Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One More Photo Installment--
This time . . . MGM!!!!

I'm finally getting around to updating the other photos I wanted to upload last night, but was too tired to do!

We had a good day today, although some of the inevitable "grumpy trip blues" erupted with Delaney . . . I'm sure all of you parents out there know what I'm talking about! (Being too tired, whining when everything doesn't go your way, etc.!) But today ended on a high-note, with a trip to Downtown Disney where she got a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar that she wanted all day yesterday and didn't get!

(And Sydney was VERY excited to get a Little Mermaid doll set--it looks suspiciously like a Polly Pockets set!--that she begged, "Pretty, pretty please!!!" for. And who are we to not succumb to the whole materialistic, indulgent EVERYTHING that is down here? LOL)

BTW-- Downtown Disney also helped us score big with a "nifty" gift for McKenna, and even a "pressie" for New Mom.

We're about to sit down and watch "Lost"--can't miss our favorite, addictive television show even while we're on vacation!

We're leaving tomorrow around noon and we're all a little sad about it. But we're glad about getting home to see McKenna. Until I set foot in Alabama and post again, here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday's trip into the MGM Studios park.


Characters are a BIG part of any Disney vacation, and we scored BIG at MGM! Before we left out that morning I already said that the one character I wanted my picture with was Sully from "Monsters Inc.," which is a movie I love! And--yay!!!!--we found him (and Mike too!). I was surprised that Scout actually posed with us, because she was scared of some of the characters! So, I love this pic!!

Stitch was the first character we found--

Not all of the characters were "live." The girls were excited to find Herbie too!

There were characters for the little ones too, which was really cool! Here's Sydney with one of the Little Einsteins!

(PS--I have lots of other character photos, but I'm kinda thinking of doing a "Calvalcade of Characters" with all of the pictures in a future blog post.)

Then, Sydney (and Delaney, even though she might not have admitted it!) loved the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" playground. It's a fun playground where everything is oversized, so they slide down leaves and sit on ants, like in these pics! ( LOVE the second pic here!!)

You must have cool refeshment during your 12-hour-long days. The Icees were especially good!

The "PlayHouse Disney" show was a BIG hit with Scout. It had "Bear in the Big Blue House," "Stanley," "Jo Jo," and "Winnie the Pooh" and she really jumped in and danced along with the characters. It was fun!!

MY favorite show at MGM is the "Beauty and the Beast" show. It's also my favorite Disney animated movie, so that has something to do with why I like the show. But it really is a great show--great costumes, singing, and dancing. The inspiration for the Broadway show actually came from this production!

Disney owns ABC, so there are lots of displays, signs, even music from ABC shows all over the park. I ate dinner underneath my "Lost" guys. (Please forgive my appearance here--LOL--it had been a long day and I was pooped!!)

McKenna has always been Gary's roller coaster buddy, but without her here Delaney really did great to take her place!! She was SCARED to death of riding the "Rockin Roller Coaster," but she really wanted to do it. And she DID! I was so proud of her for trying it--this, of course, is coming from the Roller Coaster WIMP that I am. (Delaney did say that it's "much more fun" with Pop and that I'm a scaredy cat!)

Okay, I think I've admitted that I'm a Sci Fi movie Geek on my blog before. So, the Star Wars Tours ride was very exciting for me! I got a kick out of seeing a Storm Trooper, and also riding a Land Speeder!

By the end of the evening, our little Scout was exhausted. She actually slept like this in the stroller for two hours!!

She did wake up in time to watch the "Fantasmic" show at the end of the evening. We missed this last time we came to Disney World and I'm so glad we caught it this time. It was GREAT!! It was a nighttime show filled with lights and colors and fireworks--and, of course, a Mickey Mouse who saved the day from all the evil Disney villains! (It's kinda hard to tell, but in the second photo that's Mickey on top of the mountain right under the fireworks!)

It's been a lot of fun sharing our Disney World experience with you all, and I hope that you've enjoyed it yourself and have had a chance to "vicariously" spend the trip with us! I know it's not the same as being here, but . . .

I'll catch back up with you all when we get back to Alabama. I'll probably post again on Friday--which will be my 200th post!!!!


NMOTB said...

Oh I have so enjoyed every post from both you and Gary while you were at Disney! Loved the pictures too! A pressie for me??????????? Ooolala! Have a safe journey home and see you when you get back!

Cindy Barb said...

I have really enjoyed following you guys on your trip. The pics and the fun the kids had has been fun to read. Stay safe and can't wait to see more and looking forward to your 200th post. I know it will be an exciting one and they all are.

Miss 1999 said...

Wow! What can I say? It looks like ya'll are having a WONDERFUL time! Wish I was there!

Cinderella said...

I noticed that you all wear crocs lol..I have a pink pair and my daughter has black and red ones hehe, they are soooo comfortable!!

It looks like you had a blast...I bet you were thrilled to find the 'Lost' stuff lol..Too cute...

Ms.L said...

Aww I think you look nice in that pciture!
You look friendly,relaxed and like you've been having loads of fun:)
Have a safe trip back home!

maria said...

Aww...such cool pictures!

Phats said...

I love the beauty and the beast stage show, don't tell anyone! haha :)

Star tours is cool too, it had no line the last time we were there, and was fun. I have never seen star wars so I wasn't sure what was going on ha. I love the roller coaster, did you guys do tower of terror?! That is my favorite ride at MGM.

Cheryl Wray said...

We're home!!
Glad everyone has enjoyed our posts. It's been fun putting pictures out there for everyone to see!!
Cinder--Yep, we all do the Croc thing. We love them!
Phats-- I won't tell anyone about B&B! It's my very FAVE!! And I cannot believe you haven't seen Star Wars!! It's like a REQUIREMENT if you're an American! Love, love, love it! Go rent all six of them now!!!!

NMOTB said...

Good Morning! Glad to see you are up and blogging!!!!! Enjoy your day, I am off to take an afternoon nap with the boys as they are spending the evening by Granny's house and we are off to a spit braai!!!!! Will check back later to see new pics when you are done!~

delaney said...

that trip was the funnest!I loved it and will never forget it!

Greta said...

oh man i wish i was back there...i loved it so much and oct is a good time to go....i loved the rockin roller fav.... great pics....did you do the fantasmic light show at mgm...that was fabulous....

Phats said...

Hi cheryl!
Glad you are home safe. I totally felt bad for accidentally leaving Bama off!! I have added them though, with prediction and all. Sorry!! :)

BTW- dead cheerleader still?

Silent One ~D~ said...

I just love all your pictures!!!

the LOST one was my favourite!!! LOL
You have some priceless photo's of the kids... hugging herbie is sooo sweet!

thanks for sharing!