Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year . . . and "Hello 2007"!

Well, we just counted down from 10, the ball dropped, we gave each other hugs and kisses, and the clock rolled over to 2007. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

(Sorry, that's the best picture I could come up with! I definitely know one of the first things I'm going to do in 2007--wash that gray right out of my hair! ugh!)

I haven't posted since Friday, but I wanted to wait until today to post again so I could wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope that you all have had a fun and safe New Year's celebration and that you are looking to 2007 with excitement and anticipation!

What did we do to celebrate the New Year? For the first time in years, we did almost absolutely nothing! McKenna had a big all-night-long youth celebration with kids from three different churches (they're staying up all night playing dodge ball and laser tag, listening to a live band, eating pizza, and doing other assorted teen things! Sounds like fun, huh?) None of our friends planned to do anything together for some reason (actually, a few had to work tomorrow and two of our couple friends were kid-less for the night so they were doing "couple" activities), so we stayed at home.

Let's see ... our excitement was cooking a pizza, baking a cake for a get-together tomorrow, and shooting off some fireworks! But then we ran into Adrienne outside while we were doing fireworks, and Jaelyn came over to spend the evening with Delaney. So, it was really pretty fun after all (at least for the girls!)

Here are a few pictures of those festivities:

The kids doing fireworks out on the road in front of our house (sorry for the white faces; I used the flash on my camera and it didn't work entirely like I hoped!) . . .

Yes, that's my 2-year-old holding a sparkler! Go ahead and call DHR on me--lol! Actually, I could not believe Scout! She wasn't afraid at all of holding them and was running around wanting to see all the action! She is something else! . . .

Delaney putting on a "show" with her sparkler . . .

Jaelyn and Delaney yelling "Happy New Year" for the camera . . .

How did all of you celebrate the evening? I'd love to live vicariously through those of you who went dancing or out to eat or to fun parties!

One thing I like to do every year is make some New Year's resolutions. I know, I know . . . I rarely keep them, but I did actually read somewhere recently that you are 50% more likely to actually keep your resolutions if you make them in the first place. And 45% of Americans make them every year, so I guess I'm "normal" for that!

I found online several lists of the Top 10 resolutions made every year. One list said that the top ones made by Americans were: 1. Lose Weight, 2. Exercise, 3. Quit Smoking, 4. Quit Drinking, 5. Be a better person, 6. Spend more time with family, 7. Spend less time on the Internet, 8. Be more organized, 9. Get out of debt, and 10. Be more spiritual.

I really thought that list was pretty good (although I don't really have any unhealthy vices like smoking or drinking, I probably could spend a little less time on the Internet and could definitely lose a few pounds. And every year I want to be both more spiritual and more connected to my family. So, I guess those are pretty accurate in a lot of ways!)

Actually, the resolutions I am going to try and stick to this year include: Work on my mystery novel (I know, I know, Gary, I can already hear you groaning .. . "stop talking about it, Cheryl, and just write it!" I have written plenty of nonfiction stuff over the years, but I really desire to have some fiction published. But I don't feel near as confident in my fiction-writing ability, so it's harder for me to know if what I'm writing is "good." But I just want to be able to say I DID it. Hopefully, this will be the year for that!); Be more patient with my children and husband (I tend to get impatient when things aren't done my way and I let it out by either being short with my kids or being sarcastic with Gary, so this is definitely a room-for-improvement with me!); Don't procrastinate quite so much (probably my worst habit!); Drink more water and not so much caffeinated drinks (although it's hard to cut back on my Diet Dr. Pepper!); and Be more intentional in my spirituality (pray more, do daily readings, and really see others through the eyes of my faith).

Do you make resolutions? If so, would any of those on the Top 10 list be on yours? If not, what are some of the ones you're making this year? I'd love to find out about your goals--and then maybe we could even keep each other accountable!

I honestly do want to say that one of the biggest blessings and rewards of 2006 was getting to know so many of you via my blog! I really feel like I have made some true friends from this fun little tool--which is really weird to me, that a computer could draw people together! But, hey, it's 2007-- anything's possible in this technological world of ours!

