Friday, March 16, 2007

A Dirty Picture (LOL) and Weekend Plans

I couldn't let this post go by without sharing a Dirty picture with all of you (no, it's not a picture of me in my pajamas again; or even a picture of my dirty kitchen--now that would definitely NOT be something to share), but a picture of Delaney getting very dirty in the mud this past week at her Thunderbolts practice! (And then one of the whole team posing in the mud!)

How priceless are those? They are SO going on to a scrapbook page!

(They were celebrating their win in last weekend's tournament with a fun practice. Delaney does tell me that this wasn't just for fun, but it actually WAS a practice. They were practicing sliding techniques into second base. They just happened to do it into a big, huge, watery mud puddle!)

Well, what do you have planned for this upcoming weekend?

We are leaving tonight for a Saturday tournament with Delaney's team again. It is in a town about an hour and a half away, but Gary and McKenna are working the tournament again for photography and will need to set up around 7 am. To make it easier (since D doesn't actually have to be at the ball park until closer to 9), we are staying in a hotel tonight.

Scout has been talking about it ever since I told her about it yesterday. Last night when Gary got home from work, she ran to him and squealed (no, really, she SQUEALED--her favorite method these days when she's excited about something): "Guess what, Poppy? Guess what? We are staying at a hotel next day (this is how she says 'tomorrow'). I'm so excited!!" (then proceeds to jump up and down repeatedly!)

I'm kinda excited too. Remember how I said that ANY sort of traveling makes me happy? Well, even going away for a night sorta does it for me. So, I'm excited like Scout myself.

Tomorrow is also St. Patrick's Day, but with the tournament going on we probably won't do anything. Not that we really ever do anything, but we always make it fun by wearing green and pinching each other (LOL). I always make some green goodies, so I did that last night as an early celebration since I couldn't do it tomorrow. I made chocolate cupcakes covered with fresh whipped cream and decorated with green M&Ms, and made a yummy green punch (strawberry-kiwi Kool Aid, Sprite, and lime sherbet.)

I will also try and watch some more NCAA basketball when I can over the weekend. (I already have four losses on my bracket, including the very surprising loss by Duke last night to VCU by 2 points at the buzzer!). Then on Sunday, we will be back for church and the regular activities for that day.

I'm still planning on answering a few more of the Q &As that you all gave me last week; I have three more questions in particular that I want to answer but I'll probably do them some time next week. So, I guess that's something for you to look forward to . . . Ha!

Well, it's still sorta yucky and drizzly outside and the weather has cooled down considerably (it's gonna be the high of 60 tomorrow which really stinks compared to the 80 degrees we had just a few days ago!), so I'm not really motivated to do too much. BUT, I need to pack some stuff for our overnighter tonight and do some other errands. So, I guess I need to get off the computer and go do that (although I'd really rather sit here and read blogs for the next hour. Well, wouldn't YOU? lol)

(I'm leaving you with a new song on my video screen. You know, I have such WEIRD tastes in music. My favorite style right now would really have to be kinda loud, alternative or even hip-hoppy Christian music--like I said, kinda weird. LOL!--but I also like praise music, country music, old-school music from the 80s and 90s, really old-school from 60s and 70s, and even Top 40 stuff from right now. In fact, McKenna cracks up when I'll say something like, "Have you heard that new song from Hello Goodbye?" and she asks, "You know who that is?" Ha! I love to keep them on their toes! So... anyway, I am seriously digressing here . . . I'm putting this new Avril L song out here today because it just makes my toes tap and it makes me giggle. It's more PG-13 than usual for me, but really all there is is a "bad" word or two and at least there's not thonged butts or gyrating pussycats on the stage. Ha! Although I guess that would go along pretty well with my whole "dirty" title for the day . . .)

Have a SUPER weekend!!! See ya on Monday!!


Kelly said...

yep, the loss by Duke was surprising. I'm so glad they aren't in my final four! I think I have two that are out so far. The Hogs play last tonight. I hope I can stay up. Plans for the weekend: watch bball, go to some friends to play board games on Saturday. On Sunday we'll do church and then have a new coworker and his wife over for dinner. That's about it. I cringed when I saw those girls covered in mud. I hope you were able to throw the clothes away! Have fun this weekend.

Vikki said...

My son did that in baseball when he was younger and had a blast. Good luck at the tourny!

Anonymous said...

OMG--no, they didn't!!!!
Love the song choice. i also am very eclectic with my music. There's just so much good stuff to listen to.

ryan said...

Love the mud pics but I'm glad our game got cancelled! Now let's talke about your basketball thingy...the one Thurs. night I'm off from work, I sit down to watch CSI and what do I find...BASKETBALL! This must end!! =p

We're going to Huntsville tomorrow for my niece's wedding. Pray for me...

Missy's Blog said...

Love the pics of the girls all dirty and muddy ... how fun was that!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend away!

Jen said...

LOL at your "clean" dirty pictures :) Priceless!! Especially for girls

Josie said...

oh to be a kid again and not care about playing in the mud.. thats a great pic of all the girls! I love the idea about the green punch, I may try that for tomorrow. Enjoy your little overnight stay...have a great weekend!

Stephanie C said...

Love those pics of the mud girls! Have fun this weekend...we will be digging out of another Nor'Easter *sigh*. But the birds are back so spring can't be far behind.
I will be playing with my new toys from Sizzix (my blog has the drama about it lol), and finish moving the boys downstairs.
Hugs GF!

Gareth said...

Can you imagine the mess in the vehicles after transporting those girls home. And the stink must have been overpowering .I guess you can lol. This is one occasion when I'm glad smell-o vision isn't available :P

Good luck in the tournament tomorrow and if the girls really must slide in mud make sure it's coloured green with food preservatives or something ;)

Michelle said...

Now that's a lot of mud!! Have fun this weekend and good luck to the girls in their game!

~Telah said...

Hey Cheryl, I think I heard you cheering up here in N.AL when Texas won tonight!

Phats said...

Hi Cheryl
Playing in the mud looks like fun!! I bet her clothes were fun to clean. In college I played mud volleyball during Homecoming week and I just threw away everything I wore it was awful.

You did really well in rd of Phats Bracket Challenge!! and guess what MY BOILERS WON!!! BOILER UP!!! I was so excited, watched with Kristen, I even put out my inflatable Purdue Pete in my yard. Exciting times. Now we get the Gators, I know SEC but you will cheer for the Boilers right?

Mississippi Songbird said...

lol.. cute "dirty pics"
Hope you have a fabulous weekend an Happy St Patricks day!


TK Angels said...

Hello Cheryl

Loved you pic on the girls in the mud. Also glad you are traveling a little this weekend. Sometimes those little trips are more priceless than the big ones.

Take care,

Phats said...

How are your brackets doing?

Crazy Working Mom said...

Loved the Dirty Pics! :)
I'm glad I wasn't looking at this at work, or it might've gotten trapped in the filter! heh heh