemicals!)
Okay, this will be fun to find out where some of my new blog friends went to school and I always love to hear from all of my "old" friends. So give me--
How many schools you've attended--
First school crush--
Most unique/eccentric teacher--
Best teacher--
When/where went to high school--
Best/worst high school subject--
Hope all of you have a great day today!! I'm not sure where everyone was yesterday, but I had much fewer people drop by yesterday. Guess it was just one of those Monday things . . . so I hope to "see" more of you today in BlogLand. (Ronalyn, Nat, Jane--any of you wander in--check out my blog from yesterday. I think you'll really appreciate the awesome Sunday I had!!!)
See ya!!


jenn strickland said...

How many schools you've attended-- From K-5 thru 2nd grade I went to Dunham's private school, then from 3rd thru 6th grade - Hueytown Elementary, 7th thru 9th - Pittman Jr. High & 10th thru 12th -Hueytown High School.
First school crush-- I was in the 6th grade and it was Brett Jones. I always thought he was so cute, and when I turned 12 my mom let me have a boy/girl party and he actually came to it. Wow...did I think I was somebody?! Yes I did, but he never thought of me as anything but a friend. Don't know whatever happened to him.
Most unique/eccentric teacher-- Mr. Chandler that taught Science at the Jr High, and Mr. Woods at the high school. Both of those guys were very strange. As I look back now, I wouldn't want either one of my children attending their classes!!
Best teacher-- I have 2. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Dunn, was my favorite. My next favorite was Mrs. Drulman in my senior year. She was our English teacher and the sponsor for annual staff. During our annual staff period, she let us do pretty much what we wanted to do, including skipping class to go to McDonalds, and she went with us! Coach Northcutt would always drive thru the parking lot looking in the windows to see who was skipping class, and we would sit there with her and wave at him!! That was hilarious!
When/where went to high school-- Hueytown High School. Graduated 1986...My 20th anniversary also, but I didn't go to the reunion. Went to the 10th and wasn't impressed. Most everyone that went was still trying to act like they were in High School or they were not trying to make very much of their lives.
Best/worst high school subject-- Math was my worst...and now I have to do it every day!! I loved Science, English & Reading. Still do. I love books & Science projects! Does that make me a nerd? hehe


~gkw said...

How many schools you've attended--
3 from Elementary through High School (4 if you count college)

First school crush--
Robin Burgess (saw her recently at a wedding I shot)

Most unique/eccentric teacher--
I had several. I guess Ms Cottingham was one with her Ice Cream & Cake (A wooden flagpole she used across my bottom when I was not doing as I should in class!) Please note, I think of her affectionately now...

Best teacher--
Wow, Ms Baily (History & English), Ms Blackwell (Trig/Calculus, Geometry, Algebra... she use to call me by my Dad's name because she taught him to)Ms Drulman (English & Composition)and a LOT more...

When/where went to high school--
Hueytown High School - Class of '84

Best/worst high school subject--
Best - All Math Courses & Physics
Most Enjoyable - History
Worst - Biology, My Girlfriend passed this one for me ;)

I've never attended one of my reunions for High School but had a "special" reunion with college buddies every year for the first 3 years after college. Haven't heard much from them since.

margie welch said...

Will reply to the questions later, but is that Mrs. Lewis you're thinking of? Big woman, same two brown suits over and over? She was 7th grade math...I had a guy for 8th grade math; don't remember his name either though!

Mrs. Lewis terrified me; that's why I remember her name!! Do you ever watch The Office? The woman who plays Phyllis kind of reminds me of her.

Didn't we ALL have crushes on Bobby Foster? Man, that kid was so cute!! Blue eyes and just adorable. I'm sure he's wildly successful somewhere with his 25 year old wife, Buffi [with an "i"].

Cheryl Wray said...

Jenn--McKenna actually had Mr. Chandler for science in 7th grade, can you believe that? He finally retired last year, I think.
Margie--I would have NEVER remembered Mrs. Lewis as her name, but that was her. And, yep, Bobby's still somewhere there in my dreams.

angi c said...

All right I'll play this week.

How Many School? It depends on how you count them, three school were from
the same school system. I went to Shades Cahaba El. (In Homewood) for 1st
and 2nd. Then moved to Vestavia Hills and went to the elementary, midddle
and high school.
So 4 schools but 3 from the same system.

First Crush? His name was Donald Watkins, (not the black lawyer always on
tv). He had blond hair and blue eyes, we were in the second grade. He
punched me, got in trouble and then it was love. He took me on my first
date to watch him play football, out to eat and we got to sit at our own
table, then ended with my first kiss.

