Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A "Weird" Random Tuesday

I’ve run across this fun “tag” on several blogs lately (like Gabi’s and Trina’s and Adrienne’s), and it seemed perfect for my Random Tuesday ramblings today. In fact, it’s really a perfectly fun little “getting to know me” exercise that should result in some really fun revelations about my new blogging friends (as long as you join in the fun!).

Has anyone ever called you weird? All of us definitely have “weird” tendencies and personality quirks—they’re some of the things that make us unique.

So, for today’s Random Tuesday post . . . let me share with you Five Weird Things About Me (that hopefully most of you don’t know yet).

1—I take two (sometimes three, if I can get away with it) baths everyday! I prefer baths to showers and take one in the morning and at night every day. I love them steaming hot, like them with bubbles (although I don’t have to have them), and often read while I’m lying in there. And I like them to last as long as possible!

(One of my favorite stories that I heard for the first time just a year or so ago came from Mom, who said she vividly remembers visiting her grandmother and how Mama Graham would out-of-the-blue say she was going to take a bath. She’d lug out the old tin wash tub, send everyone away, and take a bath on her back porch—sometimes in the middle of the day. I love knowing that a love-for-baths runs in my family and that perhaps I got it from my great-grandmother!)

2— I go barefoot as much as possible! As soon as I walk into my house, off go my shoes! I think I went barefoot my whole entire childhood and today I go san-shoes as much as I can. (Look down at my feet in church and chances are that my shoes are lying underneath the pew! And if I’m stuck at any event for more than a few hours, my shoes have to come off and I have to go barefoot the rest of the time.) And I guess my children have taken my lead, because they are barefoot until the minute they have to leave the house.

3—I have an unusually weird aversion to mayonnaise. I can’t eat anything with mayonnaise on it; I refuse to touch a jar of it; I won’t even buy a jar of it from the store (if Gary wants it, he has to buy it himself!); and God forbid that I actually catch a glimpse of it on a sandwich or on a spoon (that pretty much makes me retch!). In fact, I’m getting a little queasy from the fact that I’ve typed the word “mayonnaise” so much in this post. Yuck!!!

4—I can stand on my head for at least a minute straight (I used to could do it for five or six minutes straight, but I guess my head’s getting softer as I get older. Lol), can still do cartwheels and backbends, can still do the splits, and can do that weird “wrap your legs all up around each other in some sort of yoga version of Indian-style sitting”). It’s harder to do these things at 38 than it was at 12, but I’m still proud that I can!

5—I’m an Out Loud Laugher. I never really thought this was weird, because I’ve always laughed out loud at jokes, tv shoes, movies, books, or just something funny that someone says. I thought everyone did it! Then I married Gary and realized that the world is divided into Out Loud Laughing Families and Internal Laughing Families. Gary always thought it was weird that I laughed out loud (and quite loudly when I’m really amused!!). But I really like being with other Out Loud Laughers because I know exactly what they’re feeling at the moment!

So, there you have it . . . five things maybe you didn’t know about me before.

Can you identify with any of those things? Do you share any of that “weirdness” with me? And what are five weird things about you? (Post them here for all of us to enjoy—lol—or post them on your blog and let us know about it!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful (and not too weird) Tuesday!!!


Lisa L said...

Saying you don't have "weird" tendencies is like saying you NEVER tell a lie. So I am guilty, guilty. My family is the most aware of this one, put a basket of chips (Habaneros) or a package of french fries in front of me and I have to sort through them and pick out certain ones. I can't help it, some chips/fries are better than others. I have certain chip/fries criteria and not all of them make the grade. So, if you're at a table with me, be aware, I am handling the chips.

The good thing about this is that I never eat more than half of a pack of fries because of all the disqualified ones.


Jennifer S said...

A weird thing about me is...I WILL go to a public bathroom, and public meaning...any bathroom other than my own (ha), BUT, I will not touch the flusher handle, the sink or faucet after I've washed my hands, and I definitely will not touch the door handle on my way out. I guess I'm OCD about it. I've seen too many women use the bathroom, leave the stall and just walk out. GROSS!!!

If there are not any paper towels, I will use my shirt tail or my sleeve to open the door. The perfect public bathroom is where they have automatic flushers, automatic faucets that come on when you put your hands under it, and automatic paper towel dispensers (like Habaneros) and either the door to open outwards where you can push it open with your butt (ha) or the zig zag opening where there is no door.