So--Happy New Year to all of my online friends--and I wish you MUCH, MUCH happiness and fulfillment in the year to come!

(And, oh, lookie and listen to my video today. It's the #1 song for 2006 and, for some reason I can't fathom, I really found myself liking it! I'm really kinda embarrassed to admit it, but I guess I'm bringing Sexy back . . . lol! Enjoy, for at least a day or two--until my dh or someone else begs me to take it off of here!)


Missy's Blog said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve together!! Here's hoping you finish your mystery novel and it becomes a best seller!

Happy New Year!

Jeff said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl!
You guys spent it low key just like we did. It's just too much of a hassle to go out in the city, so we stayed close to home...actually spent most of the day watching the Ugly Betty marathon on ABC Family (we LOVE the show and even though we'd seen them all first one, it was fun just to have it on all day). And for the evening it was just quiet and peaceful.
As for new year's goals (I tend to shun the word resolutions), here's the summary:
1) Better fitness (yes, this is one off the Top 10 list).
2) Complete the novel I did the first draft of during National Novel Writing Month back in November.
3) Write more fiction in general.
4) Get back to volunteering again
5) Improve my shooting skill in hockey.
I elaborate on all of the details over on my own blog.
Cheryl: WRITE THE BOOK! Having survived NaNoWriMo and coming out of it with the first draft, I know it's possible to do it no matter how busy you are. WRITE THE BOOK! :)

Tawnya said...

Happy New Year Cheryl!
We didnt do anything here really. Dwight and I went out for dinner together without the kids but picked them up by 8pm and then back home. They went to bed. Dwight went back to painting the basement (carpet is being installed tomorrow morning WHOO HOO) so he has been working hard on getting it all ready for that. I basically did nothing. Loved it though. We were gone for a week for Christmas and just returned so doing nothing was perfect for me :)

As far as resolutions... well... gosh I have a lot in my mind but havent put anything down on paper yet... will need to do that though huh?

Ok.. better run, kids are awake and ready to roll! lol

Have a great day! ENJOY EACH MOMENT! Love, Tawnya

Heather Jewell said...

You are the one that got me hooked on that Video Cure and so I started it on my blog....and I always find it interesting to come and hear what starts playing on my computer...this morning...after very little sleep last night...I just started kids and husband are yelling "What is that playing?" More later when I can compose myself! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Missy--We did have fun, even if it was low-key! Oh, you guys are gonna have to keep me motivated to write it!! Happy New Year to you too!
Jeff--Hey friend!!!! I bet NYC is crazy on New Year's Eve! I actually noticed that Ugly Betty marathon on--I've watched it two or three times and really liked it, but hadn't watched enough to totally know what's going on. Need to get caught up!Your goals sound GREAT and thanks for the novel motivation! I MUST do it this year!!
Tawnya--I know what you mean about sometime just enjoying being at home and doing nothing (especially after a busy Christmas!) Have a wonderful day today!!
Heather--Hee hee!! Sorry I disrupted your family this morning! LOL See ya again soon!!

Gareth said...

What grey hair?? ;)
Have a fantabulous new year Cheryl with Gary and the kids. Don't let them hold you back lol.
Here's to an amazing 2007 for you and your offspring, and Gary too :)
Happy New Year

maria said...

How fun! Thanks so much for sharing! I was eagerly anticipating your new post my friend. So glad to see it this morning. Happy New Year! And yes, WRITE THE BOOK...can't wait for that! Hope this year will bring many blessings and dreams come true!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl

It's going to be tough going back to work tomorrow, after the holidays, but I'm going to try to make this the best year yet!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl

It's going to be tough going back to work tomorrow, after the holidays, but I'm going to try to make this the best year yet!

Jen said...

