Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Weather Outside is Frightful . . .

But Inside it's Random Tuesday!!!!

As I sit here writing this post, the temperature is steadily dropping lower and lower. It’s supposed to get down to 21 tonight (which would be just one degree above the lowest recorded on this date—when it was 20 degrees back in 1907). Of course, it’s supposed to get back up to 53 tomorrow—but still, it’s cold RIGHT NOW!!

All of you who are from somewhere other than the Deep South experience cold and snow on a regular basis. We, however, basically can’t function when it gets below 45 degrees--and don’t even throw snow into the mix! You say it’s gonna snow and people start acting like the end of the world is coming (stock up on water and bread, quick!)

Still . . . I would really love to see some snow before this winter is over! If I have to go through another winter without snow and hear my daughters cry about it, I don’t think I can take it. (Literally, last year the only snow we got was some light flurries one afternoon that lasted maybe 30 minutes. Delaney and I were actually outside squealing at the pitiful little flakes falling from the sky. It was really pretty sad! LOL And when it warmed back up to like 65 degrees the next day, she actually cried because winter was almost over—and still no “real” snow.)

And, besides, if it's gonna get cold enough that I'm miserable . . . it might as well snow and at least look pretty outside! (IF it could actually stay on the ground and not turn into a slushy, mushy mess--which it always does down here in Balmy Bama.)

My girls also hate when I tell them about the regular snowfalls I saw as a child growing up in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We’d get two or three substantial snowfalls a year and I have fond memories of sledding and building snowmen and having snowball fights.

I'll never forget the day I sat in the library at Ramay Junior High School, looked out the window, and literally saw snowballs the size of softballs falling from the sky! By the time my mother picked me up 3o minutes later, the ground was already completely covered in snow. We slipped and slid all the way home, then enjoyed another snow day afterwards! (It's one of my most vivid wintertime memories from my childhood!) The girls get extremely jealous when they hear any of those sorts of stories!

So, for today’s Random Tuesday I thought I’d throw out a little bit of winter fun. (For those of you who are new to my blog, I always post a Random Tuesday little quiz that you can join in by sharing your answers in my comments section or posting them on your blog and letting us know you did it!)

So have fun with some Random Tuesday Wintertime Ramblings . . .

* Is snow fun or a nuisance? Absolutely FUN, since we never get it. (Except it becomes a nuisance because our power invariably ALWAYS goes out and that I cannot handle!!)

* Last snow you’ve seen? Probably the flurries we saw last New Year’s Eve on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

* Biggest snow you’ve ever seen? That would be the Great Blizzard of 93 down here in Alabama. McKenna was just at a year old and we lost power and couldn’t go anywhere. A baby in a freezing apartment is not fun!!

* Have you ever shoveled snow? Nope (the closest I’ve done is try and scrape ice off of my car windshield!)

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? I just LOVE making snow angels--yep, I'm like a little kid when it comes to that!--but if it snowed tomorrow I’d have to get out in the yard and build a big snowman with the girls.

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? Oh man, I better not mention anyone “real” or I might get in a lot of trouble! But I wouldn’t mine throwing one at the guy who decided that "Heroes" (my new favorite tv show) won't come back with new episodes until January (last night's episode was the last until Jan. 22; it was SO good, by the way!) and ditto to the guy who did the same thing with "Lost."

* It’s snowing furiously right now. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? I’d prefer sitting in front of the fireplace (with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a good mystery, and maybe some chocolate!), but I’m sure I’d be drug outside.

Go ahead, send me your answers to all of these or just some of the questions. I LOVE to learn more about my blogging friends.

Have a great day . . . and "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow . . ." (I wish!)


NMOTB said...

Whooo hooooo, I am first and I cant really take part in today's thingy, cause we don't get snow, I have never shovelled snow either! Hope you are not getting too cold, otherwise maybe you should just pop around to my place cause it is as hot as hell here!!!! Take Care

Phats said...

Oh Cheryl, I hate snow I really do haha! Your daughters are MORE then welcome to come here during our first big snow storm, and I will go there. I cry when the first day of winter hits!

Some answers
Have I shoveled- Oh boy have i, every damn day last January haha. Sorry the snow brings out my potty mouth.
Last time I saw snow- Last night we got flakes
Snowball at, you and your family for being so enthusiastic about snow! hahahaha JK

I admit there is one good thing about snow, 2 hr delays for school WOOHOO! Other then that it's pretty miserable when it's all you see from Dec-Feb sometimes til April.

Jane said...

Great Random Tuesday Cheryl!!!

