Sunday, April 08, 2007

My heart is full this morning...

I was awake at 5:00 am (which, all of you know, is never my choice for a morning wake-up call!), in order to get McKenna to church for the Sunrise Easter Service. (The youth plans and holds it, so she had to be there extra-early).
Driving through town, the sun just starting to peep over the horizon,
I could feel the promise of the day to come.

It's Easter morning, and although we are going to freeze in our pretty little dresses (it's 30 degrees right now, with the high of just 54), there is JOY in this day! There is warmth in the glow of what we know is the ultimate act of love. There is the amazing, sometimes so-hard-to-believe knowledge of a love and grace that rose above everything--even death!--because we are loved! Because I am loved! Because YOU are loved!

I pray that on this day of Easter bunnies and chocolate and dressing up (and I love all of those things so much! they just make me happy!), that you'll remember the true meaning of this beautiful day. That God loved you so much...that God loves you still...that God simply LOVES you!!

I'm rockin' this morning to my song here on my blog. It's my favorite right now! (Although I see a new Toby Mac CD in my Easter basket this morning from Gary, so something from it will probably soon eclipse this song! lol). The words are so full of meaning for this morning. Just know that whatever you've done, whatever fears and hurts and "anything" that you're holding on to today, can be erased. Because of love and grace...

"Tell me why do you run?
You say you’re so ashamed.
Bruised and broken,
If I figured out the mess you made,
I’d leave.

Anywhere you are is never too far away.
There’s freedom from your scars,
The mistakes that you’ve made.
the memories erased,
Baby, that’s the beauty of grace.

Tell me what is love?
I’ll never hold you to
The things you might have done.
You say you want new life,
In my arms, there’s mercy.

Anywhere you are is never too far away.
There’s freedom from your scars,
The mistakes that you’ve made.
the memories erased,
Baby, that’s the beauty of grace.

So blow a kiss goodbye to all the pain you hide . . .

Anywhere you are is never too far away…
The memaries erased,

Baby that’s the beauty of grace."


So from our house to yours...

Happy Easter!!!


Gareth said...

Hoppy Easter Cheryl. Have a wonderful day with your family.
I hope those little doggie teddy bears don't find their way into a microwave in the same way that those Peeps once did ;)

Miss 1999 said...

That's such a beautiful song! I hope you, and your family, have a safe, happy, and blessed Easter! *hugs*

Jen said...

Happy Easter!

regina said...

Thanks for stopping by! My nieces were alter servers this morning at Mass and I asked her to take photos!

Safer said...

This is a beautiful entry. It has touched me. I dont believe I have heard that song before but I truly do love the words. Touches the deepest parts of me. Thank you! Happy Easter! Blessings, Tawnya

Dawn Bibbs said...

Beautiful post, Cheryl!!! What great pictures, thanks for sharing.

I hope you and your family find every blessing that's available for you on this beautiful day.

It's cold here today too. