Thursday, December 14, 2006

Things that Make me Smile . . .
and Gifts You Better Not Give

I can't believe I actually skipped a day of blogging! For the first time since I can remember, I skipped a blogging day during the week. Some of you may have wondered if I fell off the face of the earth! lol

Actually . . . I had another awful headache yesterday (I don't have headaches hardly ever, which makes them worse when I get them!) and I also spent all afternoon (once a Goody's powder finally took care of my headache!) doing some Christmas shopping! By the time I rolled into my driveway, I had a front seat and a trunk full of stuff! Looking at my list, I see that I only have four or five items left to purchase (things like a gift for Delaney's teacher, one "Dirty Santa" gift for one of our family gatherings, and some stocking stuffers). Hallelujah! That feels good!

Nothing really in particular on my mind today to blog about, so just thought I'd mention some things that make me really happy right now . . .

* Sydney is an absolute NUT--she is always making us laugh. Her newest saying is, "Hello . . ." followed by some statement that, obviously, we should know is true but we are dunces for some reason about it. An example:

Me: "Sydney, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?"
S: "Hello . . . I'm finished with my cereal."


Me and G: Talking amongst ourselves or watching television up on the bed, ignoring little Scout as she plays on the floor below us.
S: "Hello . . . I'm playing down here."

It is TOO funny. (Also really funny has been her habit of carrying her "baby soup"--bathing suit--with her everywhere these days. "Because we're going to da beech," she told me yesterday. After I told her we wouldn't be going to the beach until summer she told me, though, that "We go to Grandma and Grandad's simming pool." Okay, Scout, whatever . . . just carry that swimsuit with you in your purse everywhere you go. Eventually, you'll figure out that we're not going to the beach or swimming pool." Again . . . too cute and funny!

* Out shopping today, I wandered into Starbucks to look for a gift for someone (can't mention names here, since I never really know who is wandering in and reading!) and decided to treat myself to a Gingerbread Latte. I'd heard several people raving about them on their blogs, so had to try it (I'm a big gingerbread fan anyway!). It was really good! Next on my to-try list . . . Peppermint Mocha!! As Sydney would say, "Hello . . . yum, yum!"

* I'm SO proud of Delaney. She got a Citizenship Award at our PTA meeting on Tuesday night. Two students out of each class get this award once a month, for good behavior and such. Very proud of her! She also sang with the 4th-5th grade choir in a special Christmas program and she had to wear her Santa hat. How cute . . .

* Something that definitely puts a smile on my face these days are family members who are so willing to help out whenever we need it. We really got some sweet help this week with something so "Thank You!"--you know who you are!!

* One of my greatest challenges each Christmas season is figuring how to wrap Gary's gifts so he won't figure out what they are. He has been known to shake a gift and say, "That's a CD" or "That's a book"--and be exactly right about it! I have learned to be sneaky over the years and now know how to disguise a gift pretty well. I got a lot of joy last night in getting about 10 gifts wrapped up--several of which were Gary's and one of which was one that I tempted him with by saying, "You will NEVER figure out what that one is." (It IS a very unique gift!)

(And, yes, I'm a Gift Wrap Geek because I come up with a "theme" for my gift-wrapping each year. I think Gary used to think I was just crazy for doing this, but it's fun! One year it was all blue and silver, another year it was snowmen, another year it was kids' stuff. This year is--if you can guess from my pic there--silver and gold. I really like it!)

Since I did a lot of shopping today (and just in case some of you might just be getting around to doing your shopping), I found this story interesting. It was on AOL a few days ago and was a list of some of the gifts you should NOT buy for anyone. They included:

1. Underwear. (for either men or women)
2. Gift cards. (it actually said you shouldn't give anything with an expiration date)
3. Bath in a box. (you know--lotions, shower gel, etc.)
4. Picture frames (empty ones)
5. Dictionary. (borr-rring, it said.)
6. VHS anything (old news!)
7. Sausage in a box (you know--those summer sausage and cracker kits)
8. A lamborghini (because you couldn't ever top it)

My first thought was, "Well, I have actually given some of those," so I must be a pretty bad gift-giver. My other thought was that I actually like getting some of those things--get me a cute pajama set, a gift card to my favorite scrapbook store, a Bath & Body Works basket, a really funky picture frame, a cool nonfiction book about a cool topic (ok, not really a dictionary, but some people might consider it boring too), or a DVD (in fact, I give DVDs to a lot of people--but, that's not VHS I guess) and I would be VERY happy! And I actually got a convertible one time (for my birthday . . . but cool!). AND, I have actually bought Gary some summer sausages and crackers (he's weird . . . he likes to eat them while he's hunting), so those things aren't actually as bad suggestions as some might think.

I don't know . . . have you ever received a really bad gift? Would you actually want any of those gifts?

I hope all of you have a wonderful day! I apologize for not visiting your blogs yesterday, but I hope to stop by several today. Believe me . . . I really do miss you when I don't come by and "visit" with you.

Find a reason to smile today . . .


Phats said...

Hello........ Gary it's about surprises geesh Scrooge McDuck!

So, since you love to wrap how about popping over to Indiana and wrapping my gifts PLEASE :)

I have bought some of those ideas too, but only when people ask.

Sorry but I tagged you hope you don't mind

Jane said...

yeah! you've had the "Gingerbread Latte" experience. Congrats to Delaney on her award. And that list of presents.....there are some great things there! I also wouldn't mind most of the stuff...."hello.....a convertible anyone?" ;)

Amanda said...

I'm kind of freaking out because I'm drinking a STARBUCKS PEPPERMINT LATTE right now!!!

~gkw said...

hey, I think I have a pic somewhere of some big boxers with hearts on them that you gave me for valentines day!!! (of course that's not christmas...)

where is everyone 3 posts since yesterday??? hmmmm... they're probably all shopping! That's what you get for reminding everyone of the shopping and the wrapping they still have to do!

rhonda said...

first...a reply to your comment on my blog. There are several On-Taps in town...but the one in Inverness is the BEST!!! It is in the Kohl's shopping center. They put the Wings place in Patton Creek to shame (in my opinion!)
It is NOT kid definately a place for you and DH to go alone...or with other adults!

I ususally buy all my wrapping paper to coordinate too. this year...the theme is snowmen and snowflakes...maybe I'm doing a little wishing with my paper! Anyway...all my paper is red and silver...with either snowmen or snowflakes on it...the packages all look so pretty under the tree!

Gotta love those good citizenship rewards! Kayla always gets them...but I am not looking for Abbey to bring home to honors...she likes to socialize a little too much!!!

long reply...I'm feeling a bit chatty this morning!!!

Cinderella said...

I did the switch..and it is working fine now..sorry if it gives you a hard time on my blog though, please still visit me!!

I love how you have a theme with your gift wrap!! How cool is that? You can wrap with the best of em' girl!

I love getting lotion sets!! I think they are awesome..I love Bath and Body Works...I don't they should have put that on the list!! lol

Congrats to D'...she is such a cutie!

Cinderella said...

think* oopse..sorry about that! haha

~gkw said...


Cheryl Wray said...

Phats--I love wrapping gifts! I don't mind being tagged by you! Will Kristen get upset?
Jane--Hello . . . me too!
Amanda--Yum!! That one's next on my list! (my nearest Starbucks is about 25 minutes away, so I have to "save" up for it!)
G--Hey, you liked those boxers!! (didn't you?)
Rhonda--We'll have to plan a casual date night out there sometime soon! Hey, be chatty all you want!
Cinderella--I may switch! I don't know . . . Yes, I love B&B stuff. Bring it on!
G--That's okay! Phats tagged me too!!

Anonymous said...

I've bought some of those gifts this year!!! :)

I'll have to try the Gingerbread Latte. Sounds yummy!

aimee (on our way)--you'll never guess-- blogger was acting up! :)

Jane said...

Cheryl I checked online and the CD I was talking about is no longer available, i can't find it for sale anywhere, sorry!

Brown English Muffin said...

erm...hello....I wouldn't care if you never bought me another gift again in your life if you bought me a lamborghini!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Aimee--We must be bad gift-givers! lol
Jane--I was afraid of that!
Muffin--Hello . . .me too!!

Anonymous said...

Hello . . . great post today!

maria said...

Yeah, I was wondering where you were yesterday...happy to see you back and sorry about your headache!
And yes, I would totally love any of those presents! I think that if anyone takes the time and effort in getting me something, I don't care what it is, I will love it anyway! :)
And yeah, the car would be awesome too! LOL

Andy said...

"hello....we missed you yesterday!" :) that is to cute about your baby girl. congrats to delaney too. about the bad gifts, i too have gotten and given gifts like the one mentioned. (a dictionary no and definatelly not a convertable but some other ones yes.) i love some of those things too.

now about a bad mom and dad tried to teach me about being greatful for the things that we got but they even had to laugh at some of the terrible things that we've gotten. one year for christmas one of my aunts bought me a fleece vest. (at the time they weren't something that was in style) but even worse it was lime (maybe a worse green than lime) green and it had black trim and a black zipper. that's not the worst of it tough. when i put it on to model it for my parents and sister, once we got home, i zipped it up and it was uneven at the bottom. it wasn't sewn together right. it was so stinkin funny. so thank you aunt j for the laugh. :)

~Telah said...

My bad gift....socks...from my husband! Not at all what I wanted from him. But that was years ago and he has gotten so much better!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I switched to Beta too. I actually like it. It's easier for me to lay out my blog how I want it..

I tried the eggnog latte last weekend. I didn't care for it, but I think the gingerbread would be good. Maybe I will try that one soon..

The gifts on the list are some I've given and gotten. ( I don't care for the underwear, VHS or the dictionary though)..
I enjoy your blogs... Blog On!

Oh yeah.. and "baby suit"...too cute!

NMOTB said...

Hi Cheryl, I was rather strange not seeing you in blogland!!!!! I still have not done my shopping and because we are leaving for the sea on Sunday - I have Friday and Saturday to do it all!!! (I work best when under pressure - lol)!!!!
We weren't going away till after christmas but there was a cancellation and we have got 3 days basically to get ready and go!!!!

NMOTB said...

oh and those gifts you mentioned - I am not fussy and will be happy with any of them!!!!

Ryan said...

Sorry it took me so long to get by! AUGH! I've been tagged. I'll do it but you have to go to to see it. I'll try to do it tonight or this weekend. AUGH!! It's almost Christmas!! WHEW I feel better now. Oh yeah, HO HO Ho!! Can't wait for tomorrow!! See ya!!

angel said...

heh heh- as for horrible gifts- you should come over and read about my "sibling supper" that my family have every year!
speaking of bad presents, there are apparently a number of things that you shouldn't give... like clocks and watches- apparently they infer the recipient is "running out of time". i heard a list like that on the radio the other day and it was very interesting- but i can't remember the rest of them.