Is snow fun or a nuisance? Totally fun!!!

* Last snow you’ve seen? Probably last February about 1 and a half from here up the mountains, where I imagine it is snowing now, but here it is currently 80 F!!! not exactly Christmassy!

* Biggest snow you’ve ever seen? Definitely when I went on a mission trip with my dad to Serbia....there was so much snow we weren't even sure if we were driving on the road or not!

* Have you ever shoveled snow? Yes, and it is REALLY hard work!

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? Snowman yes, snow angel never - think that is an American idea....must try it though it is a great idea.

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? Definitely my husband because he would be the first to throw one at me!!!

* It’s snowing furiously right now. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? Half of me would want to be outside and the other half inside if there was a roaring fire!

adrienne said...

Oh I would LOVe to see SOME snow...not too much, but JUST enough so I can say it snowed, AND get a couple pics lol

rhonda said...

I LOVE snow!!!! (yes...probably because we NEVER get any!)

Last snow...January 2004...in Washington, DC. We went to President Bush's inauguration...and literally got snowed into our hotel on Wednesday night...The girls (and me and Joe) had a blast that afternoon playing in the courtyard of the hotel!!!

Biggest snow...probably 75/76. I was in 4th grade...and don't remember amount in inches...but it was A LOT. Our school was closed for several days!!

We're all hoping for some snow this year. This is our 5th winter in our home in Pelham...and No snow since we have moved...BOO!!!

beadinggalinMS said...

Is snow fun or a nuisance?
Fun at first then it becomes a nuisace when it is all slushy and mushy and gray looking.

Last snow you’ve seen?
2004 we had flurries here in South Mississippi

Biggest snow you’ve ever seen?
I am a Missouri gal. I lived there all my life till moving here in '02. One of the winters before moving here we got about 2 and 1/2 feet of snow.

Have you ever shoveled snow?
Yep sure have many of times.

Build a snowman, or make snow angels?
Both. The kiddos and I love to make snowmen.

Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now?
You bet I do. I will join you on throwing one at the guy who decides our must see shows needs to take a fall break!!! I posted about Heroes today.

It’s snowing furiously right now. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace?
Inside till it got done then I will be out in it.

Lisa L said...

* Is snow fun or a nuisance? Completely fun if it is enough to close roads, jobs, etc.

* Last snow you've seen? I guess the Gatlinburg stuff, a shame we didn't get any last year.

* Biggest snow you've seen? I think when I was 5, that would be 1970, I had my tonsils removed and couldn't go outside in it BUT my entire kindergarten class came to see me at my house. They brought me a poster with candy taped to it.

* Have you ever shoveled snow? no way, not gonna, I already worry about having a heart attack in my sleep!

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? Yes, to both. But first, the snowman. Ours always look like malnourished snowmen because we don't get enough of the white stuff.

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? Mal Moore AND the Heroes guy, I love that show and not even until just after the first of the year, January 22, for crying out loud. That is just wrong. I mean, what happened with Sylar and that girl? What is up with Claire's Dad and the black dude? How did Jessica die, was she always mean? Why did they stop whispering Save The Cheerleader, Save The World, that was cool. I still do it.

* It's snowing furiously. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? Out in it first, but not for long, the fireplace calls

Ryan said...

1. Snow is fun for a certain amount of time and then becomes a nuisance, there is no specific length. Just when I've had enough. Kinda like sand at the beach. Sometimes it's annoying, most of the time it's fun!

2. Last snow I've seen: Flurries in Huntsville last winter. The kids got so excited, I was nervous because we needed to drive home the next day.

3. Biggest snow I've seen: My freshman year of college I went to a small liberal arts college in heart of the Cumberland Gap in Tennesee. It snowed regularly 3-4 ft at a time. And classes didn't close so walking up "the Hill" to class was a treat.

4. Ever shoveled snow: Nope

5. Snowmen/Snowangels: Yep. All kinds of fun there!

6. Who would I throw a snowball at? Whoever at Citadel Broadcasting who took 100.5 the X off the air. Yes, I know, we now have 105.5 the Vulcan. Good music, but no Beaner and Ken in the morning. **SIGH**

7. It's snowing furiously, what am I doing: I have two girls 8 and 11 yrs. old. Of course I'm out in it taking pictures. Once I've had enough it's inside for Coffee/Cocoa/Toddies whatever floats my boat at the time. Unfortunately we don't have a fireplace.

~Telah said...

