Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Random Tuesday Before Christmas . . .

(Now did that just freak you out a little bit? That this is the last Tuesday before Christmas? Which means there's like 6 days until Christmas? Time to feel a little franctic now... Breathe deeply ... okay, I think I'm better now!)

Before I head into my Random Tuesday post this morning, I had to share these little snippets of conversation I had with Scout yesterday. Her newest phrase is "Are you serious?" Now, you have to imagine this being said in the cutest little sing-songy 2-year-old voice. The word "serious" is drug out into about five syllables and she adds this little head bob and lip-puckering expression along with it. Okay, this was how some of our conversation went today (we were in the car, driving to a very crowded mall; and then we were inside the mall):

S: "Where are we going now?"
Me: "We're going to a store to buy something for McKenna?
S: "Are you se-ri-ous?"
Me: "Yes, I am. We're going to buy her a present."
S: "Cool."

And then later on...

S: "What is this place?"
Me: "This is a toy store."
S: "Wowwww (looking around slowly) . . . Are you se-ri-ous?"

And then on the ride home . . .

S: "Whadda we doin now?"
Me: "We're going home to work on some Christmas things."
S: "Like what?
Me: "We're gonna make some ornaments for the tree?"
S: "We are?"
Me: "We're making gingerbread ornaments."
S: "What? Are you se-ri-ous?"

This child is just the biggest ham you would ever believe (actually, I guess, if you've ever lived with a 2-and-a-half year old, you can kinda believe it!) and I find myself laughing at her even when I'm trying to get her in trouble. I also tell Gary all the time that she's HIS child, because I think she might be Big Trouble someday!

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled program . . . one more Christmas Random Tuesday posting.

Last week, I had so much fun learning about a lot of your Christmas favorites (remember: Hot chocolate or egg nog? White lights or colored? etc. By the way--for the funniest answers to those questions, visit Gareth's blog and look at his post from this past Thursday. It's priceless!)

Well, with a somewhat similar idea, I thought we could all share our favorite Christmas traditions with each other. I love to hear how others celebrate the holiday, so please comment or post on your own blog (and let us know about it!) and let us know about one or more of your special Christmas traditions.

Some of my favorite traditions right now . . .

* Going to the children's Christmas play at church. Nothing like hearing the sweet singing voices of little children (and of out-of-control 3 year olds dressed up like sheep!)
* Decorating the tree with our favorite ornaments
* Celebrating Advent as a family in our own home worship services (very special, meaningful times!)
* Christmas breakfast with Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve morning. Such a wonderful, refreshing way to get the busy day started!
* Mom's yummy frosted and decorated Christmas cookies
* Reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 before opening presents (keeping it all in perspective!)
* Communion service at church (again--perspective!)
* Christmas Eve with Gary's parents. A great meal, fun times, and a wonderful way to close out the day with more of our family.
* Invariably ending up with my new pajamas on over at the in-laws' house.
* Writing silly things on the tags on my presents for Gary (and reading the ones he's written to me!)
* Having a quiet, private gift exchange with Gary after everyone has headed to bed on Christmas Eve. A lit fireplace, a glass of wine, and a slow opening of gifts (no ripping of gifts allowed!)
* Playing Dirty Santa at Gan Gan's on Christmas Day (what gifts can we possibly fight over?)
* Christmas morning and the squeals from downstairs as the girls discover that Santa has come and left them all sorts of wonderful surprises!

This season is all about traditions and celebrations that remain the same year after year. In traditions we create something to look forward to . . .and we teach our children that there are some things so important that we must repeat them again and again. It's so nice to hear our children remind us that "We have to do it that way. It's a tradition!"

Let me know what some of your traditions are! I can't wait to hear about them!!

In closing, I thought I'd leave you with a few of the failed attempts at Christmas pictures last night (yes, I am JUST getting these pics done; I will pick them up tomorrow and hopefully have some of them stuffed into Christmas cards in the next day!) I will share our "real" picture later on in the week (along with a copy of my Christmas letter that's going with the picture and a card), but here are a few that didn't make the cut. LOL

And a final word to all of you--We are anticipating our second 75-degree day in a row today! I have worn shorts the last two days and we turned on the air conditioner last night! I LOVE weather like this, but it's really not supposed to feel like this during Christmas Week. Thank goodness, it is supposed to get down to around 50 degrees by this weekend. That will feel a little bit more like December! In honor of our warm days, I had to put one of my favorite "summer" songs on the video sidebar (it's actually mine and Gary's vacation theme song!) Ha . . . should we leave a pina colada for Santa Claus, instead of a mug of milk (or Coca Cola, like we usually do)?

