Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Allure of Simple Gifts & Fun

Well, my kids are still enjoying their "big" gifts--Delaney is loving her Designers World game and her Pixter, McKenna still loves her DVD player, and Sydney's getting a lot of use out of her Dora cash register (and need we forget the Polly Pocket DVD that I truly believe she has watched 50 times since Christmas Day? LOL)

But . . . there's just something about a simple toy that sometimes makes them even happier. Delaney and Sydney each got a little bottle of bubbles and who could imagine that a dollar gift could make them so happy?

I snapped these photos of them outside playing with the bubbles. Just had to share . . .

(Also--see the purple Bama hat on Delaney's head? She has hardly taken it off since Christmas! Another smaller gift--from her Aunt Angel--that she absolutely loves! Sometimes it's fun to see what they end up loving the most!)

And speaking of simple gifts and joys . . . there is nothing I enjoy more about the holiday season than all of the good food! On New Year's Day, we enjoyed a wonderful Southern soul food meal filled with things like black eyed peas, greens, and barbecue ribs. And we had a yummy punch bowl cake and I made a chocolate trifle that was TO DIE FOR if I do say so myself! In fact, throughout this entire Christmas break, I have eaten WAY TOO much food--I'm afraid that I've gained a couple of pounds and need to take it much easier now.

So while I was thinking of how good I was going to be, look at what Gary had to bring home from work today as an after-Christmas gift from his boss . . .

These are the best chocolate truffles around--straight from France, no less! (And this comes after I ate an enitire package of Lindor chocolate--my favorite chocolates!) Please, Lord, keep the temptation away! LOL (The only good thing here is that Gary likes these too, so he'll help by eating some of them!)

In fact, as soon as I finish posting this I'm going to grab one or two of those truffles and pull out my new Maeve Binchy novel. Now, that sounds like a simply lovely way to spend a little bit of time before bed!

The joy of simple things . . . things that don't really involve a lot of money . . . sometimes things that are completely free . . . those are the things that really make life joyful and full of laughter and love!

Enjoy some of that today!


Miss 1999 said...

Yay!! I'm the first! Those pics were too cute! You know, it is funny how sometimes something that's so simple ends up bringing so much joy. At 28, I still love blowing bubbles. My mouth was watering reading about that chocolate-- I need some! ;0)

jessi said...

thanks for the sweet comments!!! this is such a cool way of reaching out and meeting people...I am looking forward to seeing what your blog brings over the year...I just added your blog to my list!!! and your girls are beautiful!!!and bubbles?? they are my kids favourite simple pleasure too...I love the simplicity that kids can bring to your life(and the!!! it's a nice balance)it really puts thing in perspective and makes one stop and really enjoy life!!! great photos!!! good luck with the!! have a great night!

Heather said...

I totally agree with you! Simple is the best and it amazes me how simple something can be and my girls just cling to it! Love the Bama hat! Mallory would love to have one in lavendar! We have been on coach watch all about you? Saban or not????

groovy said...


thanks for stopping in over at my blog. sounds like we can relate over the simple gift thing...i blogged about something similar last week referring to our most inexpensive gifts getting some of the most use-- a good lesson for me in years to come...

take care!

rhonda said...

LOVE the bubble pics! And gifts are just like is the simple things that matter and mean the most!
Happy New Year!

Traci said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl! Those are cute pics! I totally agree about holiday food. I certainly ate my share. But I started being good yesterday and really hope to stay that way. It's so hard. And you're right, sometimes the smallest things in life are the best. Let's keep remembering that in 2007! May it be a simple and fun year for everybody!

beadinggalinMS said...

Very cute pics of the girls and bubbles. I love bubbles and how much joy it brings not only the kiddos but us adults too. :)
PLEASE PLEASE indulge in 1 or 2 or 3 of those truffles for me. I think I would pass out with pleasure if I could eat one right now.

Jen said...

Yes isn't it so true how the children enjoy the "cheaper" simplier gifts....

