Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Save the Cheerleader, Save the World"
and other random reasons why I might just be a nerd!

So I don't wear goofy glasses and suspenders; I don't talk about quantam physics and mathematical equations; I don't have posters of R2-D2 in my room . . .

I actually am an intelligent, somewhat attractive, normally dressed person who does very well in social situations,

but I'm pretty close to being a "nerd" in certain areas . . .

I've become rather addicted to the new show "Heroes" and last night's episode was great! (shoot, I gotta have some show to fill the void left by "Lost" for the next three months). The drama really kicked up a notch last night and we may find out soon how all these super-powered people are connected (and who the heroes and the villains are!). At the heart of it, the reason I really love this show is that's is about superheroes . . . and I think that's kinda nerdy.

I realize that I actually am quite a nerd, if you take the Webster's definition for the word (yes, it's a real word!) for what it says: "one slavishly devoted to intellectual, academic, or other pursuits." (Just as a sidenote: it said the word might have its roots in the Dr. Seuss book, If I Ran the Zoo; And here I thought it came from Fonzie calling people "nerds" on "Happy Days"! LOL)

Looking at my life, I definitely think I'm a . . .

* Superhero Nerd-- Yep, I love the "Heroes" television show, and I also love all the Spiderman movies, the X-Men movies, the Superman movies, the Batman movies . . .pretty much anything that has to do with superheroes. (I even loved the old tv show, "The Greatest American Hero.")

* Science Fiction Nerd-- This would probably be the #1 reason I'm a Nerd. I absolutely LOVE anything that has to do with Star Wars! From the moment I saw it when I was 9-years-old at the giant movie theatre in Austin, Texas, I've been hooked! I saw the first one 8 times at the theatre and watched the other first three repeatedly (the only time I've gone back numerous times to see a movie!). Just watch out ... I can beat you in any trivia game that brings up "Star Wars" questions! Growing up, my dad and I used to go watch ANY science fiction movie that came to the theatre--whether it was a "good" one or a really cheesy one (remember Tron?). It didn't matter--we were there! I also LOVE "Star Trek: The Next Generation," :Battlestar Galactica," and just about anything else that involves space ships and alien nations!

* Scrapbook Nerd-- Sit me down at my scrapbook area with photographs, paper, adhesive, and embellishments and FIVE hours later I'm still sitting there! I love to buy (and hoard!) products, read scrapbook magazines, shop at scrapbook stores, and visit scrapbook websites! I've been known to take a photograph JUST because I knew I wanted it to be on a scrapbook page; I've been known to think of titles for layouts in my sleep. Yep, I'm addicted to it for sure!

* History Nerd-- I love to watch the History Channel and read books on any aspect of history! I especially love Revolutionary War, Texas, and Presidential history. I love to imagine what it must have been like to live so many years ago, to find out what people's lives were like, to see how the past has affected and determined who we are today, and to travel and see these places first-hand (my entire family loves to visit presidential sites especially, and my daughters will proudly tell you that they've been to seven presidential homes! lol!)

* Sports Nerd-- What is on television when I go to bed every night? What lulls me to sleep each night? Yep, it's the sound of "Sportscenter" from ESPN in the background. I love to watch ANY and ALL sports (well, except for race car driving--I still haven't figured out the appeal to that one!), and I will watch any football game that's on television. (Gary always laughs that it can be Northeastern Idaho vs. South Central Pennsylvania, and I'm watching it!) I listen to sports radio and I love sports movies; I love sports history (I personally can remember where I was when the US hockey team beat Russia in the 1980 Olympics; or what I felt when Bobby Hurley hit that game-winning shot for Duke in the NCAA championships . . . and, oh yeah, I have my own Brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament! LOl) And, by the way, you allknow that it's Iron Bowl week down here in Alabama--so you will be hearing about that some this week!

* Book Nerd-- I love contemporary fiction as much as the next gal (one of my favorite things to do is sit down and enjoy me a good cozy mystery!), but I also LOVE the classics. I absolutely love Anna Karenina, A Tale of Two Cities, Huckleberry Finn, anything by Hemingway or Fitzgerald, just about any piece of poetry from the Victorians to the contemporaries, and of course you all have heard me rave about To Kill a Mockingbird. I love to tackle a good book that has meaning and substance (and I've even been known to attend the midnight sale for the latest Harry Potter book--and if that doesn't make me a nerd, I don't know what does!)