1.I think snow would be fun...if we got it all the time I could see how it could turn into a nuisance though.
2.Just what little flurries we got last season.
3.I remember that blizzard of 93, but I also recall the ice storm of 95 we had...that was the year we got married. We had been couped up in our apartment for days so we decided to try to get out...we made it up the road to a convienent store and would you believe that I bought Ice Cream of all things!
4.Never shoveled snow!
5.I would want to build a snowman! My kids would enjoy doing that with me.
6.I think I'd like to throw a snow ball at the weathermen...surely they could make it snow! :p
7.In front of the fireplace, most definitely! I love to have a fire going. We fell asleep on the couch last night in front of the fire.

Enjoyed your blog today!

Jennifer S said...

* Is snow fun or a nuisance? Like you Cheryl, it's fun, but a pain when the power goes out.
* Last snow you've seen? I guess it was about 3 years ago when we got a little dusting.
* Biggest snow you've seen? 1993 when it snowed a foot! I enjoyed it though. Made a snowman with my friend!
* Have you ever shoveled snow? No, and don't want to either.
* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? Both! There's usually not enough snow for angels though. It looks more like mud angels when you get through!
* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? My kids and Ryan
* It's snowing furiously. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? In front of the fireplace until it lets up some, then I'm all about it!

Andy said...

* Is snow fun or a nuisance?
it's so fun. it's magical and pretty and fun.

* Last snow you’ve seen? last winter in on mt hood. it was beautiful and soft and heavily falling from the sky.

* Biggest snow you’ve ever seen? again on mt hood and about 2 octobers ago. we were coming back from a weekend at sun river and coming over the mountail pass and there was so everywhere. as we drove through it with the huge trees covered in snow all i could say was that it looked like we were in narnia.

* Have you ever shoveled snow? Nope i too have only just scrapped it off of my car windows

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? both

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? i agree with the people who aren't showing lost until feb. jerks! with heroes though i've been dying to see it and didn;t start with it started so maybe they will show reruns and i can catch up. :)

* It’s snowing furiously right now. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? i'm torn because while i would love to be out in it, it would also be wonderful to be in front of the fireplace reading a book with a mug of cocoa. maybe i will go out and play first and then warm up by the fire. yep! that's what i will do. :)


Bob Bob said...








Margie said...

* Is snow fun or a nuisance? Am I required to drive in it? Are there other people driving alongside me in it? Yes, it's true, my 15 years in the Midwest have hardened my heart against snow. It's beautiful when it first comes down…then it turns into ugly and annoying/hazardous mountains of brown grossness that prevent you from parking in the last available slot at the mall during holiday shopping madness.

* Last snow you’ve seen? Last weekend in Kansas City. Piles of it under my feet (apparently they don't shovel the cheap seats at Arrowhead Stadium)

* Biggest snow you’ve ever seen? Omaha, Nebraska, October 26, 1997. Power, out. Phone, out. 13 inches of snow covering thick layers of ice. City quiet and dark. Food, removed from non-working refrigerator and set out on the balcony in the snow by me and my roomate and her boyfriend. ("Grab the milk, willya?" "Okay, let me get my coat…")

* Have you ever shoveled snow? Yes, nine inches of it trying to clear my driveway (which isn't necessarily helpful when your street is not plowed) and paid for it the next day with a heckuva back ache.

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? Oh, both!!! Well, when it's not dark and freezing out and you can actually play in the snow without fear of hypothermia.

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? My doctor, who made me have yet ANOTHER CT scan this morning. :-P AND, the guy who decided Heroes wasn't coming back until January…I didn't know you liked Heroes!! I looove that show!!!

* It’s snowing furiously right now. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? If it's not the weekend, I'm at work on the 37th floor where all I see out my window is white…or I am stuck in traffic…but, hopefully, home in front of the fireplace!

Gareth said...

We had 8 inches of snow here this morning!!! I'll pack some of it up in a crate and send it over to you :)

Gareth said...

p.s. I was joking about the snow ;)

Gareth said...

It was closer to 9 inches :P

Are you suitably confused yet??? HAHA!

NMOTB said...

hellloooo, it's only me again! Thought I would pop over and warn you - chips if Gary asks you out to a movie this evening!!! consider yourself warned! hehehehehe

toya said...

we had a little bit of snow this morning more like flurries, it didn't last that long... I like how it looks but I hate to drive in it

lusi said...

Is snow fun or a nuisance? Totally FUN! We didn't get any this year so very sad :(

* Last snow you’ve seen? Last year in July it snowed 3 times - enough to get some nice snaps of the kids in their snowsuits

* Biggest snow you’ve ever seen?
Once went to the snowy mountains on a school excursion and there was a blizzard - scarry but fun too!