OK...I have some others, but I'll just leave them to your imagination. (lol)...and I'm an out loud laugher too Cheryl!


~gkw said...

LOL, I'm getting a kick out of reading your wierd tendencies!! Lisa, I like yours!! I'd get to eat the rest of your fries!! Jennifer, That's just too wierd!! LOL

I'm glad I don't have any wierd tendencies! (Shudup Cheryl!!!!)

adrienne said...

I DO NOT LIKE MAYO EITHER!! YUCKO! I don't buy it, nope....

maria said...

I'm all there with you on 2,3 and 5 (I love the feeling of cold wet grass under my feet in the mornings).
Wow, we have so much in common. Other weird tendencies for me...when I have a favorite book, I buy two. One to read and the other to have just for looks (and no one can touch it, LOL).
I dream too much. Is that weird? I dream both awake and asleep. Although awake you could call it day dreaming. I just have a very vivid imagination.

McKenna said...

well. heres my 5 weirdest personality traits or whatever.

1. I absolutely LOVE be busy. I dont know why, but I love to be busy all the time. I always have to have SOMETHING to do. Schoolwork,church stuff, Butterfly Circle, band, praise and worship band, and my family and friends. I love to be busy because it allows me to forget about any decisions I have to make or any problems Im having with my friends or a guy.

2. I HATE feet. and almost all my friends (guys) bother me by touching my feet. Even though they KNOW i hate it, well, maybe I shouldnt have told anyone I dont like feet and then they wouldnt touch them.

3. I love to drink water that is from other places around the world and not just brands from the USA. Like I LOVE Iceland Pure spring water,and Fiji Water. Everyone always aks me, "what is the difference between water from other countries and here?" and I tell them,"Well, it just tastest purer, and not like its gone through alot of aquifiers(thinks that make the water cleaner). I love to drink water from other places just to look like Im cool, as well. =]

4. i love BIGGGGG purses, and I mean BIG. I guess you could say I collect them, some are even bigger than I am. or so people say.

5. i love to shop for office/school supplies. i love to go to wal-mart and other stores and shop for office supplies. =]

heres a bonus: i love hair clipies/bows. i collect them. like little baby clips. =]

Jane said...

That was fun to read Cheryl. I can stand on my head too but the splits!!!! Wow, you are one flexible woman! Wish I could still do that!

Our family is definitely a laugh out loud family, we would laugh until we got wheezy with our asthma!!!

Mom said...

I don’t know how weird these are but here goes.

1—I take at least two (sometimes three, if I can get away with it) baths everyday! But I do not read in the bathtub, just the bathroom!! Whole novels! (And my grandmother did take her baths—as many as she could—as Cheryl said. We grandchildren had to disappear while Papa boiled the water for the bath and drew the cold water from the well for Mama. He was a trooper. I justnow realized that about him for going to so much trouble especially after farm work!)

2— I catch myself saying the word “strange” a lot. I don’t know why.

3—I have a knack for meeting interesting strangers. Yesterday I met a wonderful lady at the Spine Center who told me she had back surgery a while back. It was a terrible experience for her. She has nuts and bolts—hardware as she called them— in her back and every time she walks she can feel them clanging. UGH!

4—I can sleep in the daytime so easily now. I sometimes go to bed two times during the day (because of health problems and maybe medicine I take.) I actually feel refreshed upon getting up and then can work at night.

5—My husband says my laugh is getting stranger. There that word goes again! Maybe he doesn’t say strange. He just says that my laugh is sometimes not a good one. I guess it embarrasses him. He is asking me to watch how I laugh. I laugh out loud and he doesn’t. I used to have a good laugh, but now I have to watch how it sounds. I wonder if it has to do with enjoying my wonderful five grandchildren and laughing with them. If it does, that is fine. I will continue to laugh. Laughter is good for our immune systems—even if it sounds weird.=

NMOTB said...

