Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Little Chuckle . . .
My Celebrity Look-Alikes

Okay, so I'd seen this fun little thingie on several other blogs and I decided to try it out for myself. The idea? Submit a picture of yourself and find out what celebrities you look like.

Here's what it revealed about me--

Let's all take a more serious look at this and ask ourselves a few questions:

* First off, how OLD is Elizabeth Taylor now? I have to say that she's probably one of the most beautiful celebrities of all time, but she's got to be 80-years-old or so now. Does this say I look like someone the age of my grandmother?

* I really love Holly Hunter. She's actually one of my most favorite actresses (just thinking right now about "Raising Arizona" is making me laugh!!!). And she's a good Southern girl. I think I can handle that one . . .

* Does the fact that I resemble Nicolette Sheridan mean I'm a "desperate housewife"?

* Don't really know Patricia Arquette very well, but she does have an interesting face. I've always said I kinda have a "horse" face--I have a very LONG face with a long nose (it's definitely from the Sloan--my dad's--side of my family) and it looks like she's got one of those too.

* Okay, Kim Basinger was kinda sexy back in the 80s . . . and upon seeing this, Gary said "Ooh, yeah, I really like her. She's the girl from Tequila Sunrise. Really sexy!" Sorry, Gary, that was actually Michelle Pfeiffer, who is definitely sexy and I would love to have someone say I look like her.

In all seriousness, I had people tell me back in college that I looked like Glenn Close (just remember that whole "Fatal Attraction" look with the long, curly, big blonde hair . . . that was me back in like 1987!). And Gary thinks I look like Sarah Jessica Parker, but I just tell him that it's really just him wishing I could fit into the tight little miniskirts that she wears on "Sex and the City."

That gave me a fun little chuckle this morning. If you want to try one yourself, it's at

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! We had a very good weekend (aside from the FRIGID air that came our way. And yes, all you Yankees, it was ACTUALLY cold; it wasn't just a Southern gal being a crybaby about a 50 degree day! lol . . . and aside from Alabama's ugly loss to LSU . . . )!

Now, I gotta get in gear for the week. Lots of work to be done, and less than two weeks until Thanksgiving! (can you believe that!)

Cheryl--aka "Holly Hunter"--signing off! See ya!


Cinderella said...

LOL...I was off doing your face results were lousy lol

I like your results though, lucky dog =) You do remind me of Sarah though, your cute...what can I say? =)

Cinderella said...

I might steal this I hope you don't mind =)

Phats said...

was this
"and yes, all you Yankees, it was ACTUALLY cold; it wasn't just a Southern gal being a crybaby about a 50 degree day! lol"
directed at me? HAHA because I think you all are babies! 50, it's gonna snow here Thurs haha. Not to mention I sat oustide at a football game in 20 degree weather. I hate winters here :)

I'd say basinger, but I see more glenn close.

NMOTB said...

Yeah, I agree with Phats on the the Glenn Close look-a-like! But all the people you look like are most of my fav's anyway!!!! Glad to hear you had a good weekend! If you are looking for some fun in the sun, pop around over here!

Jane said...

I did this and my results were so woeful I didn't bother posting it!!!! ;)

I agree with SJP look-a-like. Fun to read your thoughts on each one.

melissa said...

thanks for posting about this site..I posted my results on my blog :)

glad to hear you had a good weekend

NMOTB said...

Goooooooooooooooood Morning!!!!!! I will take that celeb looka like thingy in a bit and let you know what the results are!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Phats--I think I worded that wrong! LOL! It was actually like a windy 38 degrees and we were out at a softbal tournament in it. YUck!!!! Gross!! (If it would snow, at least I'd get something out of it!) ha!
Cinders--Sure, steal it!
New Mom--Yep, I definitely had the Glenn Close hair going. I need to dig out an old photo and share with everyone! (although that could be sorta scary!)
Jane--I'm sure they weren't woeful! You're so cute!
Melissa--Ooh, fun! Gonna go check yours out!

Chiara said...

I so have to do this. Love it

angela said...

That is so fun! You know you much I love Holly Hunter.


Regina said...

I'm a chicken...I am sure it will say that Ghengis Kahn and or Barry Goldwater are close physical relations! LOL!

NMOTB said...

URGH - I only get half way then the page freezes up on me!~!!!!! Oh by the way, hv you found Gary yet, could he maybe have gotten lost in the botanical gardens??? lol

beadinggalinMS said...

I can't believe you mention Raising Arizona. It is my all time favorite movie.
I was right there freezing with you this weekend esp. Saturday!!

I am off to do the movie thing.

Andy said...

cool! i've done that once before but can't remember who they said i look like. i'll have to do it again and post it. coming soon.

maria said...

That's too funny....but I think you are better looking than any of those celebs listed there. But I think I might just have to give this a try too, hee hee.

Mom said...

I am like you—I don’t know about Liz. She is Mother’s age or should be by now! Nicolette, I don’t think so. Maybe Holly, but Glenn Close is more you!!
Signing off as ala Patty Duke and one mis-guided woman saying I look
like Hillary Clinton!

Gareth said...

Coooooool -

Martin Scorsese - 71%
Benjamin McKenzie - 70%
Dennis Quaid - 66%
Brad Pitt - 64%
Shane Filan - 63%


Ms.L said...

hee that's too cute!

Tawnya said...

omg you are a hoot!
love your results! you are a doll!
I will have to try this! :)

toya said...

so funny cheryl, were do you find these things, I would never have thought you resemble Liz, that one is a little far fetched, lol

Dawn said...

I couldn't find it when I went to the site. I agree with the Glen Close match - and I think she is great - with long or short hair (did you see her with short hair in an episode of Wil and Grace?) Have a great week. xox

scrapperjen said...

LOL - I'll have to check this out!

Mr Shife said...

I read your entire post but all I want to do is make a comment about "Raising Arizona." An awesome movie. It might be Nicolas Cage's and John Goodman's finest work. Ed aka Holly Hunter was not too shabby either.

Theresa Tyree said...

How fun, Cheryl! All the women you "look" like are so beautiful. What does that say about you?? Hee hee!!!

Andy said...

okay so i attempted this a couple of times but the computer was taking forever. there were a # of different people that i was predicted to look like. one being barbara bush. i'm only in my 20's so i hope not now but she's not a bad looking lady so i can only hope for when i get older, right? then there was reece witherspoon, flattering and then my ones that i have to laugh at because they are guys were topher grace and tom welling. there were a couple of others that i didn't recognize but there you have it. i may not actually get around to posting my celeb look alike thing anytime soon.