Thursday, April 05, 2007

I {Heart} Thrift Stores
(and peeps...and new clothes...and lost...and...)

I absolutely LOVE thrift stores and have had a chance to go to several in the past week, which has made me very happy! My very favorite thing to find at thrift stores--even though I also occasionally find some really cute clothes for the kids and also love to search through the stemware collections--is a good book! I love to read and I'm always much happier when I have a good book going! (Even when I'm tired or my schedule is super-busy, it's nice to have a good book to turn to at night before I head to bed!)

We have one thrift store near us that always seems to have the best selections of books imaginable; it's like going to a library or a bookstore (and usually the books are in almost perfect shape!). All I can think is maybe the people on that side of town don't read! LOL

Anyway, look at the books I just found!

I am currently engrossed in The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters and I will probably be up late reading it again tonight! Wonderful story of two sisters (one a neurotic Hollywood producer, then other an enternally optimistic Midwesterner suffering from cancer). It's excellent so far!

I LOVE mysteries (they are definitely my favorite guilty reading pleasure!) and Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand series is one of my favorites. So I was so excited to find Dead Days of Summer, and read it right away! It was great!

I haven't read the others yet, but I love all the Amy Tan's I've ever read; have loved the few short stories by Isabel Allende I've read, so I'm sure this one will be no different; and I wanted to read Life of Pi when it was first released, so I'm excited about that one too! I've read The Great Gatsby NUMEROUS times over the years (it's in my Top Five faves of all time!), but I got a great copy for McKenna's personal library (she's a big reader too; I've raised her well! lol)

Now, thanks to my great thrift store excursion, I have some really good books sitting on my bedside table! (Have you read any of them? Or do you have any other book recommendations for me right now?)

On this Thursday morning, I am also loving ...

* Peeps!! I think I ate five of them yesterday and I'm sure there are many more in my future!! I'm always amazed by all the Peeps at the store these days and I kinda wonder who eats them all (kinda like fruitcakes at Christmastime), but I for one am a big supporter of them! LOL I'm thinking of using them to make some cupcakes for Easter lunch this weekend. Aren't these cute?

I'm thinking that my creations will use the yellow Peeps! Yummy!!!

* Taco Bell's 99 cent Zesty Nachos!! Sydney and I ate at Taco Bell yesterday for lunch and I tried their 99 cent deal of the week and I have to say that they were YUMM-MMYYY! I seriously think they might be the perfect late-night snack (would someone go buy me some right now!). Adrienne--if you and Tony are still doing your Thursday Night Taco Bell Run, try these! lol

*Lost!!!! I know that a lot of viewers have lost patience with "Lost," but I am still loving it so much!! It's one of those shows that takes time and patience and devotion to it, but I hate that so many people have given up on it. Because we're finally getting some answers--even though there are still a lot more questions! Tonight we saw Smokey the Monster again; very exciting!! And I can't wait to find out about Locke's father, which was part of the best episode this season. Love it!

* Scrapbook Goodies!! I went today to drop off a layout for India to display at Scrapbook Mania (the LSS where I'm on the design team) and bought a few goodies (I was really good and only bought a few things). My faves (that I can't WAIT to try!) is this Rhonna Farrer paper

and these funky cool chipboard circles from Junkitz (They are SO going on a birthday page!).

Speaking of scrapbooking, another new website I've found is Tally Scrapper; you post pics in the gallery, but then all the other members get to vote on favorite layouts and so they determine prizes and stuff. It's fun!

* New Clothes!! I'm so excited because it's just Thursday and I already have new dresses for me, McKenna, Delaney, and Scout. We also have purses and shoes, although we are having a hard time finding the perfect hat for Scout. The dresses are all very cute, and decidedly trendy! (Delaney's has a halter top and lots of swishy fabric at the waist; she loves it!). I actually bought mine at Rue 21, one of my favorite shops and one that I would have really loved if I was actually 21!! Most of the clothes there are a bit tight and short, but I found a dress that I really like AND it fit in a size that doesn't make me feel entirely huge!!

What do you {heart} this morning? What makes you happy today? Hope there's A LOT that makes you feel that way!


Amy Mowbray said...

Thrift stores are the best!!! I went to one last week and I found a huge basket of stampin up stamps! I couldn't believe it. I picked thru them and got a few. I also like finding old etiquite books. They always give me a good laugh.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

TEe hee, YES we still do our Taco bell run lol, and I will tell you what is making me happy today, TOMORROW lol....tee heeeee and LOST! OMG, i will NOT give up on it!!!! Last nights episode was good, but frustrating. Can not WAIT to see what is gonig to happen!!!

Gin said...

Love your post today!

So many fun things going on with you!

I love the cupcake idea! (Gotta show pics of yours when you do them!)

Maria said...

I love anything by Amy Tan and Isabel Allende! From your list I've only read two. The book by Amy Tan and of course the Great Gatsby. That one by Allende I haven't (surprisingly) read it yet. I've read many others from her. I love her style!
And yes, I am also very much in love with the Rhonna Farrer papers! So yummy indeed! :)

~gkw said...

I {heart} softball when we win!!! I can't wait for us to go to Memphis!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Amy--Yes, they are the BEST! How cool to find some stamps! I neve rhave found scrapbook stuff there, but that would be cool!!
Adrienne--You gotta try the nachos!! LOL I LOVE Lost; I thought last night's episode was actually very philosophical. Loved it!
Gin--Oh, I will defiitely take pics of the cupcakes! lol
Maria--Allende is great; I knew you'd like her! I'll tell you how the book is! Can't wait to scrap with the new paper!
G--Me too!! Can't wait for Memphis!!

Stephanie C said...

