Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Fantasy Football Signing Day . . .

You all know what a Sports Freak I am, so of course yesterday I was glued to the sports radio and the Internet trying to get all the news about the football recruits coming into colleges all across the country. Yesterday was National Signing Day (the day that high school seniors officially choose where they will play football) and I was SO excited to see Alabama get ranked as the #10 recruiting class (this after having a brand-new coach, so I think we did great). We got some really good players and I'm excited to see how they do in the future!

I can't imagine how exciting it would be to be a football player (or their parents) and see these big-name colleges take an interest in me. Ahh, the choices--where do I go to college (and let them pay me for going?)?

Players can take five official visits, so I got to thinking about where I would visit if I were a recruit. I decided that Iwould travel to:

* The University of Texas, because I was born in Texas and my dad got his PhD from UT and I had my first real "religious" athletic experience when I was on campus around 1980 and heard "The Eyes of Texas" played at dusk with The Tower rising up behind us. Pretty jaw-dropping!!

* The University of Arkansas, because I really "grew up" in Fayetteville and the Razorbacks were my love for a long time. The campus and the town is just beautiful (tucked into the Ozark Mountains) and who can't love a team that screams "Woo Pig Sooie!" as its cheer.

* The University of Alabama, because this would obviously be my first choice if I was an athlete living in this great state. Besides, I actually went to Alabama and I'm now a huge fan; I LOVE my Crimson Tide and there is nothing like it nowhere! The stadium, the tradition, the campus, the "Roll Tide," the feeling I get putting on the crimson shirt and the elephant earrings . .

* Purdue University, because my blogging friend Phats was a cheerleader there and is about as gung-ho about his Boilermakers as I am about my Crimson Tide. So, there's got to be something pretty good going on up there in Indiana!

* The University of Hawaii, because DUH who wouldn't pick Hawaii as one of their five visits. I'm wondering why EVERY recruit doesn't make a trip out there. Sand, surf, the beach, pina coladas, AND football--that's a dream come true, isn't it?

Well, when all was said and done, I'd have to pull out my signing sheet and my pen and then make the dramatic gesture (like all of these players are doing these days at their press conferences) of reaching for a tropical lei to make it look like I was headed to Wakiki and then pulling back and grabbing my houndstooth hat. Gotta go to Bama and play for the Tide!!!

What colleges would you travel to, if you could go anywhere?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And a few other things . . .

* "Lost" was AWESOME last night!!! What did you guys think? I just loved the glimpses of how "The Others" got to the island (with the Juliet flashbacks) and the whole tease at the end with Juliet saying that Ben told her she could go home (can they REALLY do that?). And thank goodness Kate finally did what Jack told her to do ("Run, dammit!") And I'm so ready next week to get back to some of my other characters! A good 16 weeks coming up, I believe!

* I had a few people comment on my post, wondering what sort of cookies those were on here yesterday. They were SUPER simple and easy, and oh so good. Just did a batch of frozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and then as soon as I took them out of the oven I squished some Candy Coated Hershey's Kisses into them. Instant Valentine goodness!!!

* I know I talk about food too much (LOL!--sorry Jessi!), but I forgot to mention that yesterday was World Nutella Day! Nutella (for those of you who haven't discovered it!) is a creamy chocolate hazelnut spread and is scrump-delicious! You find it close to the peanut butter in the grocery store and you can spread it on anything and you can also cook with it. (I have several recipes that I've tried that have turned out great!). My current fave way to eat it is spread on a toasted croissant. Yum, yum! So go celebrate today . . .


* I also had a few people comment yesterday (and also a few other times in the past) on whether I might provide some instructions for some of the scrapbook projects I've posted. Dawn was wondering how to make the books from yesterday and I know that Angel and a few others have said they wished I could do some sort of online instruction. If some of you were interested in that, I might think about starting a separate blog with that sort of stuff on it. Let me know if you'd be interested!

* Feeling better today--thank goodness! I still have Snot Nose, but I am feeling better. Yesterday I couldn't help but feel better with the weather hitting 60 degrees! I wore short sleeves all day. So nice! (Of course, it's cold in the morning--hence, my sinus problems!!)

* Busy day today (putting some projects together for this weekend, working on an article or two, doing some random housework that really needs to get done), but all good . . .


aimee said...

I had always wanted to see Duke University and I actually got to a few years ago. It was amazing.

Lost was amazing! Can't wait until next week!

Glad you are feeling better!

~Telah said...

I've been to Duke sister works on the campus. It's beautiful. I have been to the Notre Dame Campus too and it is quite amazing. I would love to just go around and visit all the campuses of the major universities.

Glad you are feeling better!

jessi said...

so glad you enjoyed lost!!! I am that excited over Survivor starting tonight!!! sooooo cannot wait for that!!! I love your food don't ever take that part of your blog away...LOL!! I have decided that a little drool is's okay!!!LOL!!!! and I agree...if we ever would be a feeding would be sooo much fun!!!
Can't answer about the coleges...good old canandian would probably stick local...and (don't tarr and feather me)I am not a sports fan!!
glad your feeling better...have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... chocolate chip cookies, nutella, eyes glazing over now.

Gareth said...

Oh that's a really interesting question about the football. I'll have to think about that because I have to leave now so it will give me something to do whilst I'm driving home from work lolol. But Pittsburgh would be my #1 choice for sure ;)
See you in a while :)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...


I would have paid GOOD money to hear what Ben was saying to Jules!!! OMG! FANTASTIC! ANd tonight is GA! Life is GRAND!

NMOTB said...

Ok, glad to see that you are feeling abit better!!!! I just love nutella, my brother and I always used to take the bottle and go and eat it in our rooms - UNDER OUR BED!!! hehehe

I think a seperate scrapping blog is a fantabulous idea (As from the end of this month, i will hopefully be joining Angel and her Mommy Darling for scrapping on Friday nights) YOU GO GIRL!!!!

BTW - There is a pick of the cake on my flickr (in my side bar)

Take Care and love to all!

scrapperjen said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!
I watched Lost with DH last night but hadn't seen in it in a couple of seasons - I was LOST!!!!!!! :D
As far as colleges I'd like to see - Hawaii - for sure! Harvard and Yale - just cuz and just about anywhere else, I guess.

Gareth said...

Ok so I did a little research on the colleges and holy moelly I'm even more confused now with what colleges are what than I was before I started :P

University Of Pittsburgh because Pittsburgh rules!
Ohio State University because DG lives there
University Of Texas because the weather is good there
University Of Indiana because Dee Dee lives there
Iowa State University because I have relatives that live in the state

Exam over lol.

Amanda said...

Girl please, I LOVE NUTELLA!!!! I would love some instruction on the books! I would do one for sure!

............Aimeslee said...

Cheryl I finally did a Tuesday meme challenge of yours, albeit on Thursday but oh well. You are the most prolific blog poster, and I said as much on my blog, LOL. You have me beat, and I thought that was impossible. Of course, it's all fascinating.....!!!! ;-) *hugz*

Michelle said...

Yes we were so excited to finally watch Lost again! Although it still leaves me with so many more questions! I don't think they'll let her go home, at least not yet. Didn't the preview look like they were leading her away with her hands behind her back?

World Nutella Day? What will they think of next! It would be nice if everyone could have received a free jar of it at their local grocery store!

Phats said...

WOW!! my Boilers got a shout out!! WOOHOO

I hate Duke