Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back to the Living (Sorta . . .), Some Scrapbook Layouts, and a Few "Random" Stories

Thanks, guys and gals, for all the sweet wishes yesterday! My neck is still not back to "normal" completely, but it's feeling a bit better (the pretty tough neck massages G gave me, plus the hot baths, have definitely helped). I also was able to get some work done on two articles yesterday, and I feel a bit better about our DW trip. (Although Delaney is upset now because her friend that was going to go with us--because McKenna is staying in town with friends because of school stuff--came down with appendicitis and can't go!) Tomorrow I'm going to post some Disney pictures to tempt you all a little bit . . . LOL (yep, Ryan, that's for you!)

For now, thought I'd first off share a few scrapbook layouts with you that I've done over the last several days. I think I'm finally getting the hang of my scanner!

The first one is of the joint birthday celebration we had a while back for me and my mother. We had such a crazy time that day--laughing and giggling and being silly--that I wanted to make a FUN layout. This is the 2-page layout I came up with.

The journaling on this reads, "Birthday celebration, August 2006--'Woo hoos' over gifts, silliness, Winston Churchill impersonations, laughter, excitement, yummy cake, birthday wishes--and family!"

The next page is one I did to preserve the memories of McKenna's mission trip to Panama City this past summer. Yep, I'm still doing some things from the summer (I still have McKenna's DC trip and our beach vacation to go--maybe this next week I can work on those!). Here is it . . .

My very FAVORITE thing about that layout is the cool "She" button on it. It says, "She makes the world a better place." And that's exactly how I feel about McKenna--her convictions and values and faith are making her world better! I also love these photos; they don't really say anything about the actual trip, but they show her joy in getting ready to go on it! (By the way, there is a great story behind these photos that you can read back in my Archives--July 10.)

The next layout is another one I really like, mostly because of the photo I used on it. It's one of my favorite pictures from the last year, because of the color and the light and the expression on Lori's face.

The journaling reads, "Discovery Weekend at church was a wonderful time for our youth to be reminded of how much God loves them, and how much they are loved by others around the. This is my favorite picture from the weekend. It shows Lori at the altar in the front of the church, speaking to the youth and to the congregation. It shows us how we truly can do anything with Christ's help! And look at th ealtar and the cross and the candles. It was beautiful and inspiring!"

I also love that yellow paper I used in the background (LillyKate by Basic Grey) and my new American Crafts felt flowers. Fun!

My final layout I'm sharing will actually be sorta recognizable to most of you. It uses two pictures that I had on my blog a week or so ago, after we came home from Delaney's first championship tournament. (My scan of it went a little wonky, because there's actually more yellow paper below where the layout ends here. But maybe you can get the idea.)

I really, really like this layout because of the circles I tried to put throughout it; I was trying to emulate game balls. I also really love it because it captures a very special moment for Delaney!

The journaling on it reads, "Delaney won her first First Place trophy at the September Classic Tournament in Huntsville on September 30, 2006. The 'Lightning' Bolts went undefeated and Delaney played great. It was truly a day to remember!"


Now, I had a couple of emails and messages from people asking the story behind some of the things on my "What I've Done" list from Tuesday. My answers actually brought back a whole ton of memories (and, by the way, I LOVED reading all of your responses to it--I did not know that Jennifer had a pierced belly button, that Amanda had been in a movie, that New Mom had bought a round for an entire bar--although I guess I could have guessed that! LOL--or that Margie had hit a home run. I also learned some things about Gary that I had never known before!)

Anyway, just thought I'd share the "rest of the story" on a few of them--

* "Danced with a stranger in a foreign country." Gary actually asked me about this one, because he'd never heard it. I went to Mexico during my junior year of high school and one night we all went to a club dancing. And let's just say that Mexican teenage boys (and all men, for that matter!) seemed to be fascinated by blondes. So, I danced with a whole crowd of strangers!

* "Ridden a mechanical bull." We went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this past New Year's and I was the only adult in our crowd brave enough (or was that stupid enough?) to ride the mechanical bull. You can actually see proof this back in my January 30 post in the Archives. (It was actually one of the first posts I ever did.)

