Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"I'm Scrappilicious"
(a post with some scrapbook creations and news of classes)

But first . . .

I got SUCH a kick out of reading everyone's comments on my post about snow yesterday. I discovered that a lot of you are like me and live in places where you NEVER get snow. But I learned that Phats will gladly send some of the white stuff your way--he even said my kids could come up there and play in all of the snow he gets!! And then it was snowing WHILE Ms. L was commenting on my post. How fun! And then Jeff (one of my best friends from college--hey Jeff!) made me SERIOUSLY jealous when he said that he and his co-workers often run the few blocks to Central Park (yes, in NYC!) just to have snowball fights. Cool!

And how funny and freaky is this? My blogging friend Amy had a giveaway on her blog a few days ago (she was giving away some cool pink Christmas lights and randombly picked names from the comments left that day), and wouldn't you know it but I won the lights! But what's really funky is that my next-door neighbor was the one other winner (out of 35!). There must be some seriously lucky mojo going on in mine and Adrienne's neighborhood! LOL

And then last night, I baked some Christmas-shaped sugar cookies and Delaney and Sydney decorated them (Sydney decorated her face, and her hair, and her hands, and her legs too . . .) and I have seriously eaten like 5 since they made them and I'm eating one RIGHT now as I write this. They are SO good!

Now, on to to some fun scrapbooking stuff . . .

Okay, I think this has got to be my FAVORITE layout in a while! I just love the whole "vibe" it gives off! I love the pictures (one each of us in our Halloween costumes), love the paper and colors, love the buttons and flowers, and just love the memories it reminds me of! Such good times this past Halloween, and this page just makes me happy looking at it!

I really wanted to highlight the group portrait we took on Thanksgiving at my parents' house, because it was a special day with my Grandma from Texas there to visit. So, I created this next layout for that! (The scan is really weird, forgive me for that! The paper is not different shades, like it looks here.) Circles have been all the "rage" in scrapbooking over the past year, and here I hopped on the bandwagon. It was very fun and freeing to do this in a circle--I think I'll try some more!

The title says: "So blessed at Thanksgiving and everyday" and journaling wraps around the picture. And I LOVE the American Crafts plastic and felt flowers. Fun!

(Stopping to eat another cookie. This one is a snowman-shaped on with lots of red frosting on it. YUMMY!)

Then lastly is this 2-page layout I did in honor of the 2006 Alabama football season. Some of the journaling says, "Even though we had a rough 6-6 season, I still love my Alabama football team and I always will. . . I went to college there and have wonderful memories of my time there. Why wouldn't I want my girls to love it too?" It's a challenge sometimes to do a multi-photo layout, but I loved all of these pictures from the season and I really liked how it turned out. And how cool is it that you can get Alabama-themed scrapbook paper?

Now that I've got those out of the way, how about some other sort of news? (Especially for my regular blog-readers who are NOT into scrapbooking and really don't quite understand my addiction . . .) Nah!!! I think I'll keep talking about scrapbooking, at least for a few more paragraphs! LOL

I'm SO excited becauseI'm working on some projects for the scrapbook store I design for (Scrapbook Mania), and I've set up several classes that I'm going to be teaching in January and February. I LOVE to teach and I can't wait to do these classes; I really get kinda sorta excited about scrapbooking (did you imagine that?), so I love to share my ideas with other gals!

My first class will be January 23 and is called "Spice Up Your Journaling" and will give tips, techniques, fun stuff on how to write better on your pages (and we'll create several pages too!)

Then, I'm designing this really cool album to put in the store (basically, the store owners give me new products and ask me to design stuff so that customers can come in and see HOW to use the products). This one is a really cool flip-top album (you set it on a desk and the pages turn over; does that make sense?) and it goes with the "Things I Love" class I'm teaching on Feb. 3 (this is gonna be a brunch too, which is kinda cool!). The album will be all about the things we love (hmm, for me I think the things will be--my daughters, my hubby, football or sports, faith, mysteries, blogging, scrapbooking, and whatever else I can think of!) I'm using these cool KI papers for the album . . .

Then on February 13, I'm doing the first installment of an every-month calendar class. I'm gonna lead the class in creating a 12-month calendar with a new, fun technique for every month. I'm using this fun Heidi Swapp calendar for it . . .

(Okay, eating another cookie. This is a green Christmas tree! How many calories do you think is in one of these? aagh!)

If any of you are close by, let me know and I can get you more information about the classes!

Thanks for indulging me with my talk of scrapbooking (I'm addicted . . . and I admit it!) And since I'm such a Scrapbooking Queen (or Scrapbooking Diva or Scrapbooking Cutie, or something), I really want Gary to get me this for Christmas.

Don't you think I'd look cute in it?

Have a WONDERFUL day and--whether you scrapbook or not--MAKE SOME MEMORIES!!!

(Oh, by the way, my new song on the blog today is by very favorite band right now--Barlow Girl. I LOVE them!! Take the time to listen to the song if you have a chance. Awesome lyrics!)

