Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Random Easter Tuesday
(and then some Scout Birthday pictures!)

I LOVE this time of year! The weather is warming up, the dogwood trees are blooming, and there's just a lighter step to my feet. They always say that "love is in the air" during this time of year, and I know that there's truth to that. Spring makes everything and everyone seem a little bit more loveable. Spring just somehow makes me happy!

Another thing I love about Spring is the celebration of Easter, which is one of my very favorite holidays of all! The fact that it is pretty non-commercialized (other than having to buy the expected big basket filled with goodies!) appeals to me, and (a lot like Thanksgiving) it is a great time to simply get together with family for a really good meal (and food always makes for a wonderful holiday in my book!) But the primary reason I love Easter is that it is the most spiritual of all the holidays. It even beats Christmas in my mind, because it truly cuts to the heart of my faith. As a Christian, Easter is the most holy of my holidays. It is a time to celebrate not the birth of Christ (which really didn't mean anything by itself), but the resurrection ahd the saving grace that came through it! So, it is a very special, holy time to me!

For my Random Tuesday post this morning, I thought we could all share some fun little Easter questions and answers with each other. So, if you want to participate, share some Easter love with the rest of us (post your answers in my comment section, or put it on your own blog and let us know!)

1. Does the Easter bunny visit?
For some reason, we don't perpetuate the Easter bunny story like we do Santa Claus. Our kids know that the Easter bunny is really us (hard for me to convince myself that I can convince my children that a large bunny drops off baskets for children all around the world!; but I'd love to hear if you guys do that!). I love filling baskets with all sorts of goodies for them, though, and they love waking up on Easter morning and seeing what they've got!

2. Do you have any special Easter traditions?
Quite a few actually! We always buy new outfits, we always enjoy BIG meals with both of our sets of parents', we always do an Easter egg hunt, and we take a photo every year of the girls and I all dressed up on Easter morning (I have each of them framed in my dining room, and I love them!). We also have some special traditions at church; we have Holy Week services, a very special Maundy Thursday service (where we cloak the church in darkness and have communion), an Easter sunrise service that the youth put on for us (I've only been twice, though, because it requires being there at 6:3o am; Gary usually goes with McKenna!), and then going to our Sunday morning service (where you have to fight for parking spaces and a pew!).

3. Do you get new Easter clothes?
Absolutely!! I'm very thrifty and rarely buy new clothes for myself, so Easter is always special because I actually buy myself a new outfit. And several years ago, my Mom started taking the girls shopping and buying their Easter outfits for them. That's sweet and another special thing to look forward to every year! (I usually buy Gary a new shirt and tie too, so that he'll match us and look spiffy himself! lol)

4. Do you dye Easter eggs?
It always depends on how much time and energy we have! LOL But we TRY to do them!! We usually do a dozen or two and dye half of them. But the girls really like just decorating their eggs with stickers, and markers, and whatever other "crafty" stuff you can find around the house!

5. What is your favorite Easter treat?
I absolutely LOVE the mini Cadbury Easter eggs (with the candy coating; YUM YUM!). I also love the Cadbury cream eggs. And, yes, I love Peeps!!! (I may be one of the few that do!!)

6. Do you eat a special meal at Eastertime?
We are usually stuffed by the time Sunday is over with! We eat one meal at my parents', and another with Gary's parents. We usually have some traditional things like ham and mashed potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls, etc. I usually make some sort of fun Easter cake or other treat (not sure what I'm baking this year, so any ideas are appreciated!!)

7. What is the earliest Easter memory you have?
Probably one of my most vivid was when I was around 1o and my brother was 4 or 5. We SO bad wanted to do our Easter egg hunt, but it was raining cats-and-dogs and we couldn't convince Mom and Dad to let us go outside to do it. So, we decided to have a hunt inside instead and I think we must have hid and hunted eggs 2o times that day! We'd find them, then have Mom and Dad hide them again, then they got tired of doing it and we hid them for each other. It went on and on and we had the best time!

Okay, there you go... I can't wait to hear about some of your Easter traditions and memories!!


Now, how about a couple of pictures from Scout's birthday party on Saturday?

It RAINED on Saturday, so we had to cancel our park plans! (That's the only bad thing about McKenna and Sydney's birthdays; half the time it's either raining or freezing cold, the other times it's sunny and gorgeous!)

The cake was GORGEOUS (and yummy!)...

Sydney really enjoyed blowing out her candles this year...

Opening up presents and cards (some of her favorites were the assorted Polly Pockets she got--our downstairs den absolutely looks like Polly World today! lol--, her Disney Princess tea set, and her various Dora things)...

Scout and her Pop...

Playing Duck-Duck-Princess (yep, that's what she called it!)...

We made the cutest Princess door hangers (they had crowns on the top and we decorated them with different "princess-y" stickers) ...

And then with friends (Jane, Erin, and Meg)...



We went on a hunt for the missing crown (a dragon had stolen it and hidden it; oh no!) and when we found it Scout had to put it on and pose with it...

I think that everyone had a really good time. I know that we did!! I wish that all of you could have been there...


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Great post!!!!
1. nope, but we do Easter baskets.
2. Not really, we always end up with the grandparents. lol
3. SOMETIMES, but the kids always do lol
4. SOMETIMES....they normally get SO many from Church, they don't want to do them lol
5. I don't really have one, but I'm glad I know what yours is lol
6. Yes! Dressing, cabbage, ham, potato salad, candied yams, corn, and I think that is all i am cooking this year lol
Fun stuff!

Ryan said...

Will to the survey later, but wanted to let you know that there CD's in the mailbox in front of your house. Pics and music. See ya!

Cinderella said...

Awww the pics of Sydney are adorable!! Her cake was beautiful!!

My Easter Traditions..Hmmmm..

The night before Easter we always dye Easter Eggs! Always!!! We do about a dozen (I only have 2 kiddies) neither of them actually eat them anyways.

I always buy the kids new outfits. My daughter gets a different color dress ever year. She has never worn the same color yet! My son usually wears a vest, dress pants, a dress shirt and nice shoes!

I tell the kids that the Easter Bunny visits the house and does the baskets. They are very young and it makes them happy to believe in fairy tales. My daughter leaves carrots out for the Easter Bunny every year.

In their baskets I usually do tons of candy, games and movies. My favorite candies are coconut eggs, peanut butter cups, and Hershey's kisses!!

I always make my dad a basket. It's a tradition. He loves it =)

For dinner, I am making lasagna and hot roast beef. I usually do the Ham and mashed Potato thing but not this year.

I think Easter is better than Christmas on sooo many levels. It's when Christ proved himself as Christ and we began the religion we all know today. I also think Easter is a lot of fun, between the Easter Egg Hunts, The class parties, the outfits, baskets, dinners and family and friends...you gotta love it!! =)

Jeff said...

First off I have to say that I love the princess cake. Very cool!

And now answers....

1. Does the Easter bunny visit?
If I had kids, yes the Easter Bunny would visit! I was visted until I was 6 or 7 as I recall, so I woul dkeep that going.

2. Do you have any special Easter traditions?
Easter traditions were never big in my family or in Will's, so we didn't care any over.

3. Do you get new Easter clothes?
Nope. I didn't as a kid either.

4. Do you dye Easter eggs?
I agree, it's got to do with the time and energy available. But I do love to do it!

5. What is your favorite Easter treat?
Peeps!!!!!!! And yes, they are available for more holidays now, but easter peeps are the best. (Stay away from the new Splendia/Sugar Free ones though... they're just not quite right).

6. Do you eat a special meal at Eastertime?
It's all about big breakfast: eggs, sausage, biscuts and gravy... yum!

7. What is the earliest Easter memory you have?
I think I was 3 or 4 and got an Easter basket that was bigger than I was. That was a lot of treats!!! I don't remember getting sick though, so someone must have rationed me accordingly.

