Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Football, Football, and oh my goodness,
some more (really good!) football!
(And, oh yeah, this is my Random Tuesday post)

One of my VERY favorite things about the end of the year and the beginning of the year is all of the football bowl games that will crowd my television! And, believe me, I watch every last one of these games! We went to my in-laws yesterday for New Year's Day lunch and they all laughed at me because my father-in-law gave me permission to leave the "adult" table after the blessing and retire to the living room to watch the football game I was currently engrossed in (Arkansas vs. Wisconsin). They know how much I love it!

There were some disappointments (Arkansas--which is the team I rooted for as a child because I grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas and my dad was a professor there-lost; Tennessee, another SEC team which I hate during regular season but root for during bowl season, lost), but were also some exciting games. USC surprisingly routed Michigan and I was glad to see that!

And there have been some other good games over the last several days and week. Alabama--my team, for those of you who may be new blog buddies; I'm a UA graduate and a home game season ticket holder--lost to Oklahoma State, but actually showed some offensive life for the first time in ages (So Roll Tide, anyway!). And Texas Tech had the biggest turn-around in bowl history, scoring like 35 unanswered points to win their game.

But the very BEST game I have seen in ages was tonight--Oklahoma vs. Boise State. Those of you who don't even like football could appreciate this game, I think! Boise State is a non-BCS conference team (from the WAC, of all places!) and no one really expected them to have a shot. But they came to PLAY, you could tell! They hit hard, tackled hard, ran hard, did it all right--but then had Oklahoma come back from being down 28-10 to tie the game and then to go ahead with just a minute to go on an interception. Gary and I were almost crying, and we aren't even sure where Boise State is. LOL! But then, on a 4th and 18 with less than a minute to go they called an unbelievable call and tied the game (I had already gone to take a bath and Gary had to yell at me, so out I come dripping with bubbles to watch the overtime part of the game!)

Well, Oklahoma got the ball first and immediately scored a touchdown, so Boise State had to get a touchdown or it was over. Again, it went all the way to fourth down and they got the touchdown on a great play! But then the gutsiest play call of all! They could've just gone for the extra point and sent it into double overtime, but NO!--they decide to go for the two-point conversion and win it outright. And it worked with this really cool really cool "pretend I'm passing-but then sneak it behind my back to a running back-and let him score the touchdown" call! We were clapping, Sydney was yelling "Touchdown! Touchdown!" (she's 2-years-old, remember!) and we acted like we were Boise State fans or something! It seriously was the best game I've seen in a long time!

I just love this time of year!! (Have you figured that out yet?)

Now . . . for those of you who could really care less about sports or are already tired of your husbands watching so much football this week . . . I'm sorry! But thanks for indulging my crazy obsession anyway!

Which, brings me to my Random Tuesday post for this morning!

I had this really cool 2006 In Recap post, but I'm going to hold off on it until next Tuesday because, well, football got on my brain. So, I thought I would ask everyone the following questions (Remember: share your answers with us here in my comment box or let us know if you post it on your blog; or just answer what you want! No pressure. It's all just for fun anyway!!)

So, the questions and my answers . . .

1. Do you even like sports?

Well, duh (as my daughters would say!) . . .I love any and all sports! My dh says I will watch any game no matter what teams are playing and he's pretty much right! But . . I don't really like Nascar or NBA basketball. But, heck, I'll even watch bowling on tv. Pretty bad, huh?

2. Who is your favorite team (any sport, doesn' t have to be football!)?

My team is, of course, the Alabama Crimson Tide! Love em--even when we have a 6-7 season (but our basketball team is 13-1 and ranked #8).

I also love the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL and also root for the Texas Longhorns and Arkansas. I love the Atlanta Braves in baseball.

3. Do you have a favorite sports movie?

There's Remember the Titans, and Field of Dreams, and Rudy . .. but the best has absolutely got to be "Hoosiers." Best ever!

