Friday, December 15, 2006

Fun Creations, Some Assorted Stuff,
& an Impossible Question

Back on Tuesday, I'd said that I'd had plans for doing a scrapbook page based on my Random Tuesday Christmas "Get to Know You" quiz that day. Well . . . life got in the way and I didn't do it then. But, yesterday, I got INSPIRED and did a page that I really love! What I love about this page is that it takes my two current addictions--scrapbooking and blogging--and brings them together! I used my blog post as my journaling (in fact, I've been thinking that a really cool mini-album would be a collection of pages done on my favorite Random Tuesdays from the past year. How fun would it be to be able to go back years from now and read about the things I liked and was thinking about back in 2006?)

Here is the page I did on my Christmas favorites (you can find the list back on this past Tuesday's post). You actually lift up the flap and the rest of my answers are under it. I also love the photo of our Christmas tree that I used here! And the papers and stickers are fun too! Just makes me happy all-around!

While I was at it, I did two other pages as well. The first one is for a gift album I'm making for a someone who will go unnamed. The girls over the years--back in 1998 (look at M and D!) and then in 2006.

And then here's a page I did with three pictures from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch back in October--"Falling for Fall." Really love the paper and embellishments on this page--the kinda rustic-y feel it has. (That was a good day!)

Some other stuff going on . . .

* I now have five presents under the Christmas tree labeled for such people as "Sweet Momma," "DH," and "Hotty." (G and I are goofy--we have this fun tradition of labeling our gifts to each other with silly, sweet, and sexy endearments!) I LOVE lying underneat the tree and shaking my gifts. I have to do it almost every night until Christmas gets here. I can't figure out what any of the gifts are--probably because G has them totally disguised. But I'm hoping that there might be jewels, scrapbook stuff, books, and girly-smelly-stuff in some of them! Fun, fun . . .

* Tonight, McKenna is going to the HHS Football Banquet with one of her best friends, Raymond. He is such a cool guy and I'm really glad that they're going together. (McKenna can't officially "date" until she's 16, so these sorts of things are the closest she gets!). She has the prettiest dress to wear (I'm sure there will be pictures on Monday! Of course . . .) and Raymond even told me the other night at church that he has a special gift to give her tonight. Oh, to be young again!

* We always make a homemade Christmas tree ornament that we give to all of our various relatives that we see at different family gatherings (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) and I'm drawing an absolute blank on what to make this year. Any suggestions from you guys would really be appreciated! So if you have any fun (and easy!) handmade ornament ideasIsomething not too expensive or time-intensive, that a 2 year old, 1o year old, and 14 year old would all enjoy making), send them along!

* Okay, how about an Impossible Question for this Friday? As is the custom every Friday, post your guesses and as soon as a correct one is given I'll update my blog with the answer. Give it a go, and Good Luck! The question is . . .

The average household has 15 of these. What are they?

Edited to Add:
Well, everyone seems to be having a hard time with my Impossible Question today since there have been NO correct guesses yet. LOL So, to help you out here are a few hints:
-- Although it's not specifically a Christmas item, it is used during the holidays (especially by women)
-- It involves food.

Also: Scout helped me choose the new song I just put on my little video screen. I gave her several options and she chose that one. "Dats from Cars," she said. Good choice, S!

Edited Once More:
We FINALLY have a winner! LOL My friend, Bobby Hall, popped in with the correct answer-COOKBOOKS. It was obviously a very difficult question, so I wondered how Bobby guessed the right thing. He said:
"Believe it or not, Julie and I were sitting in the kitchen this morning talking about what she was going to get my mother as one of her Christmas gifts and she said a cookbook. I laughed and looked at our bakers rack with about 25 cookbooks on it and ask why so many books were needed. Perfect timing for the question." Good job, Bobby!!! (Now all of you can stop racking your brains and getting frustrated at me for not giving you the answer!)

* Looking forward to the Community Children's Christmas Party at our church tomorrow. We do this for around 80 or more "needy" kids in our town. We do a chili lunch, sing Christmas songs and have other Christmas activities, and give each of them several gifts. They also get to visit our church's food pantry and clothes closet. And the big event? Santa Claus shows up! (And my good friend, Ryan, is Santa and does a GREAT job!) So that will be a VERY GOOD thing to be involved with tomorrow!!

