Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Q & A with Cheryl...

Last week, Gareth asked me a question via my comments section and it got me to thinking (I know, I know, it's always a little bit dangerous when I start to think!). "Cheryl," I thought, "That would be a fun little thing to do as a post someday." I answered myself back in the affirmative and, as a result, I bring to you . . .

Question & Answer Time with Cheryl!

One of the coolest things about blogs is that they help us make new friends, meet interesting people, learn new things, and basically expand our horizons. My little corner of the world as been pushed outward because of this blog, and it is just an absolute joy getting to know people from everywhere--people who I truly think would also be my friends if they lived right next door.

So, in an effort to let you get to know me better, I'd love for you to put any question that you'd like me to answer into my comment section today and tomorrow. It can be a silly, goofy, "just for fun" question; it can be a question about one of my areas of expertise (writing--since that's what my actual educational background and work is in--scrapbooking, parenting, etc.); it can be a question about my hobbies or my favorites, or my experiences, or my philosophies, or my daily life, or my family, or my background. Just pop a question into the comments section and I'll pick three or four to answer starting Friday.

Should be fun!!!!

Now, on another note...

I've decided that Brown English Muffin is my new BEST FRIEND!! She noticed my age on my post yesterday and said that I looked nowhere close to 38, but more like 31 or 32!! You are TOO sweet!!!! lol

Gary goes back to the doctor today; this time to a cardiologist who wants to run some new tests. Hoping that goes well.

A busy, busy day today and the rest of the week. I'll be heading out of town today and will also get to see my parents, so I'm looking forward to that.

Softball is rolling along as always, and life is very full!!

Hope everyone's week is going well!

Can't wait to see your questions!!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

OH IM FIRST! I hope all goes well with Gary!!!! Keep me posted!

Gin said...

Okay, I guess I can start with a question since no one else is jumping in yet.

You talk about food a lot (ha!), so what is your favorite place to go out and eat?

Gareth said...

I like being the inspiration behind posts. It gives me a real sense of worth and achievement, lol.
I read your response a few posts ago about how/why you started scrapbooking so don't be thinking that I missed it ;)

Ok question: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened inside your home?

Mississippi Songbird said...

About how many scrapbooks do you own?
I know you love it..

~Telah said...

I got a question for you, Cheryl. How did you land a spot on the design team for you LSS?

Stephanie said...

Ok, you asked for it gf!! LOL
What was the first pick up line Gary used on you? And did it work, or did he have to try harder to impress you?

See, me soooo bad hehe!!

Cindy Barb said...

Out of all of Gary's family, who is your favorite? For real, not a joke. But who would you say you would know and read your thoughts the best?

Phats said...

OOO i have a question!!
If you had to put together a starting offense and defense, with a head coach from every guy that's ever played at Bama who would you pick as your starters? and your coach. Too complex? if so what's your favorite color haha

Michelle said...

what a neat idea!

My question is, "what is one of your happiest memories from childhood?"

Good luck at the cardi appt today!

Marg said...


If you could have a dinner with three living people and three people from the past who would they be>

Tammy said...

My question is...what kind of skincare do you use?
PS...would you please send me an email so that I might capture your address...I have started answering comments via email...
Thanks a bunch!!

jessi said...

oh are a brave women!!! good wishes for gary tomorrow!!! my question to you...hmmm...okay, I got it!!

we all have those "oh my gosh did i seriously just do/say that" moments that make us laugh our bottoms off later down the road...what is one that keeps popping up in conversation because people think it's so funny they just can't let it go???

does that make sense?? I'll be brave and give you an example...eek!! this was like 8 years ago and we lived out on a farm...the washer wouldn't work for i phoned my hubby to see if he could figure out the problem so that I could possibly fix it...he asked me to explain the problem, what wasn't working, what kind of sounds it was making...I told him nothing was working. He asked if it was plugged in...plugged in?? you have to plug a wahser in...I thought it ran off water??? need electricity to make the water work!!! I still hear about it...LOL!!! keep in mind i was 21 and this was first experience in owning my own washer!!! so lets hear yours!!!! have a great night!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Great questions everyone!! I'll see what other ones come in today and then I'll post tomorrow with a couple of answers!!
Fun, fun!!

scrapperjen said...

I hope all goes well - update us when you can.

Here's my question: What do you like to read and write?

Brown English Muffin said...

Yeah I have a new bestest friend!!!

I really meant it I hope you know that I wasn't saying it just to hear my own thoughts!!

Please keep us updated on Gary and his appointment.

Jen said...

Good luck with the cardiologist...I bet he's got the same thing my Mom had...very rare too.

Well, I think you look 23, :) How's that for kissing up to a blogging buddy :) LOL

Where is your dream vacation?

aimee said...

I am one of those who didn't stop by yesterday so thanks for giving me a chance.

Here is mine: Why did you decide to give your daughter the nickname Scout? (Ever since reading To Kill a Mockingbird I have loved, loved that name!)

maria said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the second chance to add questions! :) Here is (are) mine:

When was the point in time when you decided you wanted to become a writer? What was it about writing that became such a passion for you? Can you describe your earliest memories of how you knew this was your life calling?

Rene said...

Oh my... So many questions that could be asked!!!

Hmmm. Well, I'm a major foodie. So, what is your all-time favorite meal?

And what's the strangest combination of foods that you think are fabulous, but if you explain them to someone else, they may call in the men in white coats?

And more, non-food-related questions:

How did you and Gary meet?
What was your first job ever?
Who is your favorite writer?

Fun! Thanks!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Praying for you..