* Have you ever shoveled snow? no

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? We tried to build a snowman last year but it wasn't very big! LOL!

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? my dh - we love goofing around in the snow!

* It’s snowing furiously right now. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? It's summer here! Its 8.41am and I've just had a nice warm shower and it looks like it gonna be a hot one! How funny!!!

Love to you Cheryl and your gorgeous fam! stay warm my friend!!! The Lord bless ya'all :)

lus x

Ms.L said...

It's snowing here right now!

Ok here I go.
Snow is FUN! I looooove the snow.
before we moved up here I was worried because winters are longer,colder and snowier than where I'm from,but I love them!

Last snow I've seen is falling right now. We're socked in good against the mountains and it's really coming down.

Biggest snow?? When I was a kid,and the snow was so deep it covered a ditch which I fell into and disappeared.

I or the kids shovel snow almost every day now:)

I'm fond of snow angels,but I adore snowmen especially the ones my Ciari makes.

Hmmm,I'd huck snowballs at my husband;p

I often sit at my window to watch the snow fall:)

Nancy said...

I am with you... I love snow! I also live in the south and we rarely get a good snow. The best snow ever was the blizzard of '93, make snowmen, make snow angels, never have to shovel (not enough snow), and I love to be out in it and then come inside and warm up by the fireplace. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff said...

* Is snow fun or a nuisance? FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN (did I mention fun)

* Last snow you’ve seen? Last winter. Living in NYC, that is of course not a surprise. What was a surprise is when I was visiting there this past February, there were snow flurries for about 30 seconds (meanwhile, I was missing a huge blizzard here).

* Biggest snow you’ve ever seen? I was 10 years old and living in Flint Michigan. The entire front of the house was lost in a snow drift. We could only get outside through the backdoors.

* Have you ever shoveled snow? Yup. Because of the very blizzard mentioned above.

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels? Snowman all the way... Plus snow forts!

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now? Doesn't have to be an enemy. Snowball fights are awesome. We've been known to leave work here and walk the five blocks to Central Park to have a snowball fight in the middle of the work day if the snow is good enough.

* It’s snowing furiously right now. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace? Outside if at all possible. I'd have to find someone to play with though becuase Will is not a snow person!

Jenn said...

Hey there...I love these questionaire things. I posted it on my blog...thanks girl!!

blackcrag said...

Is snow fun or a nuisance? Both. I love walking in it when it's falling. I like it on the ground so long as no one walks on it. Everything else about it is a nuisance.

It’s mild right out right now. The temperature rose over the weekend to 3C. It’s only –4C right now, but footing is treacherous as all the partially melted snow mounds are edged in ice, as are the roads.

Last time I saw snow? *looks out window* Now.

Shovelled snow? Of course.

I’m really enjoying Heroes too. Also Studio 60. That is a very funny show, having everything to do with the writing and acting, and not preposterous ‘situations’ the characters somehow, ‘inexplicably’ find themselves in.

Amanda said...

Sorry commenting a little late but, this post was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. You need to move on up to Michigan girlie! Are you a Tennessee lady vol's fan at all?

McKenna said...

well--this one is fun!
* Is snow fun or a nuisance?
FUN! who could say no to some snow down here in Alabama, where we never get any?

* Last snow you've seen?
Probably last year on our vacation to Gatlinberg.
although at the Hueytown-Sumiton Christian game...everyone was promising that it was snow falling from the lights, not dust.

* Biggest snow you've seen?
The blizzard of '93 by far! even though I was only a wee little tot, I know that it was bad enough to turn off our power for a while! And of course, in Alabama, where you dont get any snow, everything is always compared to the Blizzard of '93.

* Have you ever shoveled snow?
we don't ever get enough to shovel. its more like "have you ever scraped snow FLURRIES off the car with a credit card?"

* Build a snowman, or make snow angels?
I'd have to say snow angels. Even though I love Frosty the Snowman, I never seem to make the perfect snowperson. it always ends up with me just making snow angels. those do come out right.

* Who would you like to throw a snowball at right now?
let's see........the people in my 3rd block class right now that seem to find it fun to play rap songs constantly.
and....myself. because I didnt raise my hand this morning to try out for All State..which I probably could have made.

* It's snowing furiously. Are you out in it, or in front of the fireplace?
out in it babyyy!!!
but then, after a while, Id come in, get some eggnog[or possibly some hot chocolate] and sit by the fire talking on the phone.