Most Unique teacher? Ms. Brazel, 9th grade speech, she also taught
theatre, very creative, had read hair and was interesting. Abbie says she
is still at the high school. Ms. Cummings, bless her heart, she was so
old, everyone did mean things to her, someone even put drugs in her coffee
and she ended out rolling her chair up and down the hallway. People would
rearrange her class, turn desks backwards, etc.

Best teacher? My fourth grade teacher Ms.Beckman, loved her, still have
great memories of her. She eventually ended out being a principal in one
of the schools. She had a student teacher that year, Ms. Humphries, loved
her too, cried when she had to leave, I can still remember the party we had
for her.

High School? Vestavia Hills High School, 1984

Best/Worst Subject? Chemistry was the worst, barely passed. Best I guess
would be social studies, easy to memorize.

See you all soon!

m welch said...

How many schools you've attended-- Five if you count Sunnyside Baptist Kindergarten...Otherwise just four, Radium Springs Elementary through Fayetteville High School.

First school crush-- At the aforementioned kindergarten...Jace Cook. (Yep, I stole my youngest kid's name from my first school crush.)

Most unique/eccentric teacher-- Mr. Schwartz, German teacher junior year. He was definitely one of a kind... He beats out Mrs. Stutte (English) by a nose...and what a nose he had...

Best teacher-- I was fortunate to have quite a few but the one that usually stands out for me was my History teacher sophomore year and my Ancient/Mideval Civilization teacher my senior year, both taught by Mrs. Stewart.

When/where went to high school-- August 1983 to May 1986, Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Oh yeah, the 20th reunion coming up in October. Ahhh!!!

Best/worst high school subject-- English/Literature/History vs. My Arch Nemesis, Chemistry. (Margie no understand. Make things go boom.)

Adrienne said...

Cool! Congrats to D!!!!

toya said...

so delaney made it on the team that is awesome, I would answer those question right now, but I'm sneaking in on my break to comment but great question though, take care

Mom said...

Not very exciting but here goes:

How many schools you've attended--I only attended one school system for 17 years, but I attended school in two buildings. From 1-8 grade, I attended Point Elementary (Point, Texas); then from 9-12 grades I attended Rains High School in Emory 7 miles away. The two schools at Point and Emory consolidated when I was in the 7th grade into Rains Independent School District. We went from a small, tight-knit school to
more than double in size although it was still small. I think I
graduated with 44 in my class!!

First school crush--It’s hard to remember, but it was either Gayle
Adock whom I picked cotton with and flew kites with who became a
colonel in the Marines (I saw him this summer at our high school
reunion; he married a friend and fellow classmate of ours). Or it was Marvin McLeroy whom I saw this last June at the high school reunion. He was a narcotics officer for 22 years and was profiled in a leading New
York magazine in the 90’s. He now is in bad shape with prostate cancer.

Most unique/eccentric teacher--It has to be Mr. Sledge, my bookkeeping teacher and algebra teacher. He had a hard time controlling students.
He came from a private practice to teaching and was too mild-mannered. I liked him, but I felt sorry for him. Some of the boys really took advantage of him. Some called him Sledgehammer.

Best teacher--It has to be Miss Faye Cooper, my 5th and 6th grade
teacher. She was married but never had children. I also went to church with her. She gave me books because she knew I loved to read. I read every orange hardback biography in her class. She was a very hard
teacher but taught us and made us work. I had so much homework every
night. When she died, I wrote a tribute to her and had it published in the local paper.

When/where went to high school--Rains High School, Emory Texas in the 60’s!!

Best/worst high school subject- BEST: -I loved world history. The
teacher was our principal, Mr. Rice, and I adored him. I cried when he
died. WORSE EXPERIENCE IN CLASS: I took 3 years of home economics and
finally figured out how to sew, but the first year I made a simple
dress but had more trouble with it. I put it on the stove one day and it caught fire and burned and had to start over! I know Mrs. Rossetter (dead now—most of my teachers are dead now or have Altzheimers!!) talked about my burning my dress for years.

lisa lindsey said...

wow, make me think....

only three schools and one of those was a year in private school during the beginning of integration, (a black guy kissed my best friend in the 1st grade, oh my gosh I remember how mad her Dad was) we've come a long way baby.

I remember Scott Little from 2nd grade, that year in private school, really skinny little guy but sooo cute

Mr. Johnson, science in 8th grade, he committed suicide about 2 or 3 years later.....so, maybe he was Really crazy

Hands down, Mrs. English, she accomplished the impossible and made Algebra I really fun, I cannot say the same about Algebra II, however.