Gin said...

LOVE the birthday pictures! And that cake looks absolutely delicious!!! I love all that frosting!
For Easter, we always decorate eggs and then hide them for the kids. It's my favorite part of the day!

Jen said...

Too Cute!
Yes her cake was pretty and it looks yummy too. Cake is a major weakness for me!

regina said...

Bloger ate my dissertation...Hoping the cake was whipped cream and why does Adrienne post first!?

Leah said...

Love all the pictures..that last one is so great..she looks too cute with the crown and you can just tell that girl has personality!

Maria said...

Love your pics! Thanks for such a great post!
1. Yeap, Easter bunny still comes around here, LOL.
2. We always visit the grandparents (on my husband's side) and we always color eggs and hunt for the hidden eggs left by the Easter bunny! :) We hunt for eggs twice. First at our house in the morning, and then at lunch time at grandma's house.
3. YEs! Love Easter dresses!
4. Of course! What would Easter be without colored eggs? :)
5. It used to be chocolate bunnies. Now, unless I find a sugar free, low calorie version, I'm basically out of luck on that one, LOL.
6. Whatever grandma and my hubby plan for that day. They usually share the cooking. I just enjoy the visit and help with dishes afterwards! Yeap, I have it made! :)
7. I always remember the chocolate bunnies that my dad used to buy me. He would take me to a store in Mexico called Sanborns and we would go out for ice cream and chocolate bunnies! Gotta love that!

Jenn S said...

1. Does the Easter bunny visit?
Cheryl, this is my answer too!

2. Do you have any special Easter traditions?
The girls usually get new Easter clothes for church and they love to see what's in their baskets. We usually take a picture of the girls in their new outfits with their baskets before church. This year Melissa was interested in Lent and what it was about, so it was her idea that WE give up something for Lent (I must have been crazy when I agreed to this!) Her idea was chocolate. I know...I know...what was I thinking? Only I have stuck to my 'giving up', but Melissa bailed on me the first week! I only have a few more days to go! Girls watch your Easter baskets!

3. Do you get new Easter clothes?
Not for myself most of the time, but the girls do.

4. Do you dye Easter eggs?
I agree with this Cheryl! Sometimes, if we have time. We have plastic eggs that are sports themes and camo! I

5. What is your favorite Easter treat?
I absolutely LOVE the Reese's chocolate peanut butter eggs, and you better believe that I WILL be eating them first thing Easter Sunday...probably for breakfast! LOL! Melissa and Nichole like Peeps too Cheryl, you're not the only one!

6. Do you eat a special meal at Eastertime?
A long time ago when we were kids we used to get together with all my mother's brothers & sisters, but now it's just whatever restaurant we can find that the line isn't to China! OR...we will eat with Ryan's parents. (Cheryl, Publix has some nice Easter cakes, one with bunnies and one that looks like a stained glass window with a cross inside that is absolutely beautiful)

7. What is the earliest Easter memory you have?
My sister and I getting our picture made with the Easter bunny. I didn't like it though! Finding eggs at my grandmother's house that had $$ in them. Usually quarters or half-dollars. We've had many-a-hunt for eggs inside over the years...not w/real eggs though, because a week or 2 later, that would be disastrous!

scrapperjen said...

Ok - first - thanks for the Gwen Stefani video - I LOVE that song and it was great to rock out while I read your blog! :)
We don't do a lot for Easter - sorry to disappoint! DD is getting a new dress this year (if I get it finished in time) but we're pretty casual.
Have a wonderful Easter!

scrapperjen said...

Oh, I forgot - that looked like a GREAT b-day party!

Stephanie C said...

