Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Scrapook Pages,
Some Leftover Disney Pics,
& Just Life "Stuff"

Got a chance to work on a few scrapbook layouts over the weekend and then again last night. Thought I'd share a few with you!

The first one is from my birthday (back in August!). Just wanted to share my thoughts on how Gary always makes my day special--and also use that gorgeous flower picture!

The journaling on it says: "Gary always makes my birthday special. This year, he got me beautiful flowers, lunch at Red Lobster, and a yummy double chocolate mouuse cake. And that night, I had our traditional bowling party with Gary and the girls. I always feel so special on my birthday!"

Then here's just a fun one I did to document my addiction to "Lost." The scan really didn't turn out well and it looks really faded (I think because the rhinestones made it hard for the scan cover to completely shut, so that kept the image from being really "true" to what it looks like.)

The journaling on it is pretty long, but the last line says: "I keep watching it every Wednesday, and after every episode I'm blown away by a new revelation and confused by more questions. But I keep watching . . ."

This last layout I'm sharing is one I'm doing for a special gift book for "someone" this Christmas. This is a page dedicated solely to Delaney.

The journaling on this (which is done sideways down the patterned paper strips) says: "Words that describe Delaney . . . smart . . . friendly . . . perfectionist . . . athletic . . . sweet . . . dramatic . . . pretty . . . sensitive . . . one-of-a-kind."

Thanks for checking those out!

And then, we took SO many pictures at Disney World (I think it was around 800, at last count!), that I had to share a few more that didn't get updated until we got home. These are some pics we took at Downtown Disney the night before we left. The girls had fun shopping at World of Disney (the biggest Disney store anywhere!) and, of course, drooling over and begging for everything in the store (they each got ONE souvenir only, though).

If we'd only had all of us with us. This would have been our Christmas card photo . . .

Loved this shot of Delaney with the pirate outside the store . . .

The Lego characters are so fun to check out. Here are Gary and the girls "hanging out" with them . . .

And then, I couldn't NOT post a picture of Delaney and Sydney looking very UN-Disney. They were upset about something; (and isn't that how it all eventually goes down?) ha!(Of course, they were smiling again moments after!)

Some other stuff going on right now:

* McKenna is going to be helping our youth minister direct the Inner City Children's Choir here in Birmingham. She's going this afternoon with her to the first practice and is excited about it. I just love that McKenna jumps into all sorts of opportunities with such gusto!

* I'm doing the devotional tonight at our Wednesday night church meal/service. I'm going to do something on "Fear," but have to finish up my plans for it.

* Sydney is really going to the potty now! Not only will she go when she sits down, she'll actually say now, "I need to go to potty." Hurray!

* Praying for my friend, Chris. It looks like she and her husband are going to get custody of his kids, which has been a super-long process. Such great news!

* I've got three articles due by Friday, so I'm frantically trying to work on those today.

* I'm SO excited because I get to dress up tomorrow night! I'm subbing with the Bunko group I used to be a part of, and for the October game night they always have Costume Night. So, I will be going and having fun with eleven other girlfriends--all while being dressed up (I'm going as Miss Alabama 1980! Hee hee!)

Life is just busy, busy as always. But always something new going on . . . which keeps it fun and interesting!


Renee said...

I love your scrapping pages. I've always wanted to get around to trying that myself, but I can't seem to find the time.
We took a picture in front of those same Lego people at Downtown Disney.
Glad to hear your birthday was good!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is too funny!!!


adrienne said...


Amanda said...

I have MOVED!

maria said...

Wow...gorgeos Disney pics! Love them. I totally love your layouts, your journaling and the pictures you used. SPECIALLY that stunning rose picture on your birthday. WOW. It wants to come out of the page. I think I can almost smell its fragrance, LOL. Thanks for sharing. And yes, busy keeps life interesting. Hope you get all your dealines covered and have enough left over time for some FUN too! :)

toya said...

wow, lots to see over here, lol
cool layouts and great photos

beadinggalinMS said...

Great scrap pages and photos!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Renee-you should try scrapbooking. You'd love it!
Adrienne--I will have to come show you my costume before I leave!
Amanda--Great! checking out your new "home"
Maria--I actually thought of you when I was working with that rose picture. I thought it turned out great and knew you'd appreciate it!

Jane said...

Great LO's and pics. Hope your devotional goes well tonight. Looks like you had a great birthday from the scrapbook page.

NMOTB said...

yay, blogger is back - what I forgot to mention in my email comment, is.....I am glad to hear the potty training is going so great and please please you must post a pic in your costume!

Miss 1999 said...

Sounds like you've been one busy woman! But glad to see you've made some time to enjoy scrapbooking- they look great!

Greta said...

you pages are great girl....that pic with them pouting looks like all my disney pics....bwhahahaha i am cheesing and the kids are like..."give me a break for crying out loud"