1983 PGHS - go Spartans!

That's hard, I stopped doing well about sophomore year, too boy crazy, but I mostly enjoyed English and that Algebra I class was fun. Geometry was awful, the teacher had such a monotone voice, talk about sleeping through a class.

blast from the past.....

Cinderella said...

I never had a school crush, I had a boyfriend through-out high-school and midle school and before that I thought boys smelled funny.

hehe =)

Magnolia said...

Finish that book. Just write, don't worry about any 'rules'. Don't worry about 'getting it right'.

That's what trips up many writers. They spend so much time on the perfect word that they don't finish.

As Earnest Heminway said, "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master."

And Nora Roberts, "I can fix a bad page. I cannot fix a blank page."

Also, ever hear of Nanowrimo.org? Novel Writing month every November. It's a lot of fun.

allison g said...

1)how many schools did you attend -3 not counting college- the three my kids will(or are) attend which is scary!

2)first school crush- really before school- in kindergarten which was private- a boy named Mikey Johnson. Cute, blond, tan!! We used to chase each other around the sand pile.

3)Most unique teacher- I don't remember her name but 6th grade- she taught social studies and was old. She sat with her legs apart and we could see her girdle. And if we were quiet, she would fall asleep and SNORE!

4)Best teacher- 2nd grade, Miss Phillips was new and had long brown hair . She read us Brer Rabbit stories and the summer after 2nd grade she wrote us all a letter from Africa. She made us all feel special for our individual gifts! She is now Mrs.Watson and still teaches at HES.

5)high school-1983 Hueytown High School

6)best/worst- best english 9th grade year I was put in the remedial class b/c of schedule conflicts and the teacher let me teach the class and she would take a break. worst- math I passed trig/calc by 1point and was able to get my advanced acad diploma. It was scary right down to the wire and I only passed b/c I turned in all my homework.

lusi said...

How fun Cheryl! I'll play too...

1)how many schools did you attend -2 not including college

2)first school crush- a boy named Luke Tomich. We grew up to be school captains together. he nows works with my dad and when I was ill last year he and his fiance came and visited me in hospital. Lovely guy.

3)Most unique teacher- Mr Lebreton. We are still great friends. He was so close to my family that he went with my dad to our Fijian village. He always wanted us kids to learn about life not just out of books. He gave us a great love of education.

4)Best teacher- Art - Miss Tabone...shewas only a couple of years older than us. She rocked and made me love art.

5)high school-this will show my age - 1997 - Emmaus College

6)best/worst- best english/history (I came 4th in my state in the HSC) worst- math

Congrats to D too! So talented! And thanks too for your prayers for my niece - greatly appreciated!

Lus x

melissa said...

congrats to delaney!!! that is so great :)

Jeff said...

How many schools you've attended--6 if you count college.

First school crush--i'm not sure really...i was such a confused kid.

Most unique/eccentric teacher--Mr. Cummings, 7th grade science. I learned a lot of science then, but he was just weird...always doing a sort of Mr. Science sort of odd experiements. A lot of fun though.

Best teacher--A tie here. Janice Winokur and Susan Goddard. Both of them got me into literature and into journalism. And that made up the first part of my professional career, and is still things I enjoy.

When/where went to high school--Central High, Tuscaloosa. Cheryl and I went to the rivial high schools... so much the rivals that members of the class ahead of me placed a bomb at the doors of Country High and blew the doors off the school!

Best/worst high school subject-- Best: English/Literature. Worst: anything math related.

Ree G said...

Okay, here it goes:

How many schools you've attended--
4 - Bessemer Academy, UAB, Auburn University and
Birmingham School of Law

First school crush-- I think Kip, but possibly Greg

Most unique/eccentric teacher-- Gwen Carlisle. She
was a terrible math teacher and she sewed her own

Best teacher-- Mr. Rogers - taught biology, chemistry
and physics.

When/where went to high school-- Bessemer Academy

Best/worst high school subject-- Typing

Bobby M said...

How many schools you've attended-- 3, NORTH HIGHLANDS ELEMENTARY, PITMAN


Most unique/eccentric teacher-- MRS DRULMAN, 12TH GRADE ENGLISH/LIT

Best teacher-- MRS DRULMAN

When/where went to high school-- GRADUATED 1984 FROM HUEYTOWN HIGH

Best/worst high school subject-- BEST SUBJECT WAS ALGEBRA II, WORST SUBJECT