Love those photos! She is too cute! Here are my answers for the Easter thing:
1. We do easter baskets...kids are getting too old for Bunny Boy.
2-6...Easter is just another day here. I do a normal Sunday dinner (usually a roast) and we spend time talking about what the holiday means, but outside of that, just normal stuff. Don't do family get togethers or anything.

Robyn said...

such cute pics of your little one!!

LOVELY cake too


Now I want cake! LOL

And yes the Easter bunny comes here but I know my big kids (the twins are almost 11) don't believe although they haven't said a thing! LOL

They get good chocolate from the same little store my parents bought mine! They always get a new swimsuit and new spring pj's too. AND a toothbrush! LOL

Dawn Bibbs said...

What great pix from Scouts party. Gotta love the little princesses. I'm not ready to answer the Easter questions yet...but I will. I too LOVE Easter and all that it means. However, our family didn't have many "traditions" when I was growing up. And it's kinda hard to get them started in my own home when I have nothing, really to go on.

Wow, that sounded like a little pitty party, didn't it? Wasn't my intent...sorry. Be back later :-).

Mississippi Songbird said...

What Precious Pictures.

Well, the kids still get a basket, because I don't want to give it up...lol
We go to church.. Have a nice dinner. Yes, We dye eggs...

And usually there is an Easter Egg hunt at someone's house, so we go to that.

Happy Easter!

Kelly said...

Does the Easter bunny visit?
No, the Easter bunny doesn’t visit. We usually got a chocolate bunny from my parents and the older kids or parents hid the eggs while we waited with baited breath inside! I guess my mom felt like Easter was so important that she didn’t want to take anything away from it. However, we always had Santa at Christmas. Go figure. For my kids, I tell them there is no such thing as a real Easter Bunny, but I let them have their picture with him if they want to.

2. Do you have any special Easter traditions?
New clothes! Big meals. Hunt eggs.

Do you get new Easter clothes?
sometimes. I don’t know if I will get a chance to shop this year.

4. Do you dye Easter eggs?

We are just starting that tradition. We did it last year.

What is your favorite Easter treat?
I love Cadbury cream eggs.

6. Do you eat a special meal at Eastertime?
Yes. Usually ham and green bean casserole and candied sweet potatoes.

7. What is the earliest Easter memory you have?
Hunting eggs in Harrison, Arkansas and eating so many hard-boiled eggs that I got sick. I guess I thought they would taste so good since they were pretty.

Linda said...

It's fun to read about your Easter traditions Cheryl. I can remember the days (waaaay back when I was little) we used to get a whole new outfit for Easter - dress, shoes, hat, gloves, coat - the works!!! I loved it. I used to put my new patent leather shoes right by my bed so I'd see them the minute I woke up.
I had to smile over the cadbury egges. We just bought some for our 34 year old son. He loves them too.
I agree with you. This is the most sacred of holidays. It seems it is easier to focus in on the true meaning.
Enjoyed it!!

Anonymous said...

The Duck, Duck, Princess is SO funny! The pictures are so cute ad looks like a fun time!

Michelle said...

sure does look like great birthday celebrations for both of your girls! I would be wiped out after all that celebrating too!

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne-- Yummy on your Easter meal! Can I come??? lol
Ryan--thanks for the CD and pics. I was just about to pop them in teh computer and check them out!
Cinder--I think that is so cute that you always get your daughter a different colored outfit! My girls bought theirs today and they are so pretty! I LOVE Easter too!
Jeff--Your childhood memory of the BIG Basket is too funny!!! I love Peeps too!!
Gin and Jen--Nothing like Cake!! I LOVE it; one of my very fave desserts!

Cheryl Wray said...

Regina--now I wish I knew what you wrote that Blogger ate! LOL Adrienne wakes up EARLY in the morning!
Leah--Oh boy does she have some personality! LOL
Maria--I just LOVE the ice cream and chocolate bunny memory. So sweet!
Jenn--I think it's so cool thta Melissa wanted to give up something for Lent. We do it every year and it can be very hard! Good for you for sticking with it!
Scrapperjen--That is my current fave song! Had to putit on here for everyone to rock out too!!
Steph--Thanks!! Hope yo uhave a super Easter!
Robyn--I love the swimsuit, pjs, and toothbrush. Too fun!! (Oh yeah, cake is GOOD!!)