I HAD to post on this blog entry! LOL! What makes me happy right now? Spring! I want it back..and I will throw a temper tantrum until I get it (LOL). We woke up to a foot of heavy wet snow this morning. Took hubby and I four hours to clean the driveway and pick up all the tree branches that broke. But, it's done now, and he went to work.
Book choices right now:
Max Lucado "Cure for the Common Life"
Tasra Dawson: "Real Women Scrap"
Anything Sherlock Holmes (my dd LOVES these).

Peeps: they are banned in our house. Hubby has a severe phobia to them (really really funny actually!).
Have a great Easter gf!!

Greta said...

oh girl i wish i could do thrift stores but i can' gives me the willy's....i don't know why either...i can't do hudson's or anything like that...

those scrappies look delish!!

taco thursday's...we do that too

Jeff said...

I {heart} a few things today:
* {Will}, becasue out of the blue he made me breakfast before I left for work this morning. Just simple eggs and toast, but it was still a treat... and beat my usual protein shake by a long shot.
* Breakfast made me a little late to work, which was okay becuase it meant that I got to walk in some unexpected {snow flurries} this morning. No idea where that came from, but there they were and since I hopped out of the subway 20 blocks south of work because I needed to get on the phone for a conference call, I got to walk those 20 blocks in flurries, which made me crazy happy!
* {Music Inferno}, which is a song from Madonna's Confessions Tour DVD. It's a mix of her song "Music" and the classic "Disco Inferno." I can't even tell you how much I've gotten into this song in the past few days since I got the DVD. The staging has all of her dancers on roller skates, she's in a "Saturday Night Fever" suit and the mix of the two songs is so good. I've played it repeadily all week and transferd the audio to my Ipod. It's Madonna meets "Starlight Express" meets Stuido 54. The more I listen/watch, the more I like it and the more I need to hear it again.
Okay... that's my odd list for today. Happy Thursday all!

Marg said...

I really can't stand Peeps either. Don't know why! Guess I'm just not a fan of marshmallows (unless there over a campfire. ha!)
Lost is great! I'm still so confused by it, though.

Andy said...

taped lost. didn't watch it yet. waiting for hubby to come back from out of town. can't wait!

TK Angels said...

What a creative post. Love it. What makes me happy right now. Going home from work :0

Spring and the thought of spending time with my gandkids tomorrow.

Peeps? This may sound weird, but I like to set them out and get them nice and stale. Then eat their crunchy bodies. Sad but true.

Take care,

em said...

Those are some good books!!! And thanks to you, I've now craving peeps!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Steph--Your hubby's Peeps Phobia makes me laugh!!! (I have a mayo phobia, so I guess i can't make fun ofhim too bad!) I also want Spring tocome back. It was gorgeoushere the last several days, then it got cold last night and Easter is gonna be like 50 degrees. Yuck!! I have heard of the Real Women Scrap book and need to read it!
Jeff--Will is TOO sweet!! I need breakfast in bed!! (hint, hint G). The Madonna song sounds addictive!
Marg--That's what I love about Lost! You can be confused and still love it!
Andy--Oh, you will LOVE it when you see it!
TK--Actually, I think that sounds great! I may set some out tonight to harden! lol
Em--Go Get you some Peeps!!!

Michelle said...

what makes me happy is that I'm finally starting to feel more like myself again - and just in time to go play bunco tonight! :)

Looks like you found some great books at the thrift store!

We still watch Lost! I tell my husband each time though, "they answer few questions for me each week, but bring up a whole slew of more questions!" LOL

Now they have me wondering how the heck they got off the island when they told Locke the only way off was the sub; well I guess I should have known better than to think Ben was telling the truth!

Susie Q said...

You did GOOD girl....I am always so impressed by how much you get done in a day. I seem to just tred water...: ( You are my inspiration Cheryl!!

It is COLD here so ant sweet dresses we WERE gonna wear Sunday are put away. It has been spitting snow too. Poor little flowers and buds...


Gareth said...

LOL you EAT peeps?! Oh wow I got that wayyyy wrong then. I saw a video not so long ago where a guy put three of those peeps things into a microwave oven and turned it on. They oozed out all over the place and I actually thought they were like foam filled or plastic teddy bears. I think I need some sleep before I embarrass myself any further :'(

Cheryl Wray said...

Michelle--Bunco sounds SO fun! I didn't get to go this month and I miss it!!! I love Lost and I have learned to not believe anything Ben says or does. In fact, I think Juliet is spying for him now!
Sue--YOU are my inspiration! So full of life and joy! You are sweet! The cold weather is really getting me down!
Gareth--Hey!! I've missed you and your sense of humor--as evidenced here! LOL I guess you can blow Peeps up in a microwave (actually sounds kinda fun!), but they are yummy to eat!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Michelle--Bunco sounds SO fun! I didn't get to go this month and I miss it!!! I love Lost and I have learned to not believe anything Ben says or does. In fact, I think Juliet is spying for him now!
Sue--YOU are my inspiration! So full of life and joy! You are sweet! The cold weather is really getting me down!
Gareth--Hey!! I've missed you and your sense of humor--as evidenced here! LOL I guess you can blow Peeps up in a microwave (actually sounds kinda fun!), but they are yummy to eat!!

melissa said...

first off I am a Great Gatsby fan too ;) and love that you found all those great finds at the thrift store-love when that happens

Yum Taco Bell sounds yummy..havent had it for a while

ohh and peeps, dont get me started. my mom ADORES them so every year i get her a bunch. lol at the cupcake idea, I was thinking of doing the same thing ;)

Renee said...

I (heart) thrift stores too! Yesterday, I scored a new skirt for me, a Taboo game, some much needed spoons and some clothes for the girls for the low, low price of 14 bucks!

toya said...

I love thrift stores too, but I haven't been to one in years, or a flea market, great books!