Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Scrap-Happy (& Other Stuff)

Well, I did this layout last night and sometimes something just comes together and turns out just right. And what's funny is I didn't have a plan for it; I just knew I wanted to use that fun flower-shaped paper and those three pictures. But how was it going to work? I just started laying stuff down and trying different things and pretty soon--like in 10 minutes--there it was! And I LOVE it just so much! (Hey, isn't that a little bit like life? . . .When we don't have a big plan with a capital P, those times often turn out to be the sweetest?)

Something else I love about this layout--I kept experimenting with some flowers and rhinestones I have and they just weren't working. But then I went and stole from McKenna's stash and got those flowers and brads; isn't it great that I can steal from my 14-y-o daughter's supplies?!

And what about those photos? I just love them! They take me back to that wonderful vacation and that beautiful night on the riverboat in Savannah!

Something else that's making me Scrap-Happy right now (I really like that word, by the way!) is that they've added me to the list of Designers at the store I'm going to help out with. Go HERE and then click on "Designers" and you'll see little ole me. Yay!

(By the way, I did another layout last night that I also really love--it's a page that includes my mom's memories of her wedding day--but I didn't get it scanned yet. I may try and add it here sometime today.)

Also going on . . .

* Delaney is TOO excited because she is wearing pajamas to school today! How fun is that? Her school reached a big PTA membership goal, so everyone--including the principal--gets to wear pjs to school. Like she said this morning when I woke her up to get ready, "I'm already ready!" (yep, she wore the ones she slept in!)

* I am working on re-doing both Delaney and Sydney's room. Delaney is having me paint her walls hot pink and lime green (and, yes, OF COURSE I will put pics on here when it's done), but Sydney also benefits because she got Delaney's old bunk bed with a slide on it. Anyway . . . yesterday was the first day with the new bed on it and right above her bed are the letters S Y D N E Y in blocks on her wall. I walked into her room yesterday and it said N Y D S E Y. She had gone in there and changed the letters around. I did a double take and just laughed. It was so funny!

* Isn't it awesome when God just reveals Himself to you? I loved my DH's post yesterday on his BLOG. (The one entitled "You Have Not Because you Ask Not.") By the way, today is also his 100th post--and it's a pretty amazing post too! I am blessed beyond measure with G as my sweet hubby! (Yes, we are one of those bizarre husband-wife blogging families!)

* Did I tell you already that it's Iron Bowl week in Alabama? ROLL TIDE!!!

* One of my favorite things to do as a family, but that we don't do too often, is have Game Night. Last night we played Gin Rummy and had so much fun. (Delaney said she was bored--this is what happens when you stop having softball practice and all she has to do is do homework! lol--so we decided to play some games). And, yes, I came back from three games back and WON! (Isn't it bad that I gloat on my blog about winning at family game night? I'm VERY competitive, if you haven' t guessed by now!)

* Amanda just made my day yesterday, when she commented on my post that she was a "Life with Cheryl Nerd." So sweet! (And if you haven't read yesterday's posts or read the comments, some of them are just priceless so you might want to check them out!)

* Who else is ready for some Thanksgiving food?

My grandmother will be coming to my parents' from Texas, and she is hands-down the BEST cook on the planet! (Well, Gary's Gan Gan does make the BEST dressing in the world!). I cannot wait for some of that good food!

(by the way, I've got some cool Thankgiving ideas for blog entries next week!)

Hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday today! Make sure that it is Scrap-Happy, or Hubby-Happy, or Chocolate-Happy, or Book-Happy, or Coffee-Happy, or Friend-Happy, or God-Happy, or something!!!


adrienne said...

WHAT? I'm FIRST at 9am? LOL...Jaelyn and Kayla were excited about wearing PJ's too!!! And YAY for you! Love the pic Gary took of you!!!

............Aimeslee said...

That new layout is too die for.,,and so's that turkey, lol.

do you have a gallery at 2peas? I want to put that layout into my book of scraps so's I can scraplift it later on. teehee

What's your pea name?

Awesome layout!


Anonymous said...

