Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Tuesday . . . Movie Time!!!!

Okay, with the Academy Awards over and done with (I didn't watch it again this year . . . I used to LOVE watching awards shows and when I was a child I would beg to stay up late and my Mom would let me watch them every year... but for some reason now I just don't have the patience in dealing with the long, overdrawn shows when I can just read an online review the next morning... pretty bad, huh?) .... I thought that a movie-themed Random Tuesday would work this morning for all of us!

So, I came up with this fun little meme for us to answer and share with each other. You know the drill--answer the questions and post in my comments section if you so desire (and have nothing better to do! lol), or just comment about my answers, OR post the meme on your own blog and let us know where it's at. Fun, fun, as usual!!

Here are the questions--

(1) Did you see any of the Oscar-nominated Best Pictures from this year? If so, were they good?
I'm sad to say that I saw absolutely NONE of the nominated pictures this year. But, I really WANT to see "The Departed" now that it's won. And I really think that "Little Miss Sunshine" sounds like my sort of humor! Maybe I'll rent them sometime soon.

(2) What 5 movies would you put on your All-Time Best list?

Okay, this is a SUPER HARD question, because I love SO many movies. So I'm just going with the first five that come to my mind (realizing that I'm sure I will think of 5 different ones as soon as I write and post this), but I'm going with
* "Star Wars," just because of the whole love of science fiction that it brought out in me and the memories I have of seeing it for the first time (on a very BIG screen in Austin, Texas, when I was just 8!) and the craziness it developed in me for wanting to see all the subsequent Star Wars movies over and over!
* "Braveheart." Perhaps my very fave Best Picture winning movie (well, along with the next one listed); I love epic, historical movies and this has got to be one of the best. When I saw it at the theatre, I was literally HEAVING with tears (and I could hear MEN doing the same thing all over the room!)
* "Forest Gump." EVERY TIME this movie comes on tv, I get sucked into it all over again! I cannot see it on tv and not watch it. This may be my other fave Best Picture movie, because it is just so amazingly moving. It blows me away with its message of what one person can do to uplift someone else and make their life meaningful. Forest's unstoppable love for Lieutenant Dan and Jenny--wow!!!
* "Say Anything," because (for one thing) it has my very favorite boy toyJohn Cusack in it. I love all of his movies, but this one is my very favorite. And I truly think it is the BEST teen movie of all time!
* Oh boy this is hard--which final one do I go with? A WHOLE bunch I'm thinking of right now, but let's go with "Raising Arizona," just because it's so darn crazy and it has some of my favorite lines of all-time in it! ("Son, you got a panty on your head!" sorry . . . lol)

(3) Who is your favorite "eye candy" movie star?
Uh yeah, that would be the aforementioned John Cusack.

(4) What is a favorite "classic" movie?
I love so many of them, but a few would be: "It Happened One Night," "It's a Wonderful Life," "The Maltese Falcon," and "To Kill a Mockingbird."

(5) Who is your favorite "classic" movie star?
That would have to be Jimmy Stewart. Just amazing in everything he did!

(6) What movie star have people said you look like?
Gary has always said Sarah Jessica Parker (I knew there was a reason I loved him!) and in college (back in "Fatal Attraction" days) people said Glenn Close (a little bit of a scarier choice, although she is a fave of mine; who, by the way, starred in "Out of Africa," which should have made my Top 5 list too. LOL!)

(7) What is your favorite movie snack?
Hands down, no doubt about it... Movie Popcorn with extra (layered) butter! Yumm-o! I wish I had some right now. I'd be eating it for breakfast!!!

Well, there you have it!! I would LOVE to hear your answers too! (If you don't have a lot of time, you can also just pick and choose and answer the questions you like!) This will be a really fun way to learn just a little more about each other!

I also found a few cool movie-related things at various blogs and websites, and thought I'd share...

* Go to THIS blog and it has a list of the AFI's Top 100 movies of all time. You are supposed to go through and mark the ones you've seen and then pass it along through your blog. It was a longer list than I wanted to share here, but still a cool idea!

* Thought this was a cool bloggie thing that I found HERE. You type in your birthdate and it tells you how much older and younger you are than movie stars and how old you were when certain movies were released. Pretty neat-0! This is what it told me...

You are 38 years old and about:

49 years 7 months younger than Zsa Zsa Gabor, age 88
38 years 3 months younger than Clint Eastwood, age 76
32 years 7 months younger than Burt Reynolds, age 71
28 years 7 months younger than Nick Nolte, age 67
21 years 6 months younger than Billy Crystal, age 59
18 years 10 months younger than Whoopi Goldberg, age 57
16 years 1 month younger than Robin Williams, age 54
12 years 2 months younger than Tom Hanks, age 50
7 years 5 months younger than Eddie Murphy, age 45
1 year 11 months older than Jennifer Lopez, age 36
10 years 6 months older than Jennifer Love Hewitt, age 28
19 years 7 months older than Haley Joel Osment, age 18

and when these movies were released in the U.S. your age was:

The Godfather: 3
American Graffiti: 4
Jaws: 6
Star Wars: 8
Animal House: 9
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: 11
ET: 13
The Terminator: 16
Top Gun: 17
Planes, Trains & Automobiles: 19
Steel Magnolias: 21
Home Alone: 22
Wayne's World: 23
Jurassic Park: 24
Forrest Gump: 25
Fargo: 27
Saving Private Ryan: 29
Toy Story 2: 31

(Okay... I really don't like that I'm so much OLDER than some of these stars. But I guess I still got a lot of them who are older than me! yay! lol)

So, there you have it. Some fun Movie Love to share around Blog World!

Can't wait to hear from some of you!!

(You know, I'm already hating that Top 5 movie question. I've already got some more on my mind . .. Lord of the Rings (all three!), Steel Magnolias, Raiders of the Lost Ark, When Harry Met Sally... yikes! I forgot so many of them!!)


~Telah said...

Hey Cheryl! I just wanted to be the first to comment on your blog today! My aren't we both up late! Have a great Tuesday.

Miss 1999 said...

You know, I totally missed all of the awards shows this year. I used to be really into watching them, too, but for some reason, they've just lost their luster.

I did really enjoy some of the movies you mentioned-- Star Wars, Forest Gump, and especially Say Anything. I walked down the aisle to "In Your Eyes," the love song from Say Anything.

PS: I loved the little age thing, too! I did that a few years ago, and had forgotten about it-- thanks for posting it :0)

Phats said...

Hmm I am such a tv boy it's not even funny but I will do this JUST FOR YOU! now if Bama takes our spot in the tournament then you owe me big time. here goes

1- 0 i don't go to the movies.
2- 1. Hoosiers
2. Silence of the lambs
3. Grease
4- To Kill a Mockingbird
7- Snocaps baby!!

Sorry I Am just not big on movies :(

maria said...

Answers on my blog...I can't believe this time I actually did it! :) I got up super early this morning after a sinus headache woke me up...so Internet therapy is simply the best, LOL.

ronalyn said...

That's a lot of questions. ha ha! I used to watch the awards show too.. Get this, we bought Departed.. it's still wrapped up yet.. have not seen it yet.. no time! Heard only good things though!! That's all I got girl! ha ha! take care

Amanda said...

I can't play with you today, because I'm about the most NON-MOVIE PERSON you will ever meet. I don't watch them and couldn't tell you one movie star....okay, I could tell you one, but I don't know many. I did see Dreamgirls and I know Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar! How is that? :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Telah--I am ALWAYS up late!! Pop on line around midnight and I'm pretty much here!!
Miss--I just LOVE that you wlaked down the aisle to In Your Eyes. Love that song and love that scene from the movie! Very cool!!!
Phats--Oh boy, I am SO depressed about basketball right now. I really don't think we're gonna make it into the tourney. We have been playing awful!!! (sad, sad) I could have already guessed Hoosiers and Reese, of course!!
Maria--Oh yay!! I'll go read them asap!!!
Ronalyn-- You're so funny!! It was kinda long! I also am excited about seeing The Departed. looks really good!
Amanda--Ha ha!! I wish I had time to watch movies more than I do! Yes, knowing about Dreamgirls counts!!

Gareth said...

I've never really got into any of those award ceremony thingies. I always get thrown out the door and then sometimes I try to climb in through the back bathroom window but they have security posted there too now :'( Teehee.
Yeppers, Jaws was released the year that I was born. I wonder if I'll get an oscar for that or maybe a big fat check from Mr Spielberg. I'll go and wait for it to arrive ....

Jen said...