Have a festive Tuesday, and send along your traditions . . .


Susie Q said...

The pictures are such fun! What a smile they put on my face!

Love your traditions. We share many of them. I think I will take your chalenge and list mine...maybe others will follow and we will all learn just a littlebit more about one another!

Thank you for your sweet words on my blog!!

Love your blog and visiting daily! Such fun.


Jane said...

those Christmas pictures are GREAT!!! Outtakes are the best!! Can totally relate to the warm weather Christmas!

Missy's Blog said...

Se-ri-ous-ly ... cute!! I can't wait for my little guy to even start talking ... he's 22 months ... and you are carrying on full conversations with your 2.5 year old!

Love the funny outakes from your photo shoot ... they are so much fun.

We live in Virginia and had 70's weather yesterday too ... it was so nice going outside without a jacket. Enjoy the warm weather while it's here!

Nancy said...

The pictures are great! Some of my favorite tradtions are: visiting Santa with the kids, going to the live nativity we have here in town.

aimee said...

My favorite traditions: making cookies with my kids, decorating the tree with our ornaments, going to Christmas Eve service and singing Silent Night, opening gifts from Santa right when we wake up and of course, all the chocolate goodies!

Cheryl Wray said...

Susie--Oh good, post it on yours and I will come read it! Yes, they are fun pictures!! Make me happy too!
Jane--Thanks!! Yes, sometimes the unplanned ones are better than the posed ones!
Missy--Syd is a nut. She can talk you crazy!
Nancy-Thanks! Great traditions!
Aimee--Wonderful traditions! Ummm, chocolate!!

Kelly said...

Great traditions and adorable kids! I am a scrapbooker, too.

Renee said...

Your pictures are always so cute. I love the 'JOY' ones.
I have to admit I'm liking the warm weather myself.

rhonda said...

ok...the joy photo is cracking me up!!! YIKES...I am NOT finished with my shopping!!!!!!I am about to go into panic mode...cause I have a VERY sore throat...and don't feel like much of nothing...especially shopping!

Andy said...

i love the pictures of your girls. they are great. good idea with the JOY letters.

Amanda said...

SOOOO cute. I love the JOY pictures and the one of the 3, they are so adorable!!

Marci W said...

That was soooooo sweet. Just reading it made me cry.... You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Carrie said...

O what cute photos!! I just got a new camera I will blog about it when I get home, I am so excited!!
Giddy! :) haha
I know whatcha mean...I love paper...I have not gone into a store in forever though. its kinda crazy!

Phats said...

Hello Cheryl, I am feeling really bad for you that's it's 75 degrees haha.

I touched on some of my traditions already, but one of them I didn't was where we all get bloody drunk and fight okeh we don't need to get drunk to do that haha! No seriously, umm My sister and I when we were kids always exchanged our gifts to one another on Christmas Eve Night, and still do that to this day.

By the way I don't think my young innocent eyes were meant to see this
* "Having a quiet, private gift exchange with Gary after everyone has headed to bed on Christmas Eve. A lit fireplace, a glass of wine, and a slow opening of gifts (no ripping of gifts allowed!)"

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the traditions!!

Ms.L said...

Awww your little one sounds so adorable.
I love that age!

I love your traditions:)

Cheryl Wray said...

Kelly--So great to meet you! i'm going to check out your blog!
Renee--Thanks! I LOVE taking pics of the kiddoes!
Rhonda--Oh, I hope you get the energy up to finish your shopping and get everything done!!
Andi, Amanda, Marci--Thanks!! I kinda "stole" the JOY letters idea from Lara's blog.
Carrie--Ooh, a new camera!!! Yay!!! Have fn with it!
Phats--Drunken brawls on Christmas Dah, huh? Sounds like a very "special" tradition! LOL Sorry, that your innocent eyes are fogging up!
Mom--A lot of the traditions came from you!! Love you too!
Ms. L--She is something else, I tell ya!

Nancy said...

I love the pictures. Your girls are precious. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day!

Phats said...

BTW I know what I want for xmas and if you get me this you will top anything Gary does! I want purdue to make the NCAA tournament in mens basketball, can you get santa to help with that??

cityfarmer said...

Oh and she loves Alan Jackson too...my kinda gal.

Cindy Lee said...

just stopping by to say "Merry Christmas!" loved your post and the great pictures!

Kathryn said...

Loved the pictues..cute idea! Love the traditions too, some of ours are getting new jammies to open and wear christmas eve and reading the night before christmas..and your Sydney sounds like mine. Although..mine is 8yo now.. just wait, the talking/questions get funnier!

Jenn said...