Are you a "nerd" in any way?

What things do you spend inordinate amount of time or energy on?

What things are you obsessed with?

What things are you afraid to admit you love, but you do any way?

What things--even if they're "nerdy"--just make you happy?


Tawnya said...

this is a great entry cheryl!

I would be considered a...

~scrapbook nerd~
*photography nerd*
{blog nerd}
|friend nerd|
#mops nerd#
+house nerd+

have a great day!

scrapperjen said...

I am right there with you! Nerd supreme.

I am a scrapbook nerd
Photography nerd
Book nerd
Music nerd

My DH is DEFINATELY a Star Wars nerd!!!!!!

I think everyone is in their own way. :D

beadinggalinMS said...

Are you a "nerd" in any way?
Yep I sure am. I am a book nerd, a beading nerd, a sewing nerd and tv nerd.

What things do you spend inordinate amount of time or energy on?
beading and sewing

What things are you obsessed with?
When I am beading I am very obessed with it.

What things are you afraid to admit you love, but you do any way?
I am not for sure on this one. Let me think about it.

What things--even if they're "nerdy"--just make you happy?
Reading. I love to read. I am always reading a book. When I don't have anything to read I feel like part of me is lost.

Heroes was good last night. I am hooked on so many shows this year. Hubby knows not to ask to watch a movie during the week. LOL :)

Marg said...

I am SO a nerd too, if that's how you define it. Love this post!

Cori- said...

LOL This is so funny! On the way to taking my 4 year old to school this morning, he kept singing "Spiderman Spiderman" over and over again..
Finally I started singing the whole song to him, you know - from the old cartoon, and I was surprised I knew all the words!
I was telling another mom about it after I dropped him off, and we started seeing if we knew the words to other old cartoons like The Flinstones, George of the Jungle ect, and guess what? We knew them all! LOL
I actually said to her as we parted ways, "We are such nerds!"

cherylwray said...

You guys are such nerds!!! HA!!!
I love it!!
Tawnya--You know, I should have put Blog Nerd too. Obviously . . .
Jen--May the Force Be with Your DH!
Beady--I want to see some of your bead work sometime!
Cori--I love it! That is so funny!!

Andy said...

i'm with you girl. i've always thought i was a little nerdy. lets see.....

superhero nerd
book nerd
star wars nerd
music nerd
photography nerd

glad there are others out there.

NMOTB said...

Hi C, lovely post. I will pop around later to answer these!

Anonymous said...

Glad we're not alone. Ha ha! I also love sci fi. I also think I'd be a reality show nerd!

Ms.L said...

ooooh love this!
garden nerd
80's nerd
kitchen nerd
blog nerd,lol
Oh and I'm sliding over into that scary area of Super Fan when it comes to Trailer park Boys,a rude Canadian tv show that has cult status amongst it's 'followers'

Lynilu said...

No, I won't admit my nerdiness yet!! I just wanted to say that I haven't watched a lot of TV for over a year because of life circumstances, but my son and I started watching "Heros" and I love it!! I'm not much of as sci-fi fan, but this one has be by the upper lip and is draggin' me along! Yep, good show, but I'm guessing that if you didn't watch it from the beginning, it might be a bit hard to follow.

You gotts gud taste, gurl!!

Amanda said...

I am a NERD about your blog because I think you come up with the most creative, cute, cutting edge ideas to blog about! I always feel that I'm so "BORING". Anyway, I am a:
Sports nerd
Photo nerd
Clean nerd
Work nerd
Life with Cheryl blog NERD
Friend nerd.....

Obsessed with all of those.....

adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!! Great entry Cheryl!!!

Anonymous said...

Great as always

Your Biggest Fan

maria said...

Totally love your entry! And yes, I'm a big nerd too, LOL.

Scrapbook nerd, photography nerd, history nerd, book nerd, blog nerd, poetry nerd, Disney nerd....the list goes on and on, LOL.
And by the way, To Kill of Mockingbird is one of my all time favorite books as well as Anna Karenina! :)

Regina said...