Happy New Year Cheryl!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gareth-Oh, there is SO MUCH grey hair up there that my blonde locks are getting lost in all of it!! I also think I need a haircut, a face lift, and maybe a few pounds off--now that I look at that picture again! LOL Hope you have a wonderful New Year too!!!
Maria--You're just so sweet!!! With fellow writers like you supporting me, hopefully I can actually meet that resolution!
Songbird--Yuck, going back to work tomorrow!!! I will not try and do any work really until the girls go back to school next Monday. So, a few more days of sleeping late. yay!! Hope you make it through the day!
Jen--Happy New Year to you too!!!

Carmel said...

Happy 2007!!!

Nancy said...

Happy New Year and best wishes on that novel. 2007 may be your year!

angela said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics!! happy New year!

Kentucky Gal said...

I'm scared to death of fireworks...must be because a bottle rocket chased my pregnant self years ago...I dunno...
Happy New Years to you and yours!!

Greta said...

happy new year....we didn't do much either and that is ok because i kinda liked it

Greta said...

oh yeah where has toya and adeienne been???

Cheryl Wray said...

Carmel--Happy New Year to you too! I hope your 2007 is great!
Nancy--Happy New Year to you too! I will cross my fingers that i actually get some of it written!
Angela--Thanks! We must get together soon!
Tammy--Oh no! I can see how that would make you scared of fireworks!
Greta--Happy New Year to you!! Well, Adrienne has just taken a break from blogging but she said she'd be doing a post tomorrow (I'm pretty sure!). She was gonna catch us up on everything! And Toya, I'm not really sure! Her blog says "under construction." I will ask Adrienne about her!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Bring that sexy back, girlfriend!
I've got a couple on the top ten list, like lose weight, eat healthier, spend more time with family, get organized...blah blah blah. We'll see if it happens!
Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Pictures are great.
Happy New Year!

Susie Q said...

Looks like a wonderful new years!! Low key is always great...especially with family and close friends!

I hope you find time to work on your novel...I too want to write more and get something else published! I wish you all the luck in the world!!! Aw heck, you don't NEED luck! You have talent!

Happy New year dear Cheryl...may this year bring you many blessings!


Anonymous said...

Love that song. ha! --even though i'm also a little ashamed to admit it--
Happy new year!


Silent One ~D~ said...

fireworks are illegal here....
so we have never had the fun in playing with them.

Love the photos of the kids with the sparklers...

We didn't nothing on NYE

I think tomorrow morning I will post about the NY's goals or resolutions.

Have a great Year!

jessi said...

wow...happy new year and thanks for the visit!!! my new year has brought me a few new visitors on my blog and I love meeting new people!!! ours was a quiet new years and was nice!!! aside from scrapping we have a daughters name in common as well!! I have a delainey...she turned one on the 8th of dec.!!! browsed through your scrap blog too and I thoroughly enjoyed you LO's...they were great!!! have a great night!! jessi

Cheryl Wray said...

Tisha--Yep, Sexy's back. Ha!! Happy (Sexy) New Year!!
Sue--We will have to encourage each other in our writing! Hugs to you too!
Gin-It's kinda addictive, ain't it? lol
D--Fireworks are fun.The kids always get excited when we have them! Can't wait to read your list of resolutions!
Jessi--Yay! Another new blog friend! That is TOO cool about your Delainey. Mine was born when we thought the name was totally original, but now I hear of a few every once in a while! Will love to get to know more about you--and your scrapboking! It's pretty much my fave thing right now!!

delaney said...

Happy New Year,Everyone!
I hope everyone has a great year in 2007 and everyone had a good celebration!I know i did!

Jenn said...

Hey..looks like you had a ball!! We were supposed to go to a friends house but Hunter and I had a 'lil stomach bug. Mike went spent the night playing Video Games with his best friend. We spent the night with Mom and Dad and had a "party", Hunter's fav word now. Not like I had planned but still had fun:) Atleast I talked to Mike at Midnight:)

angel said...

i am LOVING justin timberlake- the more i hear him...
happy new year to you too! we also had a quiet evening with friends and family.