4. What sport have you played yourself?

I'm so very NON-athletic, which is kinda funny since I'm such a big sports fan. I played softball one year on my church team when I was maybe 13 and it was VERY traumatic. (I played outfield and just prayed that no ball would come to me!) I did cheer in 9th-10th grade and that is a sport, I think! But that's about it! (I now live vicariously through Delaney, who at 10 is an awesome softball player!)

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Ohio State or Florida?

I know, I know . .. EVERYONE is picking Ohio State, but I gotta go for Florida because they're in my SEC! I really think they have a shot at it (and, besides, #2s win a lot more of these games than the #1s).

That was kinda fun.. and I hope this will be a way for me to get to know even more about all of my blog friends!

And I know that a lot of my "regulars" haven't popped in yet, so don't forget to go back to the last few posts and see my Christmas and New Year's updates.

I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year's Day and I guess that most everyone is heading back to work and trying to get used to "normal" life again. It won't be "normal" for another week here, because the girls don't go back to school until next Monday. So . . . we will try and stretch the holiday fun out for one more week at least!

Happy Random Tuesday, and leave a comment!


Jeff said...

Well, a sporty question. You already know where these answers are going, but here they are anyway.

Do you even like sports?
Only hockey really. I never got into football (even though I went to UA, which is a major football school). If I had to pick a second sport it would be soccer, becuase it has a smiliar speed to it.

2. Who is your favorite team? Detroit Red Wings hockey! My hometown team (I grew up in Flint, Mich.)

3. Do you have a favorite sports movie? Gotta agree with Cheryl that the best is "Hoosiers." I don't really like basketball at all, but that movie is great. Also love "Field of Dreams" and for hockey nothing beats "Miracle."

4. What sport have you played yourself? Hockey. And have also played softball occassionally, although very poorly.

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Ohio State or Florida? No idea... I guess I'll just say Ohio to go with the crowd.

Silent One ~D~ said...

You sure do love your football!

When my husband is changing the channels... I get him to pause it a moment or two on the football games... LOL Not to watch the game. He does know who is playing and just keeps track of the score... but I watch for a brief momemt, to see all the fans!! HOLY MOLEY!!! College ball... and there are THAT Many people in the stands!!! WOW~

1. Do you even like sports?
Yes I do like sports. Being Canadian... I love hockey. But it isn't a must watch on tv. My husband and son... well they have to watch all the time. My favourite of course... is watching my son and daughter play hockey. Now those games... I really get into.

2. Who is your favorite team?Besides my Son and Daughters teams... I guess I will stick with Hockey and say my home town team. Calgary Flames!

3. Do you have a favorite sports movie? NO!!! I will not watch a movie based around a sport.

4. What sport have you played yourself? When I was young, yes. Now, no! I played soccer and hockey as a teen.

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Ohio State or Florida?
Football right.... uuummm Florida

Amanda said...

Holy cow, you did a GREAT JOB blogging over the holidays! You look SO CUTE with that martini glass in your hand...what kind was it?? I was in bed at 10:30, we were pooped and so were our kids....just SO MUCH going on over that holiday week! Happy 2007 my friend!!

aimee said...

I am a Red Raider fan so I was so excited that Texas Tech came back! Amazing!

The OU/BSU game was quite exciting! I watched it with my husband and was engrossed.

And I am really not a sport fan..

1. Do you even like sports?
Well, I am a big fan of the Olympics and will watch the occasional "big" game, but not a huge fan of it.

2. Who is your favorite team?

3. Do yo have a favorite sports movie?
Now those I do like. I love Glory Road, Field of Dreams, Cinderella Man and Cars.

4.What sports have you played yourself?
I played tennis in high school.

5. Who will win?
Probably Ohio State. Just because my husband said so.

Happy New Year!

Andy said...