I am a nerd, big time...
I believe that the Mil´lenium Falcon can take the Starship Enterprise...and Tron was the absolute worst abboration!

I love to sit at my desk and craft while the kids are at school...put a load of laundry in and let something defrost for dinner so i can imagine I am still in the corporate world, multi-tasking.

I spend lots of energy persuing crafty scrapbookie artsy stuff on the net, instead of producing my own. I am a hoarder...:-)

I am obsessed with scrapbooking materials, collage images and examining everything that comes into the house as potential art material...I avoid Lord of the Rings as I may get addicted to it..

I am afraid to admit I love country music, planting my own flowers and blowing off housework so I can watch the kids play playstation or sit at my craft table.

Talking to other people that blog and craft makes me very happy...connecting over a love of commonality and discovering that there is really more that unites us than makes us different.

Jenn said...

I'm a old tv show nerd. I LOVE Nick at Night and shows like Welcome Back Kotter and The Jeffersons! I even have a CD with 65 songs of Televisions Greatest Theme Songs (from Sesame Street to Dynasty)

Phats said...

I am a sports nerd for sure

I feel like I should be singing we are the champions, NERDS, NERDS, NERDS!!

Jane said...

I am a total Scrapbook, book, music, list-making and does this count - coffee - nerd! You know, the type who may as well have shares in Starbucks, owns an espresso machine, grinder, press, freezes beans....oh and definitely not a sci-fi nerd, as I say, anything with "star" in the title doesn't interest me! This was fun (and maybe that in a way also makes me a nerd, I enjoy reading about other fellow nerds and their quirks!!!)

Thanks also for the tip on Advent Cheryl.

Anonymous said...

WAKE UP it's time to post.... I'm use to having a post first thing in the morning to read with my coffee!!!

Silent One ~D~ said...

cute post....

I got excited when Starbucks brought out their red cups for Christmas.... :)

Theresa Tyree said...

Hi Cheryl,

Just a quick pop in to say I love, love, love your new profile picture. So beautiful! I loved the celeb look alike thing. It said I looked like Madonna and Shannon Dougherty and a bunch of Japanese celebs I didn't know and one Japanese man!! ROFLMBO!! How can I look like all those different people? I can understand the Japanese people. It's the Asian in me. But Madonna??? Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh.

Cheryl Wray said...

Anonymous--is that you, Gary??--you sure are PUSHY! LOL I've posted a new post now!!!

Ronalyn said...


I am nerdy too!! hee hee!

BTW I love HEROS.. I'M HOOKED AS WELL.. Save the cheerleader save the world.. Love Hiro.. Hiro Nakamura!


Scrapbook nerd
Photography Nerd
Digital Scrapbooking Nerd too!
Music Nerd (espicially the early 90's)
A dancing nerd! ha ha!

Oh girl... this is a great post!!!

Going For Greatness said...

I am a
WW2 Nerd
Scrapbook Nerd
Blog Nerd
Photography Nerd
Medical Nerd
and I'm sure there's much more LOL!!

Mom said...

I just read your Random Tuesdays on Friday!!

Anything British Nerd: I love Masterpiece Theatre, Jane Austen, Pride
and Prejudice, Mystery on PBS, any mystery on BBC which I watch a lot.
I love Howard’s End, Sense & Sensibility, etc. And I want Room with A
View for Christmas.

Book Nerd: I have tons but I love books, especially classics and love
to find first editions and signed copies. I found a Sue Grafton signed
edition at a thrift store once! I have a friend that says she will buy
it; I may give it to her one day. She collects Sue Grafton books and
said she would die for a signed copy!!

Tea Tray Nerd: I collect tea trays.

Candle Holders Nerd: I love to find old candle holders. I found a
beautiful set at an antique consignment place yesterday: depression era
for only $10 a pair. They are beautiful, very unique.

Tea Pot set Nerd: I love them.

Hat Nerd: I like to wear hats.

Renior Nerd: I love Renoir paintings.

Coffee/Tea Nerd: I love both.

Pillow Nerd: I love them and always need them. I want some scrushy ones
for Christmas; only have two.

Guess that is enough. I could go on and on, I guess but these are