Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's a little bit rainy and yucky outside today, which means it must be a perfect day for some . . .

March Madness!!!!!

Yep, this is the perfect day to get me a big tall glass of iced tea, a bag of chips and other assorted snacks, and turn on the television for some Non-Stop College Basketball!!

Of course, Scout will have to either watch basketball with me or entertain herself somehow (LOL), because this Momma is watching her some basketball!

I am a huge sports nut (as all of you know by now, I believe!), and I love the time during the NCAA college basketball tournament more than anytime of the year (although my mind changes when it comes to the beginning of football season and then I'm ALL ABOUT the football!). But for now . . . There is just something about the sheer amount of basketball on television; all the games on at the same time; all the teams with the chance of pulling the upset; all the stories; all the buzzer beaters and both the joy and the despair that comes along with them!

This year, my Bama team had a complete breakdown near the end of the season and they didn't even make it into the tournament this year (and this was a team that was predicted by many at the beginning of the year as an Elite Eight team, so the downslide has been VERY depressing!). But even without my Crimson Tide taking part in the tourney, I'm still very excited! I just can't resist the pull of it all!

I have done the brackets for the tournament for as long as I can remember (I probably actually did them for the first time when I was nine or ten; my Dad and I always did them together and I continue it today!). This year I've found a great place online to do my brackets; I put in my choices and it will automatically update for me when games are over. If you're interested, go to Fox Sports and then click on "Free College Backet Challenge" to sign up for your own. If you want to see my brackets, go HERE.

Also, go check out Phats' blog. He is doing a fun challenge with some of his favorite blog-readers (including little ole me! lol). You can check back and see if I win!

Btw, my Final Four predictions are Florida, North Carolina, Texas A &M, and UCLA. I've got two #1 seeds picked and a #2 and #3, so I don't have a real Cinderella story in there at the end (although I do have some low seeds going pretty far). It's fun to see how I do as the tournament goes along!

I got to thinking earlier about the Good & Bad things about all of this March Madness and came up with a couple of insights . . .

The Good-- I should get a lot of clothes washed, dried, and folded. This is one of the few chores that can actually get done while I sit on a couch watching television. (It also helps that I probably have the equivalent of about 8 loads of clothes that need to get caught up on! lol)

The Bad-- Not much other work will get done!

The Good-- I won't be out spending money--on fast food, dollar tree finds, scrapbook stuff--because I'm not LEAVING the house!

The Bad-- Too bad if McKenna or Delaney forget to take something to school. No lunchbox? Forget your homework? Remember--I'm not leaving the house!

The Good-- I get to jump up and down, scream at a television that can't scream back at me, and basically have a ton of FUN watching sports (one of my favorite things in the world!)

The Bad-- My family laughs at me incessantly about how crazy I get about it all!

The Good--I get to show off to Gary about how smart I am about sports. I brag about the teams' records, their big wins during the season, the back stories of the players and their familes, even the stories behind their mascots. Yes, I am the Anti-Girl and I actually KNOW about the sport and the teams and the strategy.

The Bad-- Gary will end up beating me in our bracket challenge anyway!

So . .. are any of you into the NCAA Tourney like I am? Are you doing a bracket? Who do you think might win it all? Could you care less? (LOL)

If you are into basketball, I hope you enjoy the next two weeks. And have fun today watching some of the first-round games! If you aren't into it, just indulge the rest of us who are. I promise that it won't last forever!

Now, I'm off to eat a late breakfast, answer some emails, and then sit down in front of the television!!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

ROFLOL! I could care less, but you can have that conversation with Tony lol

~gkw said...

Your bracket link isn't there..

I had two of the final 4 there last year and I had Florida...

So HA!!

Marg said...

The Good and Bads are hilarious! You really do like basketball, don't you? You would get along great with my hubby too.

Maria said...

I have to say "I could care less" LOL. Sorry! :) But my hubby certainly and totally gets into it! :)

RYAN said...


J/K. =)

*~*Amber*~* said...

Just wanted to pop over and say THANKS for the birthday wishes!!! Ur presh!! Stop by again!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, I'm taking a commercial break (Lousville is currently ahead of Stanford . . . ha!) to read your comments and answer back.
Adrienne--LOL back at ya!! I will have to talk bball smack with Tony! (But, ya know, the good part about it is that you can scrap while he watches bball and he could care less!)
G--Yeah, yeah.. rub it in!!! We BOTH did great last year on your brackets! And I already said you'd end up beating me; you usually do!
Marg--Yep, I love sports! lol
Maria--Ditto for you. You can get a lot of ME stuff done while hubby watches it all!!
Ryan--HEY!! I'm offended!! No, really....(Just wait and see if I ask you out for margaritas next time!)
Amber--You're welcome! I will definitely pop back by. Love your blog!

Phats said...