Okay here it goes!
You said your birthday is 12 / 20 / 1975
which means you are 31 years old and about:
56 years 10 months younger than Zsa Zsa Gabor, age 88
45 years 7 months younger than Clint Eastwood, age 76
42 years 10 months younger than Kim Novak, age 74
39 years 10 months younger than Burt Reynolds, age 71
35 years 10 months younger than Nick Nolte, age 67
34 years 8 months younger than Ann-Margret, age 65
28 years 9 months younger than Billy Crystal, age 59
26 years 1 month younger than Whoopi Goldberg, age 57
23 years 5 months younger than Robin Williams, age 54
19 years 5 months younger than Tom Hanks, age 50
17 years 1 month younger than Jamie Lee Curtis, age 48
14 years 9 months younger than Eddie Murphy, age 45
5 years 5 months younger than Jennifer Lopez, age 36
3 years 2 months older than Jennifer Love Hewitt, age 28
12 years 4 months older than Haley Joel Osment, age 18

and when these movies were released in the U.S. your age was:
Star Wars: 1
Animal House: 2
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: 3
ET: 6
The Terminator: 8
Top Gun: 10
Planes, Trains & Automobiles: 11
Steel Magnolias: 13
Home Alone: 14
Wayne's World: 16
Jurassic Park: 17
Forrest Gump: 18
Fargo: 20
Saving Private Ryan: 22
Toy Story 2: 23

Gareth said...

LMAO WTG Jen - you saved me from doing mine because I see you are only 16 days younger than me so everything is more or less than same :)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Great post! Love your Tuesday posts! LOL, and I did see Dreamgirls lol

aimee said...

1. I saw Little Miss Sunshine and loved it! It was such a good story!

2. Wow, this is hard...Umm, Lord of the Rings Trilogy for sure (does that make 3 or just 1?), Forrest Gump (for all the reasons you said), The Story of Us (beautiful message), The Color Purple (so amazing), Harry and Sally.

3. Hmm, right now? :) Viggo or Orlando (both from LOFR)

4. Singin' in the Rain

5. Have no idea.

6. Several people have said (and always people at a dentist office, don't know why) that I look like Drew Barrymore.

7. Hot Tamales (and this is why I have to go to the dentist! Ha!)


Misty said...


Rene said...

So fun!!! I missed the show this year, too... Believe it or not, I was watching Season 1 of The Highlander on VHS during the show... =) Can't believe how many "non-movie" people have posted - I didn't know there were so many of you!!! I'm a movie fanatic... Here goes:

1. Ooops - already answered this one - nope!
2. Life is Beautiful is, without a doubt, the best movie ever. Hmmm... American History X, Rob Roy, Dead Poets' Society, and Sideways. Wow, that was NOT easy... The list is SO much longer.
3. Again, this is really a long list... But to pick just one... Today I will choose Ed Harris. Ask me again tomorrow and who knows who I'll say!
4. Just saw Casablanca for the first time and I must say it's fabulous!!! But I've got a soft spot for My Fair Lady.
5. Audrey Hepburn.
6. There's not really anyone that people say I look like... At one point, my dad said I favored Scully from the X-Files (tv, not movies, so this doesn't really count) in one picture that was taken of me. My nephew pointed to a picture of Julianne Moore and said "that's Nay"... Oh, but I wish!! (mind you, he's 2 1/2...)
7. I've got to agree with Hot Tamales...

PS - You've GOT to see Little Miss Sunshine... I've seen it 3 times and would see it again!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gareth--I can't believe that you try and crash these awards ceremonies! Tee hee!!
Jen--That was fun, wasn't it? But boy you are young! lol
Gareth2--Glad that Jen could help you out! lol
Adrienne--I want to see Dreamgirls!
Aimee--That is so funny about teh people at the dentist office saying you look like Drew. I think she's such a cutie! I will have to see Little Miss Sunshine!
Misty--Hey you!!! Well, I will have to see it now. Great recomendation from you!!
Rene--ooh, Life is Beautiful IS wonderful!!! How could I forget that one? I also love Casablanca!

Jane said...

Really enjoyed reading this post! Like you I used to watch the oscars all the way through, as a student I even hosted Oscar parties!! Now I am content with reading who won online and yes, I will admit it.....checking out the pictures of all the dresses! Oh and by the way.....thank you for your compliment!!! ;)

Ms.L said...

oh Oh Oh I love Forest Gump!
I think that's one of the best movies ever made:)

I didn't watch the show,or see any of the movies either,but I am for sure going to rent An Inconvienent Truth and Little Miss Sunshine.

Brown English Muffin said...

What a liar you are so NOT 38...I would have guessed 31 or 32....liar liar pants on fire!!!

You look good for 38 is what I'm trying to say!!

Andy said...