1. Do you even like sports?

2. Who is your favorite team (any sport, doesn' t have to be football!)? FOOTBALL: AUBURN (SORRY CHERYL) AND THE NO SAINTS AND THE COLTS! WE ARE ALIKE WITH THE BRAVES AND GO LONGHORNS TOO. :)


4. What sport have you played yourself?

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Ohio State or Florida State.

that was fun cheryl. thanks. hope your new year was great. well i saw the post and it looked like it was. i want a margatita. :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Jeff-Hockey, hockey, hockey!! I just can't get into it, although when i watch the Olympics I always enjoy it! I guess I need to give it more of a chance, huh?!
D--Yes, the crowds at college games are WILD! At our Bama games, we have over 90,000 fans there!
Amanda--I did pretty well with my blogging over the holidays. not every day like normal, but still pretty good. My martini? A yummy pineapple martini. SO good!!
Aimee--Go Tech! That game was so exciting!!
Andy--Oh, an Auburn fan? That's okay--it takes all kinds! ha ha! I also love The Legend of Bagger Vance. A great movie!

Lara said...

That Boise state game was AMAZING!!! :)

Another college football fan checking in here...my dad played for BYU, so I would be disowned if I didn't love football.

To answer your questions:

Do you even like sports? Yes. I love college football and I also enjoy baseball, but only live. Can't handle it on TV.

Who is your favorite team? BYU. Dad and brother played for them, I am an alumna. Go Cougars!!!

Do you have a favorite sports movie? I really love Remember the Titans.

What sport have you played yourself? Ha ha. I am not too athletic. I had a stint at city softball while young, but failed miserable. I have given up playing sports for doing more creative things like music and theater. I'll stick to watching the sports...I won't get hurt that way.

Who will win the national championship game? My husband and I always like to go for the underdog, so I'll say Florida.

maria said...

1. Do you even like sports?

I'm pretty bad at any sport you can think of, except maybe Bowling...and even then I totally suck...LOL. They seem like fun, but I've never been sporty. In fact I was the kid at school every one faught NOT to have in their team. Really!

2. Who is your favorite team (any sport, doesn' t have to be football!)?

I have no favorite per se. DH is a Dallas football fan and because of that I get to have a lot of Dallas memorabilia at home. I guess because of that you could say I'm a Dallas fan by default. He also is a big Basketball Lakers fan.

3. Do you have a favorite sports movie?

I loved "Remember the Titans" and Field of Dreams.

4. What sport have you played yourself?

Bowl. Pretty much that's it. In HS I played basket ball and volley ball although I pretty much sat and watched the stars play! Any time I got a chance to play, I was so bad at it that the coaches would soon replace me. Blah. I've gotten over it with time. LOL.

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Ohio State or Florida?

No idea. But I love reading your enthusiasm about sports and your fav teams!

Jenn S said...

1. Do you even like sports? OK...I have to say it...you know it's coming...my favorite sport is HUNTING! Nothing like being out in the woods and a deer or turkey start coming your way, and you know you're about to get a shot at it! Your heart starts beating faster and you get that adrenaline rush! I also like baseball/softball and some football (Auburn...hehe). I like to watch beach volleyball and I like NASCAR. Cheryl, if you ever went to a NASCAR race, I think you'd like it...all those cars coming by you at once, wow!

2. Who is your favorite team (any sport, doesn' t have to be football!)? I like Auburn football and I like watching any baseball. We like to go watch the Barons play.

3. Do you have a favorite sports movie? I know this isn't totally about sports, but I like "Radio".
4. What sport have you played yourself? I've played volleyball when I was a youth in our church league and that's about it. Didn't have much support early in life for sports.

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Ohio State or Florida? I have absolutely no idea!!! not really into that...

Susie Q said...

That game last night was amazing!! And the player proposing to his girlfriend at the end!?? It was like one of those favorite movies!

I LOVE Rudy and Hoosiers by the way!

Now, gotta go with Ohio State cause, well, I practically grew up on that campus! My mom was a grad and has always had tickets. Sis in law and brother were at the Michigan/OSU game this year!

I live in Ohio ya know so, gotta go with them!

I hope everyone's sports wishes come true!


