Monday, November 20, 2006

A Few Weekend Photos
& Thanksgiving Countdown
I got a few good pictures from this past weekend which, if you read my Saturday post, was filled with disappointments--nothing life-altering or traumatic, just the fact that my beloved Bama lost its game against Auburn! (But as Dad always tells me, when he's trying to help me put things in perspective: "It's only a game!" True, Dad, true!)
On Friday night, Hueytown lost its second round playoff game against Homewood. So, high school football season is over for us (kinda sad, but that means that our Fridays are finally freed up after three months of every-week football games and we may finally get back to our Margarita Night with friends. That would be VERY refreshing! See-there's always a silver lining! yay!)
A few pics from Friday night . . .
It was VERY cold (as you can see here!):
A good shot of the actual football action:
The band on the field! McKenna plays the melaphone (the marching version of the french horn) and is usually easy to spot because she is the shortest person on the field (the VERY shortest, I promise!). See if you can spot her here:
I love the flags. McKenna has several good friends in the color guard (what they call the "flag wavers"), so it's fun to cheer them on!
Then a few pics from Saturday, heading down to the Alabama game . . .
I tried to get Scout to do some Bama cheers for me, but can you tell by that look on her face that she was not "in the mood"? lol ("C'mon Mom, I don't want to yell 'Roll Tide' AGAIN! and especially if that camera is in my face again!")
Traveling to an Alabama game is always a grand adventure in and of itself. Traffic on Saturday was probably the worst we've seen all season long. Despite the long lines of traffic and the regular stand-stills at 30 mph, it's always fun to see everyone getting into the spirit of things--even on the highway! This van in front of us made us laugh! Because both Bama and Auburn are in the same state, you do have some "mixed" families (of course, I'm already praying that none of my girls will make the unwise decision of marrying an Auburn fan!).
Gary and I posed for a picture at Mom and Dad's house, before heading up to campus.
Now that the excitement of this football weekend is over with, there are some other things on my mind (some of them are still sports-related, but not all . . . ha!), especially as the holiday season approaches.
This week, I am. . .
* Trying to finish up the two article assignments I never got done off of my "To Do" list from last week. Plus, I have another one added to it. I have got to get them done by Wednesday night, before Thanksgiving is here!
* So excited for a few of my other favorite sports teams! My NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, beat the undefeated Indianapolis Colts in a really great game. Dare I get excited about my 'Boys this year? Dare I dream that we might make it to the playoffs, maybe even the Super Bowl? And the Arkansas Razorbacks won again and are cruising into the SEC Championship Game against Florida. Cmon Hogs--destroy me some Florida Gators, please! (I grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas and as a child the Razorbacks were definitely my team. So I still have a soft spot for them!)
* Really looking forward to seeing my Grandma, who will be coming in from Texas for Thanksgiving. Also an uncle from Texas, and maybe an aunt and uncle coming from North Carolina.
* Still trying to get rested from the weekend. On Saturday night, Scout fell asleep on the way home from Tuscaloosa around 8:30 then decided to wake back up around midnight. She was wide awake then and stayed up until about 5 a.m.--keeping me up too, of course! So I'm still recovering from that; I yawned all day Sunday and am still feeling more tired than usual!
* Looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping with Gary. Gary is off the entire week from work and is going hunting today, but will be hanging out with me on Tuesday. We will try and get some Christmas shopping done before the girls are out of school (and before this month's money is gone!). I've got some ideas for gifts, so (fingers crossed) maybe I can actually get a few things before the rush gets here.
* Finalizing my Baking Plans for the various Thanksgiving gatherings I will have on Thursday and Friday. I think I've narrowed them down to, and will be baking, my famous Chocolate Candy Bar Cake (oh my goodness- so sweet and good!), Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce, and some vegetable dish (I'm thinking maybe Scalloped Ranch Potatoes--yum!) Of course, I will share the recipes with you here--probably on Wednesday.
I hope to make it around to everyone's blogs sometime today, although the previously-mentioned article assignments may keep me from having fun all day on blogs. But, I will get to them, I promise! In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
(In closing, two more items added to my Thanksgiving basket here at home:
9. I'm thankful for my wonderful church family, Sunday School class, and church friends.
10. I'm thankful for old friends--Kelly, Michelle, Margie, Debby--and new blogging buddies--too many even to name!)

(Okay, I'm SORRY for those really obnoxious lines throughout my post today. They are really bugging me, but now I can't figure out how to get rid of them! I wrote this post on two different computers and Blogger does different things on the two of them for some reason. And on my "downstairs PC" it apparently puts in those really yucky lines, then on my "upstairs laptop" it doesn't let me get rid of them. So . . . sorry! We're both stuck with them for today's post!)


Gareth said...

LOL this is like "Where's Waldo" ;)
Is that McKenna 'hiding' behind the conductor's platform (to the right hand side of the pic)?? It's the only place she can be if she's in the pic :)
No wonder you and Gary are smiling in the pic before you left your parents - probably hatching the plan to make a run for it ;)

Amanda said...

I am trying really hard not to be so jealous about that wonderful weather that you're having, the picture of you in your short sleeve sweater vest and Gary with sunglasses is enough to make me REALLY jealous. I posted early today, thought I'd beat you! You're a blessing Cheryl!

NMOTB said...

Wow what a weekend!!!!! Lovely Post. Does Gary Bow Hunt? Cant wait for Thanksgiving!!!!! You guy's make such a cute couple! Just love the pic of scout - lol Take care and enjoy your day!

beadinggalinMS said...

Candybar cake?? yummmm yummmm I must have all detials on this cake. LOL :)
Great pics Cheryl. You always put a smile on my face when I come here. I am thankful for blogging friends too!

adrienne said...

Awww, you guys look so cute together!!! I love it when hunting season comes...NOTHING better than some tenderloins!!! Man...wonder if I can talk my dad into going lol

Nancy said...

Great post today! I was so sad about the game too!
I CAN't WAIT for all the goodies to eat on Thanksgiving!

Brown English Muffin said...

That pic of Scout tired of cheering was too funny!!!

Josie said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I am so excited about Thanksgiving and the upcoming weekend as well! And you need to provide some more details (as in recipe) for that Chocolate Candy Bar Cake. That sounds heavenly! ENJOY your week!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey everyone!!!
Gareth--Making me laugh again this morning!!Yep, it is like "Where's Waldo"! And you're right--we should have run while we could!!
Amanda--The weather is pretty nice here, although it was freezing Fri. night! But like 63 degrees all through the first half of the Bama game. It was nice!
NM--Yes, G does bow hunt. He's in the woods right now!
Beady--Ooh yeah, you gotta try some Candy Bar cake. I will post the recipe this week!
Adrienne-Aww, you're so sweet! We'll have to talk G into getting you some tenderloin.
Nancy--Yep, can't wait for the food!
Muffin--She usually loves to yell Roll Tide, but she also gets tired of the camera. LOL
Josie--I will definitely post the recipe this week. It is YUMMY beyond YUMMY!

Ms.L said...

YUM! I can't wait for those recipes!

Heather said...

All I can say is....Roll Tide! I know we lost...but I still have faith in our team and won't give up on them.....although my husband is pretty upset about Saturday's game. lol

Tammy said...

Boy you guys are busy - love the littlest fan! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cinderella said...

Is that your red truck in the background? It looks sweeet! Your two are so adorable together!! Your children are just precious!!