That was fun Cheryl and don't think it is too wierd - sounds pretty normal to me! Ok here is something wierd about me! I do not use a public toilet or anyone else's toilet - I have what my husband terms "toilet stress" lol. I will sneak a Pee if no one is around but other than that, nothing beats the comfort of your own home! There have been times when I have had to go.......only if no one is around! Now that is WIERD!! lol I love shopping for shoes??!!! I leave everything till the last minute (I mean LAST MINUTE), I love the pressure! That was fun!
Have a good day!

Ms.L said...

Hee those were great!
I'm an out loud laugher too:)
I LOVE that you take that many baths!
One day,I will have an outdoor tub and then I intend to do the same thing!

goodmaniacs said...

5 weird things about me:
This should be relatively easy....

1) I HATE, HATE, HATE public restrooms and therefore will not go campingb/c you have to use a public shower. The thought makes my skin crawl. I will use the ones in restaurants and malls under duress and have scoped out the best and cleanest-especially those with the automatic handles/flushers etc. When the girls were younger this was a HUGE battle for me.

2)I have to dissect the meat that I eat b/c if I bite down on fat, I will vomit. Eating out with me is an adventure and I try to hide the dissection as much as possible from others.

3)I love gory shows like CSI, REAL AUTOPSY, etc. The gore doesn't bother me at all. I love to watch operations on T.V. I also to look at scars, wounds, etc. on real people when they'll let me. BUT I don't watch horror movies- go figure!?

4)I really don't like to talk on the phone. I know lots of people who love it but I really don't. People have made fun of me for screening the phone calls at my house but I'd rather see who it is and what they want before I talk on the phone. And no, I don't do this b/c I think I'm better than everybody else- far from it.

5)I like crawly things like snakes, lizards, frogs, bugs BUT
hate roaches and spiders. I don't understand it, either.

See five was easy- and Cheryl I'm an out loud laugher too!

Julie said...

Haha...if you are weird, then I am too!! The part about the baths sounds like I could have typed that myself!! I am EXACTLY the same way, heehee!!

~Telah said...

Ok. I put one of my weird tendencies on my blog. Go there to see it, if you want.

roxy said...

Me weird, I think we all know the answer to that one!! Five weird things. Yikes.. This is a good one Cheryl, by the way have not seen you posting, is everything ok.. Have missed you!

1. Cannot stand to have my nose touched, in anyway, if someone does I wipe it off..

2. I hate being under the covers, cannot stand to have my face or head covered up by a blanket or pillow. I think that is from my Ex.. long story.
3. Yes me too with the barefoot, I think it is the California girl in me, I hate shoes. During the winter here in MD I wear 2 pair of socks and slippies around the house, no shoes, take them off in the car and when sitting at the table eating at home or out.
4. No eggs, just the thought makes me cringe. I have been that way since childhood. Yuck.. and when cooking them for the family, I have to hold my nose.
5. Neat freak, clean and organize all the time. It drives the kids nuts. Not again Mom!! I cannot stand for things to be out of place. Too bad my scrap tables are a bit a mess right now.. but clean by tonight.

There you go.. 5 weird things, I am sure there is more, but that is enough!! hehehe


Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, you guys, your posts have absolutely cracked me up. Some of you are really WEIRD!!!
Maria--buying two books IS really weird, but I love to buy hardbacks instead of paperbacks so that they can be "preserved" better.
And a whole heckuva lot of you have cleanliness issues, it seems! LOL
McKenna-You're the coolest daughter. I love you commenting on my blog!!

rhonda said...

I hate wearing shoes too! You can look at the bottom of my feet sometimes and tell it too!!! lol

And you and my dh share the some quirkiness with mayo. If he even "thinks" a food "looks" like it has mayo in it...he ain;t touching it!!! No tater salad/no chicken salad/no tuna salad/ none of that stuff for him!!!!!!

rhonda said...

my weird issues:
gotta sleep with sheets on. it can be 400 degrees...but I gotta have the covers on top of me. And if it is the slighest bit cold...I have to have socks on my feet!

cannot use public restrooms. definately no porta potty. no way.

I do not want ketchup on my burger. but I want ketchup to eat with my fries. Wait to see the look at a restaurant employee when I ask for a burger with no ketchup....and then I ask them for ketchup. It really puzzles them!

I cannot eat egg yellows. I will fry or scramble my egg with just the white part. don't dare try to get me to eat the yellow part of an egg....gross!!!!!

Amanda said...

I just posted mine...I had been meaning to all week! This was cute!