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--Just start some of your own traditions. Never too late to start some!!!!
Songbird--Sounds like you and your family have a wonderful Easter too!
Kelly--The ham and green bean casseole sounds SO good right now!!!! Love Cadbury cream eggs!!!
Linda--Love your memories of the new outfit when you were a child! Definitely something special to look forward to!!! We kids in our 30s love some Cadbury eggs! lol
Anon--She was SO funny playing that game!! It was a great time!
Michelle--We were ALL wiped out!! But it was fun!

Liz Ness said...

What a cutie! Happy birthday to her and great capture of the event (love it)!

aimee said...

Just wanted to pop in (I've been a little sick) to say hi and happy birthday to all your family!

Miss 1999 said...

You know, I love Easter, too. The older I get, the more I realize exactly what Easter really means. Lent and Holy Week are big for me. I've got a lot of church services this week, but I'm thankful for them.

As for treats-- girl, you read my mind! Those are my favs too!

Sorry to hear about the rain, but the party looked like a hit anyway! *hugs*

Marg said...

I'm a few days behind reading., so glad to see that your pics of the birthday party were still up today. Love them! Loooks like a blast!

Theresa Tyree said...

Cheryl, email me if you want a kit! I’d love for you to play! ttyree@fidnet.com
On your views about Easter, I say, “Preach on sister girl! Preach on and AMEN!!”
On to the questions:
1. Yes, the Easter bunny visits.
2. Traditions- we eat together as a family somewhere at a restaurant. There are too many of us to fit in one home plus after doing church all morning, we’re ready to eat and relax.
3. If I can find something appropriate at Goodwill, then yes, I will have a “new” dress for Easter. I always buy my baby a special Easter outfit for pictures. My hubby and older son could care less.
4. Definitely dye egss.
5. I love white chocolate Reese’s peanut butter eggs.
6. See #2.
7. Earliest Easter memory was cracking confetti eggs with my cousins as a little girl.
Thanks for a great questionnaire!
Thank you for sharing the photos of Scout’s birthday. I absolutely love the name Scout! It’s so cool! Thanks for staying in touch with me! Don’t forget to email me your snail mail so I can get a kit out to ya. I think I’ll send you something pink and something Chatterbox. How does that sound??

Theresa Tyree said...

Me again. I forgot to add a tradition: I always make all my boys, INCLUDING my husband, an Easter basket. I love to spoil them all! I do the same thing with their stockings at Christmas. It's so much fun.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I love the pictures. Scouts cake is SO CUTE! We're taking my little girl to see Disney Princesses on Ice in two weeks and we're all so very excited. :)
It's gonna be lots of fun.

Cheryl Wray said...

Liz--thanks! It was a great time!
Aimee--Hey! I've been missing you!! Hope you get feeling better real soon!
Miss 99--I knew you'd share my Easter sentiments!!! Church is so special to me during this time!!
Marg--Yep, I didn't geta new post up today, so glad you got to see the pics!
Theresa--I love making baskets for Gary and the girls too. So fun! And, oh, I can't wait to get my kit and get creating!! yay!! Thanks!!
Crazy Mom--I LOVED how the cake turned out! Oh, the Disney on ice is always so fun. Hope you guys have a great time at it!

cityfarmer said...

Aint she sweeeeeet?

We always enjoy a meal...this year we get to talk about wedding plans after the meal

Jane said...

Aw, what great pictures, especially the last one. And the mention of Cadbury's Creme Eggs got my mouth watering, used to eat them all the time in Ireland (can't get them here in spain! - probably just as well :)
Do you have the advertisement on TV for them where the tag line is "How do you eat yours?" I love it!