Cheryl Wray said...

Lara--That was one of the best games I've EVER watched! Didn't know you were a BYU girl. That's why I love blogs--we're from all over! I always go for the underdogs too, so go Florida!
Maria--SO funny about your bowling! I love to bowl, but I also suck at it!! So it's definitely just for laughs!
Jenn--I should have known it would be about hunting! LOL How can you not care about the championship game? ha!
Sue--Didn't know you were a OSU girl. Cool!! Your Buckeyes might just win it--everyone thinks so!

Cindy Barb said...

1. Do you even like sports?

Consider I was raised around boys, Yep, I like sports. All kinds, football, NASCAR, and Baseball

2. Who is your favorite team (any sport, doesn' t have to be football!)?

ALABAMA - Dallas Cowboys and Red Socks.

3. Do you have a favorite sports movie?

Well of course, who doesn't. Let's see... I will even give you some quotes to the movie's.

(1) Remember the Titians:
"According to Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power! Well, that football field out there tonight, that's our universe. Let's rule it like Titans!"

(2) Days of Thunder
"The drivers can't stand to be reminded of what can happen to 'em in a race car. They don't go to hospitals. They don't go to funerals. You get a driver to a funeral before he's actually dead, you've made history, darlin'."

(3) Million Dollar Baby:
"How many eyes do you need to finish this fight?"

(4) Biran's Song
"I love Brian Piccolo. And tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him."

(5) "3"
"All I want to do is race, Daddy."

(6) A League of Their Own
"Hi, my name's Mae, and that's more than a name, that's an attitude."

4. What sport have you played yourself?

Softball - 6 years - Fast Pitch - Pitcher

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Ohio State or Florida?

No worries - Flordia will take it!!!

Cindy Barb said...

Opps!!! One MORE:::::::

League of their Own

"There's No Crying In Baseball!"

Amy Mowbray said...

Roll Tide!!
1. Do I like sports?
Yes. NFL.

2. Who is your favorite team?
Redskins, Saints, Colts and Bears

3. Favorite Sports Movie?
Does Forrest Gump count?

4. What sports have I played?
Does kickball count? Actually, I played volleyball.

5. A prediction-I don't know because I watch NFL.

Design Goddess said...

Now I can see why you and Phats get along so well!! :D

I can't say I'm a sports fan, but I do love playing softball. I played from the age of 8 to 16 and then a few years in my 20's.

Last but not least, I'm picking Ohio State b/c I'm from the state of Ohio! :)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh.. I love questions..lol

1.Yes, but mostly only baseball. My 12 year old son wants to play professionally someday(big surprise..lol)
2.Favorite Team: Cardinals, of course
3.Fav sports movie: Jerry McGuire
4.I used to play vollyball in highschool. Now, I just watch..
Is walking a sport?
5.I'll root for Florida to win..

Happy New Year!

Cheryl Wray said...

Cindy--I LOVED your movie lines!! When Gary coached Delaney's Sweetee team (like when the kids were 4-6), we'd always tell them, "There's no crying in softball!" Too funny!
Amy--Well, Forrest did play for Bear Bryant, so I guess it counts!! lol
DG--Yes, Phats and I both love sports!! That is too cool aboutyou playing softball. My Delaney is an awesome player!
Songbird--Hee hee, you're about like me. Walking is the only sort of sport I can handle!! I also love Jerry McGuire!

Pat said...

Of course, my answer is Roll Tide!
Do you think we will have a new coach tomorrow?
Great questions, by the way.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yeah, I live in Arkansas now and I think that the whole state, whether or not you even care about football was highly disappointed. :(

Delaney said...

Do you even like sports?
Of course i LOVE sports!Softball is my fave.(baseball is good too,but I dont play that)Football is good,but I kind of get tired of it when my mom doesnt watch anything but football.

Who is your fave team?
Well,in football I love Alabama,ROLL TIDE!and Notre Dame,GO FIGHTING IRISH!
In baseball im an atlanta braves fan.

