Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Photos from our Trip so Far . . .

We are having a wonderful time at Disney World! Gary, the girls, and I spent Sunday in Magic Kingdom; yesterday, we hung out at the resort's pool, arcade, playground, and gift shop (a little world all its own!). Today, the girls and I went to MGM while G was in meetings (although he joined us late in the afternoon!).

Some highlights . . .

* Characters!! (met Mickey Mouse! Stitch! Winnie the Pooh! Aladdin and Jasmine! Mary Poppins! Sully! even the cars from "Cars"!)

* Food!! (Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles! late-night nachos!)

* Fun!! (riding the "Star Wars" simulator three times! seeing Cinderella's castle at night! spotting Capt Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean"! pirate Mickey ears! a really cool swimming pool!)

* And a whole lot more that I can't think of right now--because it's close to 1 a.m., after a 9 a.m.-9 p.m. day at MGM!

Just a whole lot of fun that would have been perfect if . . . McKenna had been with us! (We MISS you!!!)

Some Photos to enjoy . . .

From the resort--

(Sydney leading a parade in our resort lobby. It was TOO cute)

From Magic Kingdom (yay!!)--

(posing in the "jail" after the Buzz Lightyear ride, a new ride that was really fun!)

(We were SO excited to see Mickey Mouse! And we were even more excited when Sydney actually posed with him and let him hug her; she'd cried already at most of the other characters! But she started to warm up to them!)

(the 30-minute wait for the Dumbo Ride--the one ride that Sydney actually said she wanted to do--just about wore her out. But she woke up to enjoy it . . .

(the girls tried to pull out Arthur's magical sword!)

(we loved the new Capt Jack Sparrow additions to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride. He looked really realistic!)

And following the Pirates ride, the girls decided that their souvenir for the day just HAD to be the cutest pirate princess Mickey ears. Then when we got ready to go to the pool later on, Sydney had to put hers on.

Okay, I took a ton of photos today at MGM but I'm absolutely worn out and am going to have to wait to post them. Check on tomorrow and I may have added them.

Until then . . .


Phats said...

Your kids are ADORABLE!! looks like you guys are having a "magical" time at the happiest place on earth. I am so jealous!

You guys like that resort? we have stayed there once, the pool is pretty awesome

Ronalyn said...

Ooooh looks like fun!! I am green with envy!!!! I cannot wait to be able to afford to go there!! ha ha!!! Wishin I was there too!!

Have a great time!! TAlk soon!

adrienne said...

I am SO glad you all are having fun!!!!!!

Amanda said...


Amanda said...

Okay, sorry, I changed over to the new version of blogger and it didn't let me post a comment at first....WOW, great pictures and memories your kids will never forget! HOW FUN!!!! I am so thrilled for you and great pics of you too!

NMOTB said...

The photos of the kiddo's are so cute! I am so so jealous and wish I was there too! Glad to hear you all are having a great time!

maria said...

I love, love, love your photos! I am soooo jealous! :) But really happy for you!

Dawn said...

It all looks like such fun. Your kids are as adorable and edible asa the mickey waffles! xox

Ms.L said...

Ohh I wanna go!!
With you guys too,lol,it looks like you're fun to play with:)

McKenna said...

looks super fun.
i remember when I went and trying to pull out the sword of exaliber.


i miss you all.

tell everyone hi for me!
and P.S.- get me something nifty!


oh yeah-those mickey mouse ears are too cute!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey everyone!!!
Yep, we're having TOO much fun!!! Don't be TOO envious!! lol
McKenna--We miss you and love you too!!! We DID get you something nifty tonight when we went to Downtown Disney!
See ya tomorrow!!!