(I'm off to take a hot bath and sleep for the night--but I'm taking one more cookie with me. What does that make? 7 or 8 for the night?! Man, I had NO idea that blogging could be so fattening!)


Amy Mowbray said...

I love the Halloween layout too. Very cool. All the layouts look great.
I still can't believe I picked you and Adrienne. I had no idea that yall were neighbors; I didn't even know yall lived in the same city! Amazing.

Deb said...

GREAT layouts. So fun!

~Telah said...

Enjoyed your post! Gotta make us some sugar cookies husband LOVES them!

adrienne said...

Tee hee. that was funny lol and that shirt is TOO cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your layouts! Very cool! And I never noticed the music until today when my speaker was left on accidently. It was just loud enough for me to be wondering where was that music coming from and then I read the part about the music. Very neat!


Heather said...

Love all the layouts! You are very talented! The cookies throughout the post make me very hungry! Yum! I didn't know that you taught at a LSS...Wow! That is cool! Now I just need to know where you live in Bama???? Not sure on that yet???

beadinggalinMS said...

I love the layouts. You are one talented lady.
That t-shirt is so cute.
Congrats on winning the lights.
Oh yeah I believe all Christmas cookies are fat and calorie free. :)

Brown English Muffin said...

The first two layouts are my favorites!!! They look so super duper good!!! LOL

toya said...

very cool layouts and the calender is super cool, I started one but never finished it,, yep story of my life, lol,
have a wonderful day

maria said...

FABULOUS layouts! That Halloween one is SO CLEVER! I love the pictures and yes, it has a perfect "feeling" of just plain fun! I adore the one about Thanksgiving! PERFECT family picture and I love the circled titled around the photo! Such a great idea that I will just have to scraplift you next! :)
I so wish I lived close by to take every one of your classes!!

Phats said...

Your scrapbooks are really cool, if I give you all my pictures from my cheerleading days will you do one for me? HAHA JK!

Now, lets get down to business, share those cookies darn it

Ronalyn said...

LOL SCRAPICLICIOUS!! (SP?) that is awesome..

Oh girl.. still cracking up..


NMOTB said...

Those new layouts are great Cheryl!!! That is a stroke of luck with both you and Adr winning a prize - Well Done!!!! lol @ blogging being fattening!!!! You have got a full and busy calender already for next year - sounds great because you are going to be doing what you love!!!! Take Care!

Jolene George said...

The layouts are wonderful. I love how the focus is on the picture of the whole family. That is a picture to treasure since they are so hard to get.
Love that shirt...very cute.
I think I need to go bake me some cookies!

Ms.L said...

I have it on good authority that those cookies have ZERO calories in them.
true story!

Everything looks so great!
I really loved the Thanksgiving photo:)

Cheryl Wray said...

You guys are SO funny! I've been Christmas shopping all day and got back online and had 15 comments. Cool!!!
Amy--Can't wait for my pink lights!
Telah--I LOVE sugar cookies (and chocolate chip, and gingerbread, and brownies . . .)
Adrienne--Yep, i need that shirt!
Aimee--I wondered whether to put songs up on my blog. I think they're probably irritating to some people, but went and ahead and added it.

Cheryl Wray said...

Heather--You should come over sometime!! I live in Hueytown; the LSS I design for is close to Helena (maybe 20 minutes from Hoover)
Beady--So glad!! I was hoping they were fat-free!
Toya--You're so funny. I know what you mean . .. great intentions, but unfinished projects!
Maria--So sweet! Scraplift away! (And I hope you had a super birthday!!)
Phats--Sure I can do you some scrapbooks. For a price . . . and I'll throw in some cookies!
Ronalyn--(smile!) Barlow Girl is awesome!!!
New Mom--Everything in my life is fattening . .. since I'm always eating! lol
JG--Thanks! Go make some cookies (and share with the rest of us!)
Ms. L--Everyone keeps telling me they're not fattening, so I'm believing you!!

Tammy said...

I always have evry intention of scrapbooking but time and life get in the way and it does not happen - your layouts are stunning!!!

Greta said...

i need one of those shirts...

great looking pages...i see other people have the mojo flowing too....

Anonymous said...

I love that Halloween lo...I wish we did parties every year. They are so much fun. Thank you for your sweet my way has not been very rosey lately but I love seeing what everyone else is up to...I will get back to fun life soon I hope :)

Cinderella said...

You have got it going on!! I love your little scrap creations, you really do an awesome job with it.

I am eating Lemon Heads...ever hear of them? I can't stop eating them, talk about a sugar rush!! lol

Enjoy your bath ~


Redhead Editor said...

Oh crap. All I can think about now is eating Christmas cookies. Please send me some... NOW.

Josie said...

I love your thanksgiving layout! And with your talent...I think you NEED that shirt!

Renee said...

You are GOOD, girl. I'm going to start sending you my photos and let you create something for me! ;^)