Do you have a favorite sports movie?
I would have to say Remember The Titans and I love Glory Road.

what sport have you played?
(Lots of people know this,even people that come to my parrents blog)I play softball.Ive been playing for 6 years.

A prediction:who will win the National Championship? I think Floridia will win,even though lots of people are saying that Ohio State will.But I think that alot of the time #2 has a better chance than the #1 team.

Cheryl Wray said...

Pat--Yes, Roll Tide! Well, we will know one way or the other by 9 tomorrow morning. I really think that Saban could go either way, so we may have a new coach or we may be starting all over again. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it though! lol
Tisha--Didn't realize you were in Arkansas! I grew up there so I know how to call the hogs.
Delaney--You just crack me up!! And I love that you visited and commented on my blog. So fun!! yes, I think everyone knows how much you love and are great at softball! Now if I could only convince you that Notre Dame stinks!!

Miss 1999 said...

*Gasps* You just can't hate Tennessee, granted, it's ok to hate Ol' Phillip, but ya gotta love the Vols-- Ok, I'm a Tennessean, what can I say ;0)

Phats said...

I am only commenting on your blog so far do you feel special? haha!

Here are my answers
1. Is the Pope Catholic? I quite frankly think I am addicted to sports, and that I am too obsessed with them :)


3. Hoosiers FOR SURE!

4. Well in HS i played varsity tennis all four years, but in college I opted for a different sport, I was a cheerleader. It quite frankly was the best time of my life.

5. OHIO STATE will coast. I was surprised by 3 games so far, UM getting beaten, Wisky and PSU beating two good SEC teams, that told me that FLA probably has no shot, seeing as how OSU killed PSU

Cheryl Wray said...

Miss--Well, I don't exactly HATE Tennessee but they aren't my favorite team in the world! I would enjoy beating them again!! lol (But please don't hold my Bama love against me...)
Phats--YAY!!! You're back!!! I also was shocked by the losses by Arkansas and Tennesseee, but it goes to show you that you just never know during bowl games! The Michigan game was a suprise, but not so much to me! I knew USC was still good! But the BEST game so far has to be that Fiesta Bowl! WOW!!!

Lisa L said...

1. Absolutely love football, go Boise, awesome play calling, I love that kind of stuff (when it works). The first time I ever saw that play was when Jake did it and Andrew Spradlin came around and got the ball from behind Jake's back and it worked like a charm (their 9th grade team). I can't believe I saw it, because I desparately need instant replay when I watch a football game! I also love to watch gymnastics and ice skating. I love high school basketball, the atmostphere can't be beat, all that noise and banging on the bleachers, that small enclosed area, the enthusiasm level is usually way up there. I don't watch it on tv.
2. Rollllllllll Tide, Roll! And, love the gopher - Go Hueytown!
3. I'm over Rudy, watched it too many times or something. But never get tired of Hoosiers. Jimmy was so awesome, and at the end where he says, I'll make it and then makes it! Gives me chills.
4. Cheered in jr. high and that's about it. What's that Dirty Harry line? "A Man's got to know his limitations" works in my case, too.
5. I am pulling for Florida, anytime the SEC can look good, I'm for that. Even with Auburn and yuck, Tennessee.

And, Jennifer, I bet you're right, if I tried hunting or Nascar I might enjoy it, but I don't know. It's definitely the bambi syndrome at work in me.

Stephanie said...

1. Do you even like sports?
2. Who is your favorite team (any sport, doesn' t have to be football!)? Red Sox, Patriots and Notre Dame (Yeah I know Cheryl...boo to me hehe)

3. Do you have a favorite sports movie? RUDY :)

4. What sport have you played yourself? Softball, still teaching my boys baseball, since neither my hubby or ex hubby play.

5. A prediction--Who will win the national championship game? Boise

Delaney said...

Im with you, Stephanie, I LOVE Notre Dame. But no one else in my family likes them. SoIm always cheering for them alone.