The pictures are so cute!! I enjoyed them!! I can also relate to the 2 year old talk...Hunter will be 3 in April and just starting to talk...the stuff he says I have to stop and laugh!
Love your song:) I feel like that around the week of Christmas:)

Jenn said...

The pictures are so cute!! I enjoyed them!! I can also relate to the 2 year old talk...Hunter will be 3 in April and just starting to talk...the stuff he says I have to stop and laugh!
Love your song:) I feel like that around the week of Christmas:)

Jenn said...

The pictures are so cute!! I enjoyed them!! I can also relate to the 2 year old talk...Hunter will be 3 in April and just starting to talk...the stuff he says I have to stop and laugh!
Love your song:) I feel like that around the week of Christmas:)

Gareth said...

LOL I remember the days when my sis and bro jumped on my back like in your first pic except they really were trying to kill me. Now it's my little cousins that try to do that instead :P

You should have told Scout that she was going to the moon - I dont think she would have hung round long enough to say "serious" lol.

I have alllllll my shopping done, neener neener neeeeener. I dread doing it every year but this year it went really smoothly. I dont know what you are complaining about - it's wee buns lol.

Josie said...

I love your pics with the JOY letters...so cute! And all your traditions..so wonderful..we share many of the same. Looking back the little family traditions are what we as kids looked forward to the most. And now as an adult, I love and appreciate them even more. What a fun thing you and Gary do with the tags!

~Telah said...

Enjoyed reading your traditions. Mine are in an earlier post you have already read.

melanie said...

the tongues hanging out so fun!

I bet you are saying to yourself, are you seirous?

you know they say these things, you wonder where they come from, and low and behold. You are the one saying them...

My son, the little demon has taken up saying dammit... which we have promptly changed to Poodles.

My Christmas Tradition? baking cookies, giving presents to people who dont expect them, rum & eggnog, and watching my son rip through presents.

merry Christmas C.

Cheryl Wray said...

Nancy-- Thanks!
Phats-- Okay, I'll make a deal with you. Let's both give each other a trip to the NCAA tournament for each other's team, BUT in totally separate bracket so there's no chance of Purdue and Bama playing until later on! Boiler Up and Roll Tide!!
Cityfarmer--LOVE that song! Just makes me happy (and thinking of beach days!)
Cindy Lee--Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too!!
Kathryn--I also love getting the new pjs and wearing them on Christmas Eve!
Jenn--Kids at 2 and 3 are some of the funnest of all!!
Gareth--You bum!! Can't believe you've bought all your presents!!
Josie--Traditions are SO important to me!!
Telah--Yes, loved reading yours before! So special!!
Mel--Actually, it's so funny... we determined that she got it from my 14-year old. One of her fave things to say!! So funny about your little one too! Ah Poodles!! LOL

Greta said...

bwhahahahaha that is funny....she is a trip...

i really love that one of your daughter with the J and Y letters and her head is the O...i think that is awesome

Phats said...

I will take that deal, and if for some reason it falls thru, I will take an icee machine with Reese making them for me haha

Cheryl Wray said...

Greta--YES, she is an absolute trip! They all make life interesting!
Phats--Don't tell me you are an Icee Freak like me too! I stop to get one almost everyday! Love em!! Sounds like a deal!

angel said...

very cool pictures cheryl- i can't wait to see the end result!

Jeff said...

* I mentioned in some recent Tuesday post that we always go to see the Rockefeller Center tree on Christmas Eve, and we're on to do that tomorrow night (yah, I know, I'm answering the Tuesday question on Saturday... sorry... that's the kind of week it has been).
* We also always do a Broadway show at Christmas time. This year's Christmas show is Grey Gardens. It's a musical based on the real life Beales, who are relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. There's a documentary about them by the same name too. We're seeing this Christmas Eve afternoon, so we'll go from the show over to the tree and probably grab some dinner too. It's very much like our first Christmas in New York in 1998 when we saw Fosse, saw the tree and had dinner at a resturant in Rockefeller Center overlooking the skating rink. (Pictures of this year's outing will be on my blog late Sunday or Monday if anyone wants to see a little NYC Christmas).
* Breakfast and presents. Always a good tradition for Christmas morning.
* The Christmas movie. This year was supposed to be Dreamgirls but we got passes to an advanced screening last week, so now we have to pick something else.
* Cooking Christmas dinner. Will is the better cook in the family. But we always cook Christmas dinner together. I get the turkey going in the crock pot before we head out to the movie.
* The week after Christmas also has a tradition as we work to figure out our goals for the next year. We don't call these resolutions... they are just the goals for the next year, the we break down into quaterly goals so that they don't seem so overwhelming.