* "Been divorced." Gary and I have both been married and divorced before. Just thought that might be something that some of our new blogging friends might be interested in knowing!

* "Faced a fear." Okay, my biggest fear (and I mean it is a BIG, BIG one!) is my fear of heights. I get major panic attacks when I get any higher than a floor or two, and no one in my family seems quite able to understand it. I faced my fear--I definitely didn't overcome it, because it is still there big time!--when I let my family talk me into going to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Yes, Scared Irrationally of Heights Cheryl went to the top of the tallest building in the United States. I was NOT happy, let me tell you; but I was proud of mysel for doing it!

* "Had a stranger ask me to dance." This is my favorite on the list, because the "stranger" in question is Gary. The entire story of how we met is really fun and sweet (maybe someday I'll share the whole story!), but we officially met when he asked me to dance. And I said Yes, of course!!

Since it is now officially Late (close to 1 a.m.!), I am heading off to bed. Sweet dreams, and see ya tomorrow!!


Dawn said...

Happy to hear the knot is easing! I am so impressed with your scrapping. I think I have told you before I so want to do it with the zillions of photo's I have in a box. I love blogging and digital - but I still like holding special paper in my hands. (I'm what I call a member of the IBM GOLF BALL generation.) I really need to spend time exploring the scrppaing kits at Michaels ... good place to start, right? Happy preparations. xoxo

NMOTB said...

Aw, I am so glad you are feeling better (missed yesterday's post). Your scrapbooking is really stunning and fun to look at - thanks for sharing! I am also scared of heights, amoung other things! Almost Disney time! *grin*

Miss 1999 said...

Those are absolutely beautiful layouts! I'd love to be able to scrapbook like that. I'm trying to get a little better at it :0) I'm glad to hear you're feeling better- massages and a hot bath always makes things so much better :0) I wish I had known ya last year! We were in Gatlinburg last year on New Year's Eve- It was our anniversary :0) Did ya watch the ball drop at the Space Needle?

Carrie said...

1:33, you are in reverse of me :) haha
I love your Lo's! and its so col for you to share yourself so openly! I loved reading your {rest of the story} we have that on our local radio station everyday :)

RYAN said...

Y'know, I've known you guys for I don't know how long now and I've never heard the "how you met" story. Definitely gonna have to hear about that one soon. It actually got me thinking about how long we've known each other (I don't know) and how we met. I know we met through church and I guess just hangin' out at the ballpark and church has cemented that relationship. But I can't pinpoint a specific time or moment. Seems like when I was in choir G came for one night and he and I got to talking and not going to rehearsal. I don't quite remember. Anyway, I ramble. By the way, WE'RE GOING TO PANAMA CITY BEACH FOR THE WEEKEND!!! BEACHFRONT ROOM THE WORKS!!! YAY!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--Yes, Michael's or Hobby Lobby (do you have those?) are a great place to start. Also, if you have any local scrapbooking stores. You should try it!!
NM--Yep, heights are the worst. It's definitely my biggest fear (I also don't care much for clowns or scary movies!)
Miss--That is so cool that you were in Gatlinburg at the same time. Actually, on New year's Eve my middle DD got sick so we watched the Space Needle from our room! We had so much fun!!
Carrie--Thanks for stopping by! Yep, you're the early morning gal, and I'm the late night one!
Ryan--I'm SO excited that you guys are going to the beach. So fun!!! I will have to tell you the Gary-Cheryl Meeting Story sometime. I've heard yours and Allison's!

Jane said...

Love your layouts, they just capture moments so well. Also really enjoyed reading your list of things below!

Amy Mowbray said...

Your layouts are awesome! I love those American Crafts felt flowers.

What kind of scanner did you get?

Going For Greatness said...

How sweet! I Love that you met your hubby when he asked you to dance!!! I met my husband in a similar way... except I was doing the asking!!
My hubby is an awesome dancer and I was teaching dancing at a country western night club :)
too fun! Love your list!!

Ms.L said...

I'm really impressed with your work! I've always wanted to try scrapping..

toya said...

cool layouts, you've been busy!

NMOTB said...

I am sure you are furiously busy getting everything ready for your Disney Trip. Hope you all have a great and safe weekend!