You know what? I've never ate a Truffle before, what are they, other than the obvious candy, chocolate candy at that :)

I interviewed my family with your was that like pulling teeth and quite interesting :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Miss-I still love bubbles too!! They're fun! And the chocolate is so GOOD!
Jessi--I know--it's the coolest thing to meet people via blogs. I did just fine with the chocolate.LOL
Heather--Delaney LOVES that Bama hat. And I love it too (I'd wear it!). I think Saban's coming, but wer'e still waiting hear!
Groovy--Welcome!! I'm gonna go check out that post of yours!
Rhonda--Yes, the simple things are the best!!! Absolutely!
Traci--I've got to get better about my eating habits now too. The holidays kill me!!
Beady--I've eaten three truffles for you already this morning! lol
Jen--Chocolate truffles are just yummy! They are smooth chocolate on the inside and then some sort of coating on the outside. These have a cocoa covering to them. You need to try some! That's so cool that you interviewed your family with those questions!

Josie said...

Those photos are adorable. Cute little kids...! Our Munchkins seem to enjoy the simple things too. With all the video games, etc., they still love to play board games around the kitchen table.

Lucky you for being able to wear shirt sleeves outside at this time of the year.


aimee said...


Great pictures! It looks warm there. Your girls look like they are having fun!

maria said...

Ahhh, you are so right. I will never forget my daughter's second Christmas. We went out of our way to "spoil" her so to speak. Got her a huge doll house and dozens (literally) of dolls of different sizes for her to play with in the doll house. What did she love best and played for hours and hours after Christmas? The box in which the doll house was packed in! That Christmas she taught us a lesson. Children's imagination goes far. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to make a kid happy! :) Loved your post!

Cinderella said...

Children will always play with the cheapest toys or things. You could spend 500 bucks on a fancy toy and they could careless. But bubbles? They love em'! My kids play with bubbles all of the time...they also play with boxes too. Atleast that was the case on Christmas Day! lol =P

Cute pics!!

As ALWAYS!! =)

Cheryl Wray said...

Josie--Yes, it was warm that day! In fact, I'm wearing shorts right now too!
Aimee--Yummy is right! They are SO good!
Maria--Boxes are a big favorite in our house too! Sydney especially can entertain herself for hours with one!
Cinderella--Boxes and bubbles are both great! Thanks--I thought the pics turned out great too!

Kentucky Gal said...

I've just developed a passion for truffles myself...those sound really good!!
Enjoy your simple pleasures!!

Ms.L said...

Haa,I'm 33 and still get a kick out of bubbles,lol
Those photos are great!
But now you've ot me craving chocolate again..time to break into the stash;p

Missy's Blog said...

I absolutely Love, Love, Love this comment you made ...

The joy of simple things . . . things that don't really involve a lot of money . . . sometimes things that are completely free . . . those are the things that really make life joyful and full of laughter and love!

And oh my .... how true it is!!

NMOTB said...

Happy New Year to my favorite family from Alabama - Damn I have missed blogging!!! (It is going on 11pm here and we just got in about a half hour ago). I see I have alot of catching up to do, so will be around again to do just that!!! Say hi to Gary and the girls!!!

Linda said...

It is a delight to meet you Cheryl. Thanks for visiting. What a great post. I believe you're right about the simple gifts. I know I'm getting old because I don't even know what some of those toys are!!
You're a girl after my own heart - chocolate and a good book. Just can't beat that!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Tammy--Man, are these truffles good! I ate more today; they are definitely dangerous! lol
Ms. L--Bubbles are good at any age! Go ahead, break into the stash!
Missy--Glad you enjoyed my thoughts! I do think often forget to relish the simple things!
New Mom--YAY!!! So glad you're back! We've missed you!!! I will say hey to the family for you!!
Linda--So glad you stopped by! Yes, chocolate and a good book is the best!!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh.... I'd love to try the punchbowl cake....The kids loving the bubbles reminds me of my kids when they were babies..they loved to play in the boxes that stuff came

Loved the photos and your blog..

Candy said...

Warn me when you are going to make me hungry with a post! LOL!!!
I love the photos- my daughter loves bubbles too! :o) It is nice to see them like the big & little! Great Post!!!

chanel said...

those chocolates look like they have my name on them ... LOL! great pics, we do lots of bubbles in our house too ... such good fun!

Susie Q said...

Such sweet pictures...and your comment at the end of the post is so perfect and true. The loveliest moments are the most simple...

Thank you for reminding me.


Cheryl Wray said...

Songbird--The punch bowl cake is so yummy! I can email you the recipe if you'd like!
Candy--Sorry I didn't warn you about the food mentioned! I will have to come up with a Warning Label to add to my blog next time. LOL!
Chanel--They have my name on them too! I've eaten WAY too many!
Sue--Glad it touched you somehow! Simple is better, absolutely!!