See you on Monday, when I'll have updates and certainly some pictures. Hope you all have an awesome weekend. Shop till you drop, enjoy your friends and family, watch some sports (Bama basketball will be on Sat. night!), and, darn it, if you're not in the Christmas spirit yet--get into it already!

Hugs . . .


toya said...

very, very cute layouts, the first one is sooo cute!

maria said...

I love your layouts! What a great question today! Mmmm, 15 things, huh? Well, how about 15 types of cleaning materials/supplies. Just a thought. But it's only 3:50 a.m. for me so not sure if my brain function is all there, LOL. Hey, a book about your entries would be phenomenal! I just run across a service that can do just that! It's called Blurb. Check it out when you can.

Anonymous said...

Love your layouts, especially the Christmas one. It looks so happy and fun!

Have a wonderful weekend.

15 remotes.

aimee (on our

beadinggalinMS said...

Cool layouts!!
15 different lids that does not fit any bowls you have. :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Gals!!! (the early risers!)
Thanks on the layouts!! I really love the Christmas one too!
Good guesses... but, sorry, all wrong so far!! Keep trying!

adrienne said...

You've been busy!!!! Cute LO's!

~gkw said...

Here's an answer.... TOWELS

beadinggalinMS said...

15 different types of shoes.

Anonymous said...

Great pages! The Christmas tree one is so pretty!

Jane said...

Great post as always Cheryl and beautiful layouts. I was going to say remote controls too!!! Maybe doors?

Renee said...

I'm interested to know the answer to this one!

Cute scrapbook pages, by the way.

Cheryl Wray said...

G--Sorry, wrong!
Jane--Thanks, and sorry wrong!
Renee--Thanks, and nope!

Keep trying guys!

~gkw said...

Hey one guess here at work was LAMPS but I see that one is wrong...

How bout... DOORS?

Marg said...

I love your pages. I've got SO many pictures that I can't even ever imagine getting anything done with them.

Cindy Barb said...

15 things (average); is this for the average family? Let me cups; finger nail polish?

~gkw said...

ohhh,ohhhh! *waving hand in the air to get attention*


~gkw said...

OK, via IM i've also guessed stairs and extension cords... I'm REALLY getting pissed at this game...

15 rabid females driving the ONLY man in the house crazy!

Jennifer S said...

ok...I have petitioned my co workers for this answer too, so I'll give you a few and let the ones know that have picked their brains too! Here are our answers. Let me know what the real answer is.

Electrical Outlets
Picture albums

Gareth said...

Light switches?

Amanda said...

I was a day late but I took the tag very well!!! Thank you!!! I LOVE your layouts! SO NICE!

Chris A said...

How about light bulbs?

Susie Q said...

LOVE your blog Cheryl! Thankyou for visiting me. I will be a regular visitor now. Your scrapbook pages are amazing. You have loads of talent and creativity!

Loved your last list..."Son, you have a panty on your head" quote. Raising Arizona right?? : )

I too lie under the tree and shake things. Look up at the lights... I am such a kid at heart. I believe in Santa and do NOT try to tell me he is not real. Really. : )

15 things...that is a good one. I see that many of my thoughts are already taken and proved to be wrong. Hmmm...

Cats? Hats? Baseball bats? Chocolate bars? Matchbox cars?
Bottles of wine, wreaths made of pine. Photo Albums!

Photo Albums! (I have 26)

Photo Albums?


Cindy Barb said...


~gkw said...


Cindy Barb said...

Spices? I give up.....

Traci said...

I found your blog through Leah and Telah. My daughter's name is Scout, so how cool that's what you call yours. And yes, it is after To Kill a Mockingbird, not Bruce Willis' daughter (I've been asked that several times, believe it or not). Have a great weekend! Oh, love your layouts!

Phats said...

I am still at work can't hear your song is it Life is a highway? Rascal Flatts?

You are so crafty that's awesome. No dating til 16?!?! WHAT! haha.

I have no guess I am trying to think of what it is and I am drawing a blank, it's been a long day.

Cheryl Wray said...

