Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tough Loss . . . But Thankful all the Same!

We lost an ugly Iron Bowl today to Auburn 22-15 and it was especially hard to see and hear their fans celebrating on our home field. Some chances we didn't take advantage of, some chances we lost with turnovers, and in the end I just don't think we had the "want to" to win. So it was a rough day, but . . .

Gary and I got to spend the day together, and that was very nice! (Even if this--and not a romantic out for dinner and a movie--counts for our "date night, it's a good thing!)

I got to see Mom and Dad, who are so great to keep the girls while we go to games.

And it is less than a week until Thanksgiving, which means Gary out of work for the week and the kids out of school after Tuesday.

So, all in all . . . even when we lose a game I hate to lose . . . life is good!

(And on that note, here are two things I'm adding on to the Thankful paper strips right now (to add to the others already in the basket for the week):

7. I'm thankful for my parents.

8. I'm thankful for cash in my pocket.)

Have a blessed Sunday!

(And, oh, I did get some good pictures from last night's high school football game and from Gameday today with Bama . . . at least, the pictures from BEFORE the game--when we were cheery and hopeful--are good . . .and I will try and upload some tomorrow.)


............Aimeslee said...

Sorry your team lost. Since I don't do football hardly at all, that was heartfelt. LOL

I loved your comment about your photos being of ya'll BEFORE the game (happy) vs. afterwards (not). This is so true, even at high school games!

Aimeslee xoxo

Gareth said...

I feel that you are missing a big opportunity when you drop the kids off at your parents ....... you should just keep on running after that. Send them the occassional postcard and they'll be jusssssssst fine :P

Adrienne said...

WAR EAGLE...just kidding, Tony told me to to type that and you know he doesn't like Auburn either lol...he said he is messing with you lol

Miss 1999 said...

uSorry to hear your team lost- that's a bummer! But glad you're planning a very blessed Thanksgiving *Hugs*

Cheryl Wray said...

Aimeslee--Yeah, we got some good pics BEFORE the disaster! lol
Gareth--You are SO bad!
Oh Adrienne--Tony is SO mean!!! Tell him I sure hope LSU loses the rest of their games really bad!!!!
Miss--Yep, a Bummer is definitely the word for it. Ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww man, that was a tough game! I was rooting for the Tide!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm with you, Cheryl. Tell Tony I hope LSU loses their next game! GO HOGS!

Kelly said...


sorry about 'BAMA!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh Kelly--I am SO pulling for Arkansas! Once Bama's season fizzled, I was all about the Hogs. I want them to CREAM Florida in the SEC championship, then have a chance for the national title!

Phats said...

Sorry Bama Lost :( I saw the end of it and was hoping you all would pull it out. On a positive note, WE WON!! haha :)

maria said...

Sp glad your weekend was so fun! I haven't updated my blog today. It's been a busy Monday already. Just wanted to say I loved your pictures! And hey, you are a Dallas fan too! How cool. Hubby was there at the game in Dallas with a few of his friends. He had a blast! :)