Monday, October 16, 2006

Greetings from Disney World!

Having a Magical time down in Disney World! We arrived here Saturday around 2 in the afternoon (after leaving Alabama at like 4:30 a.m. Ugh!). Have already enjoyed a fun-filled day (along with some yucky line-standing!) at Magic Kingdom yesterday. Today, we are hanging out at our resort (it is BEAUTIFUL!)--enjoying the pool, the playground, etc. Tomorrow, the girls and I (G will be in business meetings all day!) are going to MGM, which we loved last time!

A few insights, special moments, and things I've learned . . .

* Too many females in this world (big and little) wear midriff-bearing shirts when they should NOT (saw way too many tummies in the park yesterday that I shouldn't be seeing!)

* The Dumbo ride is worth it, even after a 30-minute wait! The one ride Scout had been talking about since we left was the Dumbo ride, then right before we got to the front of the LONG line she almost fell asleep. But, woke up just in time to enjoy it--and all day long she said, "Dumbo was my favrit!"

* I love it that grown men will wear Mickey Mouse ears!

* We knew this already, but staying inside the park at a resort is the way to go! No parking, bus delivery right to the parks' front doors, those cool refillable drink mugs, cool pools . . . it's all good!

* You should definitely try the After Hours specials. We found out that each resort has a night when its visitors can stay late at a park. Last night, we were able to stay at Magic Kingdom until midnight (it usually closes at 9). We were able to just walk right into rides, and went on 5 of them in that time span. It was GREAT!

* It IS a small world after all! Riding through the It's a Small World ride, I thought of my many blogging friends from around the country and the world--from Trinidad, Hawaii, Australia, England, South Africa .... I thought of all of you during that ride!

My dh, Gary, has some good photos on his blog. So, check them out if you want a taste of what we've been doing. I have a lot of other really good photos, and will try and upload some tonight or tomorrow.

Have a Magical day yourself!!! See ya soon!!


Ryan said...

Glad you are having fun!! PCB was fantastic! Can't wait for y'all to get back so we can share stories!! See ya!! Ryan

adrienne said...

SO glad you are having fun! I told Gary and now I'm telling you...BRING ME SOMETHING BACK! LOL Have a great time!

toya said...

wow, sounds wonderful, and the pics on your dh blog are so cool, enjoy your vacation

Amanda said...

Giel, I am so with you on the tummy shirts...COME ON LADIES, let's not bare what shouldn't be shared! :-) Have a fabulous time!!!

Phats said...

Woohoo, Sounds like you all are having a BLAST!! I am jealous wish I was there.

We did after hours too, it's very nice and another perk. Did you ride pirates of the caribbean and see Jack Sparrow?! haha

Nice picture of you jumping on the bed btw haha

maria said...

Soooo happy for you and a tid bit jealous! :)

Miss 1999 said...

I'm so glad ya'll are having a good time! The only things I remember from Disney World were The Haunted Manison *not sure if it's still there* and It's a Small World- because my Momma cried when she went through it. You've got me wanting to go back!

Andy said...

loved the pics on your hubbys blog. the paragraph about cinderella, prince charming and that hussy snow white was funny. i really love the pic of your hubby holding your youngest. it reminds me of a pic that my parent have in their photo album of my dad holding my sister on one of our visits to the magical world of disney. have fun!

rhonda said... glad you are having fun at the magical place! We HAVE to go every 2 years and there is just SOMETHING about the place that GETS you every time!!!! ENJOY a little for me!!!!!!