Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Guess I Need To Try a Few New Things . . .

I love posting my Random Tuesday thoughts because I know I will get some wonderful responses from all of you and yesterday was no different! I loved the guests you'd all invite to a dinner party, but the answers I really loved were the suggestions on something we should all try if you've never done it. I'm all about living life to the FULLEST--to expand your horizons, to try something new, to spread your wings, to have a little more fun in your life! So, all of your suggestions really inspired me!

My initial suggestions were to: Travel somewhere you've never gone before (this is one of my greatest joys each year--taking a vacation somewhere fresh, where I can discover new sights, new food, and new people); Make out in a car or on a beach (forget if you did this as a teenager or college student--try it as an adult! LOL); and Spend too much on a dinner out (you know, blow it all on drinks, appetizers, an awesome entree, and dessert!)

But some of my favorite suggestions came from you guys and gals. Let's see . . . now I need to . . .

* Write a novel or piece of short fiction
* Go snow skiing
* Go hunting
* Travel overseas
* Trace your family's roots
* Mentor a teenager
* Go to a day spa
* Stand beside the ocean
* Order that big-ginormous-kill-me-with-chocolate dessert at dinner
* Hunt something that can hunt you back
* Sit in an open field and just take in the universe
* Jump on a trampoline with kids
* Travel to an exotic island
* Live in the present and relish it!

Now, does that list not just slap out INSPIRE you?

(Although, Jennifer and Gary--you guys know I'm not gonna go out and hunt anything. And like five of you recommended that we should all try snow skiing. My fear of heights--and breaking my legs--have always kept me from trying. But I might really need to now! Have always wanted to do the day spa thing, and writing a novel is one of my BIG dreams.

And, AMEN!, to the standing beside the ocean, sitting in the quiet open field, traveling to an exotic island, and jumping on a trampoline! Have done all of those and, yes, very exciting and exhilirating! And I order that big-butt dessert quite regularly when I go out to dinner. In fact, I usually plan my meal around whether I can fit dessert in or not!

And, Mom, your last one just nails it on the head--if we are relishing our life right now in the present, we are doing things like these!)

So, there you go, a challenge for the day--dream BIG and DO some of those things you've always wanted to do!

Now, for today, I'm having to put those sorts of things on the backburner so I can get some other stuff done--am trying to get some editing work done, need to write out my Christmas gift ideas for everyone, and will start doing some decorating (Gary dug out ALL the boxes last night from under the house and now they are waiting for me to unpack and decorate; I hope to do that today and have some holly jolly pictures for you all tomorrow!)


beadinggalinMS said...

My dream big dream would be to get over my fear of heights and flying. I would fly somewhere over seas. I don't care where just somewhere and live life to it's fullest. Eating all the exotic food, drinks and desserts.

Good luck decorating and have lots of fun doing it. :)

Anonymous said...

I love all of those ideas. My big dream is to go to Europe!
I also love to eat dessert out. Dessert before supper is my motto!
Can't wait to see some Christmas pictures.

~gkw said...

I would like to do a lot of those things too... I'd love to try snowskiing...And a trip to Europe would be a dream!

aimee said...

How great would that be to write a novel? I hope you can fulfill that dream--you are a great writer from what I've seen here!

I am loving your blog by the way! I am going to have to bookmark it!

Josie said...

I love your list of things to do....I've always thought about and have misc notes scattered. You've inspired me to put them into a list! And yeah for holiday decorating. I can't wait to see pics!

Brown English Muffin said...

I LOVE this list!!! Thanks so much for creating makes me think and say hmmmm what on this list can I do this year.

Cheryl Wray said...

Beady--I SO bad want to go to Europe! I'm afraid of heights, but I actually like to fly. I want to go back to Aruba--it's gorgeous!!
Anon--Yes, Dessert before Supper i a great motto!
G--I guess we're gonna have to try snow skiing now,huh?
Aimee--So glad you're enjoying my blog. Come by any time!!
Josie--I think it's great to have a "Things I wanna Do" list. Been doing a little bit of decorating today!
Muffin--Hope it can inspier you some!!

Gareth said...

That is something that I have never been able to get my head around. The ocean thing I mean. I can travel just 100 miles west of me and I'm standing beside the Atlantic and I can walk 3 minutes from me and I'm standing beside a large lake that flows into the Irish Sea which then flows into the Atlantic, lol. I know that it is because I live on such a small area of land compared to the vastness that is North America but there are so SO mant people who have only ever seen an ocean on their tv screens and I find that to be totally amazing ;)

Lara said...

So great to dream big...especially when life feels so stressful like it does me right now.

Thanks for the reminder.

Jenn said...

All your ideas are really fun. It's neat to think of new things to know how life is so short. I would like to be a little more adventurous:)

............Aimeslee said...

Wow, Cheryl, I really enjoyed reading everyone's replies to your question, that was cool, thanks! Your decorations are so beautiful, too.