Monday, November 06, 2006

Update & To-Do List

Let's see . . . some of the highlights from our household this past weekend--

* The HHS football team won a spot as host for the first round of the state playoffs. (This is McKenna's high school team.) They will host Huntsville HS this Friday. Yay and Go Golden Gophers!! (yes, I kid you not--that is their school mascot!)

* Delaney broke her finger playing softball. While pitching, a line drive shot at her so hard that it ripped the glove off her hand and broke her middle finger! Yikes! (But she went on and played the rest of the weekend! Go to Gary's Saturday post for his good play-by-play of that!)

* McKenna and I went to the Alabama game and watched them get beat by 2-7 Mississippi State (and that's all I'm saying about that!!!)

* Sydney hung out with her Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Christopher, and cousins Matthew and Garrett while we went to the game (and, boy, you never know what you will learn with little boys. She learned the word "testicle" on Saturday! HA!).

* Hung out at the softball tournament on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed that!

* Delaney went to practice at church for their Christmas play (yes--in case we didn't need another reminder--Christmas is getting closer and closer. Their play is on Dec. 10, just a month away!)

* Bought Sydney two new pair of shoes (have to realize that I spent 20 minutes before church Sunday morning looking for any TWO shoes and never could find any. So we went to church just wearing socks! I must be the worst mommy in the world!). But all was right with the world when she got a pair of Dora tennis shoes Sunday afternoon. She loves them!

And now for this week, I have a little bit of a To-Do list. On my list:

1. Write and turn in two articles.

2. Clear out Delaney's room so I can paint it (the cans of paint have been sitting there for TWO months and I have got to get it done before she kills me!)

3. NOT listen to a single radio sports show this entire week! (I'm swearing them off after the Bama debacle, even though McKenna says there's no way I can keep away! Even though I'm as rabid a Bama fan as they come, I cannot listen to the idgets that call in!)

4. Vote on Tuesday.

5. REJOICE when I can no longer watch or hear any more political ads on tv or the radio.

6. Finish some scrapbook pages from summer vacation and McKenna's D.C. trip (I know, I know . . it's already November, which means I'm way behind!)

7. Go to a could-be-exciting meeting at a local scrapbook store.

8. Bake some yummy Fall treats (the cool weather's making me want gingerbread and chili!).

9. Watch "Heroes."

10. Watch "Lost."

11. Find a night or two and NOT fall asleep before Gary gets to bed.

12. Mail New Mom's Disney World pressie to her (nope, I haven't done it yet . . but this week, I promise!)

13. Clean out closets and locate all my winter clothes.

14. Go to Delaney's Fifth Grade Scholars ceremony on Thursday.

Just a few of the things I'm planning on doing this week. It will be a busy one for all of us!

How did your weekend go? What do you have planned for the upcoming week?

(Sorry I don't have pics today. I really didn't get the camera out very much over the weekend--the only pics I really took were just a few cute ones of Sydney at the ballpark, and I didn't download them this morning. But I'm sure there will be plenty by week's end!)


Dana said...

Wow, looks like you had a full and exciting weekend! Sorry to hear about Mckenna's finger. Hope she has a speedy recovery. Those gingerbread cookies sound yummy!


Anonymous said...

I love your To-Do list. I also can't believe that Christmas is so soon. I've got to start working on my Christmast list.
Hope Delaney's finger gets better!


adrienne said...


~gkw said...

New Mom - LOOK, YOU ARE #13 on C's list... I only ranked #11... Wow, we are NOT very high on her priorities are we????

Amanda said...

I GET to vote on Tuesday too! One thing I'm looking forward to this weekend is NO MORE COMMERCIALS!!!!!!! I am so sick of these political commercials it's driving me BATTY!!!

Renee said...

I never realize how busy I am until I make a list like that. WOW!

maria said...

Great list! Sorry to read about the finger incident! Hope the healing comes soon! :)
And yes, Christmas is just around the corner, isn't it? Our town is already putting up the small Christmas village downtown. How I love that place even though they keep using the same decorations year after year!

Andy said...

i hear you about the political ads. i just hate them. i can't wait till they are over.

Cheryl Wray said...

G-- You've got it all wrong! #11 is the new #1! So you're VERY important!!!! (Love ya!!)

NMOTB said...

Jeepers, that is one long list! Hope you get through it all - No hurry for my pressie, I know it is in safe hands till you get a chance! (although I am just dying of excitement this side) I have started putting together a little box of goodies for you guy's but geesh it is going to cost me an arm and a leg to send it, so I will only do that next pay day! lol Hey I am a "arm gat" from South Africa! lol I hope D's finger is ok! When you get a chance you must post a pick of S with her new shoes! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Cindy Barb said...

I hope Delaney's finger is better. When I saw it Saturday night it was awful, (black and blue and swollen). I am glad she go to play. She is so tuff and has grown SO MUCH

Carrie said...

Great list...I agree on the whole ADS on tv...HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! :) I almost wont watch tv because of them :)haha

Silent One ~D~ said...

Wow... you are one busy Mom!

Good luck with all your To-do's...

btw.. excellent answer to gkw!

I had to laugh at Sydney's new word... tooo funny!

Cindy Barb said...

Cheryl, I had to look at your list again, and you put scrap booking ahead of Gary? You even put watching TV in front of Gary? Man on man....

Gingers Mom said...

Lost and Heroes. My kinda gal! I have had paint cans in my garage to paint Savannah's room for nearly 5 months now. Does that make you feel better?

ryan said...

I would like to add to your #5 on your list; I'm SO sick of getting political messages on my telephone/voicemail. They're worse than *^&(*$# Telemarketers!!!!!!! AUGH!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

NM--Can't wait for our South African gift! I know it will be cool!! But take your time in mailing it; do whenever you can.
Cindy--I HATE I didn't see you. You come all the way down to Bama and I can still only "talk" to you via blogging.
Carrie, Ryan--Yuck on the political ads!!
D--HA! Yep, Gary can be kinda irritating but I love him bunches!!
G's Mom--Heroes is about 30 minutes from coming on. Can't wait!

Ms.L said...

Oh oh oh,would you make me some gingerbread too?
I luuurve gingerbread:)

melissa said...

um wow looks like you had a busy weekend! :) good luck with your to-do list