Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Monday Morning!
(A Random Recap and Some--well, Random--Photos!!)

Sounds like a random kind of day, huh?

It's 7:20 am and I'm trying to get myself to be an "Up and At Em" kind of girl this morning, but it's kinda hard. Delaney is in bed, feeling the after-effects of a sick-y day yesterday (after church, she came home and pretty much moped around all afternoon, missed softball practice, and felt all-around sickly and yucky); McKenna is getting ready for school. And, me? I'm still trying to wake up!!! I do NOT like Monday mornings, that's for sure!

How about a morning recap of the weekend activities?

Let's see. The highlights include . . . tacky fashion shows, kisses from the hubby, musical performances, basketball, football, and a lot of just normal, everyday, cleaning and laughing and eating and reading and surfing (Web, that is--I WISH I was at a beach) and talking.

Some details, you say? The tacky fashion show came Friday night while Jaelyn spent the night with Delaney. Delaney was itching for someone to come spend the night in her new room and Jaelyn was her first invite. Whenever a friend stays with Delaney, the night eventually evolves into involving a tacky fashion show (find the tackiest clothes in Delaney's dresser and closet and wear them in as tacky a manner as possible, then get judged by whatever judges are around--usually that means me!)

The kisses from hubby came with Date Night on Saturday. Yay!! We went to Chili's with a gift card we still had from Christmas from Mom and Dad. So nice to get to go out with Gary, have grown-up talk without the children, eat some good food, drink some good drinks, and steal a few kisses. Nice!

The musical performance came when we arrived home from dinner. The girls had prepared a musical show with "Hannah Montana" and "Cheetah Girls" songs--using Delaney's new "stage" in her room. It looks like McKenna was choreographing and doing the lead singing, with Delaney right behind her. Sydney would not be outdone and was singing and dancing along with them. It was priceless!!

Basketball came in the form of a Alabama victory (after being down to Georgia at one time 18-2, we came back and won on a last-second shot. It was the only time we were ever ahead in the game! Woosh!). Football came with the NFL playoffs and ONE of my teams won. I was sad to see New Orleans go down--I was really cheering for them for all the sentimental reason. But was so glad to see Payton Manning and the Colts finally make it to the Super Bowl and their win yesterday over the Pats was one of the greatest comebacks ever. Down 21-3 at one time, they came back to win with a minute to go in the game. Really exciting!

And then you know about all the other NORMAL stuff I mentioned!

This week is shaping up to be a busy, busy one!! I have four articles to write by Friday (Thank Goodness some assignments came in) and I have my journaling class tomorrow night. Busy is good, though!

(And now for a few photos--of Delaney and Jaelyn in all of their "tacky" glory!! LOL)

(those were Sydney's feet in mis-matched shoes. She had to get involved, of course!)

And I did say that this was a Random post today, didn't I? So, I had to pop one more photo in here before I leave. Our cats Midnight and Chit Chat love to sit and stare longingly out the sliding glass door in our dining room. Because it's been so cold lately, that's really all they do--stare longingly--because they don't dare go outside. I wanted a pic of them sitting there and right before I clicked the button, Midnight turned around and looked at me!

Well, it's time to take McKenna to school. Hope your Monday is great!


aimee said...

You have a good week! Good luck on writing your articles!

Adrienne said...

Cant' wait to see those pics!! LOL

maria said...

Have fun with your writing articles and your class! I wish I was coming to the class. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of course.

Amanda said...

Ohhhh, I love kisses from the hubby!!!! Sounds like a good Landon has the "BLAH'S" too today...UGH!

NMOTB said...

Good Luck with articles and all the rest you have planned. Hope D feels better real soon!!! Take Care

Gareth said...

If I was Gary right now I would be a little peeved that you didn't consider your kisses with him as the BEST highlight instead of relegating it to second place because that's like being picked last for a school sports team. It's ok, I got over that disappointment years ago (crappy teacher) ;)

Are you going to let this slide Gary or must I ALWAYS fight your battles for you you little whimp. Oh I seeeee how it happens around here, Cheryl barks out the orders and Gary goes and plays on the floor with his toy cars. Niiiiiice. *joins Gary on the floor* Can I play too Gary? Cheryl is scaring me right now!!! :)

Gin said...

Love those pics of the girls. Too cute!!

Dawn said...

I love the two un-matched shoes ... too cute! Meet all your deadlines and feel great about yourself. Hope all the kids feel well all the time. Have a good week. xxooxx

~gkw said...

Gareth - Listen I live with 4 women... I'm always wrong, I know it, and I'm AFRAID to claim to be "right". You should see what they did to our boy cat!!!

Nancy said...

I loved the date night the best and kisses with Hubby, that is just icing on the cake. Keeping your marriage alive and well is very important and it sounds like you have things under control. Have a great week full of blessings.

Cheryl Wray said...

Aimee--Thanks! I hope I can get it all done!
Adrienne--Just put them out there, as you can. Just precious, don't you think?
Maria--Oh, i wish you were close by and could come. And I wish I could come to your classes too!
Amanda--Nothing like kisses (and more--wink!) from the hubby!
New Mom--Thanks! D is already feeling better. Thank goodness!
Gareth--Gary knows his kisses are #1 in my book. LOL (He better if he knows what's good for him!)
Gin--thanks! they were cute!
Dawn--Thanks for the sweet well wishes!
G--Poor You! I think you do pretty well to be surrounded by 3 girls and a girl cat! (kiss!)
Nancy--I am definitely blessed!

Reg said...

My HUSBAND likes Hannah Montana and if I have to see the Cheetah Girls ONE MORE TIME...I MAY YELL " go Tide" :-)

melissa said...

super cute photos ;) it sounds like you had an awesome weekend.

lots of luck with your articles!

NMOTB said...

The pics are very cute!!!!

Coleen said...

Whew I am exhausted just reading about your busy life! THe girls look so great, love the idea of a tacky fashion show. I am in one EVERYDAY!

Glad you had such a wonderful week!

Josie said...

I love the girly fashion shows and I hate to admit this...I think Hannah Montana is know for a kids show : 0 )

Andy said...

the tacky fashion show looks like fun. sounds like something my sister and i did with our friends when we were growing up. the cats at the door were cute too.

Steph C said...

Booo to the Colts (hehe), but boo to my boys too, they messed up big time!
Hope Delaney feels better real soon and tell them the fashion show was a hoot!!!
Gorgeous kitties:) Glad to hear you had a fruitful Monday.

Brown English Muffin said...

Midnight really is MIDNIGHT...if her/his eyes weren't open there'd be nothing but a ball of hair sitting there.

angel said...

isn't that just so typical of cats!?! greebo just knows i'm aiming a camera at him- even when he's asleep!
as for your girls- sounds to me like you have a singer, haute couture designed and a writer on your hands!