G, Cindy, G, Jennifer, G, Gareth, Chris, Cindy, G--Sorry . .. still no correct answer!!!
Amanda--I'm going right away to read your answers on your blog. Fun!!
Susie Q--I always love having new visitors. We will become Blog Friends, I'm sure!! Love Raising Arizona; one of my faves (yes, right movie) and it's so fun acting like a kid at Christmastime. Gotta shake the gifts! Loved your little guess via poetry. But wrong guesses! lol
Traci--Welcome to you too!! That is SO cool about your little Scout! We almost named our Sydney Scout, but then decided not to at the last minute. But half the time we call her that anyway! TKAM is mine and my husband's favorite book! The Scout character is one of the best ever!! I have also actually had someone comment about it being Bruce Willis' daughter's name. Thanks on the layouts!
Phats--Yes, it's "Life is a Highway." Also Delaney's favorite Rascal Flatts song!

rhonda said...

15 dirty dishes?
15 mix-matched socks---now wait...that # would be higher at our house!
15 bottles of lotions
15 bottles of spices
15 places to sit (6 @ dining room, 3 on sofa, 2 on loveseat, 2 barstools in kitchen, 2 toilet seats

angel said...

those layouts are lovely cheryl, the blogging and scrapping combination is very clever!

homemade ornaments: how bout little felt snowmen stuffed with cottonwool and their faces and things glued on?

15 things: potplants? cake tins? mismatched forks? remote controls?

Miss 1999 said...

How beautiful! You're just so talented! I love the labels you and your husband have, taht's just too cute! As for your impossible question, I'm gonna have to think on that one!

Bobby H said...

This is Bobby, the answer to your question has got to be COOKBOOKS. I hope this is correct; I just pulled it out of thin air!!

Lori said...

15 spoons.

On the christmas ornaments I have been taking my scrapbook paper and cutting them in hearts and stars and decorating them with other scrapbook paper.

Cheryl Wray said...

Ya'll are just cracking me up!! Laughing hard here!
Rhonda--GREAT guesses! Don't even want to think of how many mismatched socks are in our house!
Angel--Thanks! What's so great about blogging is that it provides Instant Journaling for my scrapbooks! Sorry, wrong answers! lol
Miss--Thanks!! Yep, G and I are kinda silly! It's actually one of my favorite Christmas traditions!
Bobby--YOU ARE CORRECT!! are you sure you just pulled it out of "thin air"? I need the scoop on that!
Lori--I have been thinking of using my scrapbook stash and seeing what I can come up with!

Lara said...

Email me about the banner ( and I will do my best to help you get one. I've wanted one for so long and finally a friend helped me, so maybe I can help you.

I have at least 15 cookbooks. But I NEVER use them!

Beautiful layouts!

NMOTB said...

The pages are stunning!!!! We are off on Sunday, so I thought I would just wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Take Care and enjoy - Gareth will be looking after my blog while I am gone so you can still pop around to see what he is up to!!! Send my love to your 3 gorgeous girls and Gary and I will connect with you guy's when I get back!!

Missy's Blog said...

Hi Cheryl ... thank you so very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!! I LOOOVE your blog. Your layouts are so cute and colorful! I will most definately be a frequent visitor to your blog.

Tawnya said...

I need to be better about checking in with your blog. I will be sure to moving forward! I love reading your blog!

I am sure you have seen the ornaments out there using strips of scrapbook paper in clear glass ornament balls right? I have made a few and they are just so stinkin' cute and fun... if you want me to email an example let me know I will :)

Cant wait to see pictures from your daughters fun evening.

Hugs, Tawnya

Heather said...

love the layouts! Especially the Christmas layout! You are very talented! I enjoyed your question and just sorry I didn't check and read blogs soon enough to get to play. Maybe next week. Hope you have a great weekend!

melissa said...

cute layouts! and I totally agree, blogging is a great source for journaling on LO's.

hehe at the present shaking-shame on you ;)

Cinderella said...

LOL!! I know the song that is playing on your blog all too well!! I have seen that movie a zillion times!

Your pictures are darling!

I am in the Christmas spirit, I promise!!

Is the answer cookie cutters? =/

Cinderella said...

Awwwwww man Bobby got the answer already!! *%$##!@!! =)

Greta said...

great stuff....i think that is awesome that you and G do that with your

Tammy said...

We must send that statistics flying - DH has a whole wall of bookshelves covered with them. Your layouts are gorgeous!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that your gifts all glitter and sparkle and are just what you want!!