That layout is super! The flower shape is really cool!
I think that is so fun that they are getting to wear pajamas to school.


~gkw said...

I wish I could wear PJ's too work!! LOL, who am I kidding? They already think I'm too casual here!!

~Telah said...

First and foremost...Roll Tide from another fellow Alabama-fan-blogger! And, I love that layout...don't you just love when things work our to make a great LO. Now, I'm inspired to see if I can't come up with something cool to make myself Scrap-Happy! :)

NMOTB said...

Geez, I dunno how you find time for everything that you do????? Those new scrap pages are stunning! Gary's post yesterday was really a wonderful one! You guy's are the best and just keep doing what you doing cause you are doing it right!!!!*sneeze & splatter* oops sorry!

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Yep, it was SLOW going this morning. People must have slept in! lol
Aimeslee-Welcome!! and thanks for your sweet comments! I actually haven't posted anything at 2peas in forever, but I may try and put this up. I'll let you know if i do.
G--Go ahead, try and wear some bunny slippers to work tomorrow!
Telah--Yay! Roll Tide Roll!!!!! Yes, it's so fun when your creativity just flows!
NM--Love your new profile pic there. Too cool!!! You've got to get better soon; I hate that you're so sick!

Gareth said...

So did you sell your kids down the river then? Sorry bad joke but needed to get that one in there :P
There seems to be alot of Irish names in your club so should you not consider changing in to 'The Leprechaun Scrapbooking Society'??


Stephanie Carty said...

A: Congrats GF on the Designer Job!!! You deserve it!!
C: Great group of girls you have there, you are very blessed.

maria said...

FABULOUS! Simply fabulous layout! I love the colors and the flowers and of course the gorgeous pictures! Congrats on your scrap-happy's official :)
And hey, I gotta know what books you wrote...I want to buy them!

Disney Scrapper said...

Love the post (awesome page), and love hubby's post. I found the same quote on the internet yesterday and loved it soo much I plan to put it on a page.

Ronalyn said...

Lovin the layout.. And thanksgiving here we come!!

going to check out those links as well! have an amazing day!! You rock!

Dianne K. Nelson said...

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog and your kind comments. Congrats on your DT stuff--I followed the link and checked it all out. Wish I was closer to your store!


Julie said...

Congrats on the design team!! That is awesome. Love the LO, too. Oh, and thanks for the post you did on "The Kite Runner" book...after reading your review, I went out and bought it and read it in about two days. Fantastic book!!!!

melissa said...

beautiful layout!! I love all the pink and those pictures are wonderful :)

cant wait to see the finished room-I love pink and green combo

game nights are always a blast :) one of the best family activities in my opinion

as for Thanksgiving-I am sooo ready. I get to make the dessert this year!

Ryan said...

Too bad Syd's letters weren't arranged as


Cheryl Wray said...

Gareth--Hey, I'm relying on you for the humor here. Sell them down the river? ha! And I kinda like the Irish name for our group!
Steph--Yay! So cool to see you here!
Maria--You are the SWEETEST! I sent you an email!
DS--I know! Isn't that quote the best?
Ronalyn--You rock too girl!!!
Dianne--Welcome! and Thanks!!
Julie--Thanks! I'm SO glad you liked the book. I thought it was just amazing!
Melissa--Thanks!!! Oh-what dessert are you going to make? i can't wait to find out!
Ryan--Ha!!! Love it!

Going For Greatness said...

That is a gorgeous layout. I love how you have all 3 girls on there. You can see the family resemblance and also just how different they are at these ages. LOVE IT!

How nice that your grandmother is going to be there for Thanksgiving!! We'll also see my grandmother for a few hours that day. Unfortunately we can't stay for Thanksgiving because there is just TOOOO much travel to do that day, visiting with as much family as possible! It's crazy!!

GO BAM!! I am a Bam native, so when I hear good things about our sports teams, I get all giggly and excited! Of course I get lots of looks when I wear my ALABAMA sweats to RUTGERS Games! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! What can I say? I'm a Rebel!!!


Brown English Muffin said...

wow what's it like having 3 girls!!!!