1) Did you see any of the Oscar-nominated Best Pictures from this year? If so, were they good?
i saw "The Departed" and wasn't all that thrilled with it. "Crash" was much better last year. i want to see "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Babel"

(2) What 5 movies would you put on your All-Time Best list?
* "Troy"
* "Star Wars,"
* "Braveheart."
* "X Men"
* "Lord of the Rings"

(3) Who is your favorite "eye candy" movie star?
jude law or matthew mcconhey (however you spell it)

(4) What is a favorite "classic" movie?
"my fair lady"

(5) Who is your favorite "classic" movie star?
audrey hepburn

(6) What movie star have people said you look like?
i hate answering this question because i don't think that it's true. but sandra bullock and my best friend says that i have some julia roberts mannerisms (whatever that means)

(7) What is your favorite movie snack?
yep cheryl that is it. movie popcorn. with m&m's in it. :)

Michelle said...

I remember when I was younger I used to enjoy watching the award shows (including the music ones) but I'm just not interested anymore!

When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies!

Cheryl Wray said...

Jane--I hosted a few Oscar parties in my college days! So fun! But now...I'm like you. I just don't get into it like i used to!
Ms. L--Yes, FG is one of the best EVER! I am looking forward to renting Sunshine for sure.
Muffin--Ooh, I love you! You're my new best friend! lol
Andy--Oh, Jude and Matthew are both yummy! And I also love The X-Men!
Michelle--I think I'm gonna have to get When Harry Met Sally out and watch it again!

Tammy said...

Loved this post Cheryl...it brought to mind many of my favorites...but I just wanna say...movie ain't a movie without the popcorn...and since I hit 40 there has to be some chocolate somewhere near too and an ice cold diet drink...you know to cancel out the calories!!

Greta said...

i don't like them either because all the movies that win are ones i never heard of and then if i have heard of them and actually saw them they sucked....so there you have my summary...bwhahahahah

Josie said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs...I don't think I could just pick 5 top movies...off the top of my head
You've got mail
steel magnolias
mystic pizza
ferris bueller's day off
I could go on and on, christmas movies would have to be their own category : )

Gin said...

Lord of the Rings
The Notebook
Breakfast Club (yep, i'm a child of the 80s)
HP movies
and I love all the old musicals

Susie Q said...

What a neat idea! I hope it is okay if I share it on my blog!
I LOVE the awards shows and have seen some of the films. I am a movie junkie but don;t see as mmany now as we did before Grace. We do see a lot of things she can see though!
LOVE your blog as always and am so happy that I can now catch up reading blogs! No Internet was a bummer!!

Love to you all,

Jeff said...

Ack! I can't believe I haven't been here before to get answer the movie stuff (that's the kind of week it's been since I've been back).

Here goes:

1) Did you see any of the Oscar-nominated Best Pictures from this year? If so, were they good?
I saw two of them: The Queen and Little Miss Sunshine. They were both excellent. The Queen was quite powerful and moving. Little Miss Sunshine was just quirky fun. I plan to see the other three on DVD soon.

(2) What 5 movies would you put on your All-Time Best list?
* Dead Poets Society: One of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. It really affected me when I saw it in the theater in 1989 and still does today.
* Out of Africa: Beautiful story, beautifully shot with awesome acting.
* Star Wars: One of the first movie going experiences I remember in its entirety. I was eight and my mom and I camped out at the mall on a Sunday afternoon/evening to get tickets and get into the theater. And, of course, the movie was incredible.
* Beautiful Thing: A small British movie about two teenange boys who end up falling in love with each other. It's got the music of The Mamas and the Papas to add just the right tone to the movie. It's one of the first movies Will and I saw when we started dating.
* Rent: I love the play and I love the movie. It captured six of the eight members of the original cast and it's perfectly done (at least I thought so, I know a lot of people didn't).

(3) Who is your favorite "eye candy" movie star?
Heath Ledger. Whether it's the kinght-wannabe in A Knights Tale or the tourtued soul in Brokeback Mountain he is always looking really good.

(4) What is a favorite "classic" movie?
I'll give two: Now, Voyager (1942) with Bette Davis. It's a great story about a woman coming out of her shell and finding romance. The Sound of Music (1965). The movie that got me hooked on musicals and makes me wish we could all just break into song on a whim.

(5) Who is your favorite "classic" movie star?
Bette Davis. She made so many great films (and so many "good" bad ones) and really help paved the way for women to have a certain amount of power in Hollywood.

(6) What movie star have people said you look like?
I get Bruce Willis a lot since I shaved my head.

(7) What is your favorite movie snack?

And since we're talking movies, a moment to plug Will's website. If you like "bad" movies -- things like Xanadu, Flash Gordon and the 1976 remake of King Kong, check out Cool Cinema Trash.