I am BIG TIME into the NCAA tournament, especially when my BOILERS are in it!

I am not sure Gary would beat you though come on, what's he do pick by color and nickname? haha :)

GO BOILERS!! good luck in my contest

Dana said...

laundry has a mind of it's own....LOL

NancyJones said...


If you get a chance today come check out my blog. we are going the auction for GABBY at chalet. (the little girl with cholea) (sp)

tell everyone to coem check it out and bid on your fav if you like.
miss ya chicky!!

been swamped here but catching up hehe

Gin said...

Ha ha about the 8 loads of laundry. Are you living in MY house by some strange chance? funny!
Enjoy your basketball. I watch it some too, but not as much as you (I don't think!) Talkto ya soon.

Jen said...

Enjoy all that basketball girlfriend!!
I don't know anything about b'ball other than putting the ball in the hoop :)

~Telah said...

I like this time of year too, although I'm not as smart about it all as you are...but I do enjoy it. Here are my picks. I hope this link works.

Michelle said...

I love'd your 'good/bad' list! LOL My husband just asked me the other night if I wanted him to bring me home a bracket from his work. I said "are you kidding? Do you know the last time I did one of those?" He said, "yeah the 2 years you worked at the Test Track (before Kayla was born) and you won each year!" LOL Thanks for the link for the one site I'll have to share it with him.

~Telah said...

Hey, I'm down two as well! I'm in last place of our little group my husband created. I was going for some upsets early on, but oh well, I still can make a come back!

Liz Ness said...

I've been "disallowed" from TV basketball because I am always a little too agressive (I love the sport, but must play it to enjoy it -- no more "Tellie" for me, heh-heh).

Kelly said...

I have entered two pools for the tournament. I love college hoops and live for this time of year. I guess growing up in Razorback country breeds people like us. I have Florida, Kansas, Memphis and NC picked for the final 4. And I am so happy the HOGS made it but I know they won't go far. :(

Cheryl Wray said...

Phats--I knew YOU at leastwould be my faithful reader during March Madness! Boiler Up!! I'll be cheering loud for you guys!!!

Dana--Yes, it DOES. Laundry just overwhelms me most of the time!

Nancy--Ooh, I will stop by and see what's going on. Cool!

Gin--I'm glad to know someone else has as much laundry piled up as I do! lol

Jen--Hee hee!! That's really about all it is really!

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, just when I thought thre would be no gals to step to the plate I got a few who are bball fans like me. LOL

Telah--Yay!!! I knew you'd love it too! Good luck with your brackets!! Yours look great!

Michelle--You should do it again. You'd probably win!

Telah--Oh no! I'm the same way. I've pulled for a few upsets but none so far have happened! So I'm down two games!

Liz--That is SO funny!!! I'd have to sneak back at it during March Madness though!

Kelly--Good Final Four picks!! Go Hogs!! I'm hoping they'll at least win one.I think they can!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

My husband would love having you as a wife! Brackets? Isn't that a scrapbook embellishment??? lol

I'm not much into college basketball...I could care less about who scores the most homeruns!!! LOL Kidding...but I don't really care about college sports too much. Now, I'm with you on the pro football thing! Love it!!!

Have fun!

~Telah said...

I got three missed picks now! LOL...did you see that we both picked Florida to win it?

Susie Q said...

LOVE college university, Wright State, is in the tourney. Go Raiders!!
I have been a huge basketball fan for years..since 1978. College and NBA. I was a major Celtic fan for awhile. Just lost Dennis Johnson..: ( So sad. That era was so important to me. Larry Bird, Dennis Johnson, Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge...gosh how I loved these guys.

Have a blast dear Cheryl.


Linda said...

My husband is watching the tournament right now. I like it too but don't get very involved until we get down to the sweet sixteen or so. Have lots of fun!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--You are SO funny!! The brackets/scrapbook embellishment comment was priceless!!! (I may have to quote you on that one! LOL)

Telah--I know. Me too! I would have never guessed Duke would lose in the first round, although I didn't think they'd get too far. I think Florida has a really good chance of repeating this year!

Susie--That is WAY cool!! I was just saying to Gary that i had no idea where Wright State was, but that I sure was rooting for them. And then I get on here during their commercial and read this. They're doing pretty well so far!! I'll be cheering for them for you!

Linda--I love the final couple of rounds, butthe first round is always fun because you have to cheer for the underdogs!

Anonymous said...

You are too cute and funny, Cheryl! I love thta you love sports so much. I do like to watch the tournament and have watched a little bit of some of the games tonight. I will watch the Final Four for sure. But I don't really have a favorite team, so i usually just cheer for the lower teams. It is fun though. Hope you have fun tonight watching the games.

Tangee said...

I love it! The good and the bad points were for the most part just hilarious. I don't watch bball, bad Tangee. Thank you for visiting my blog!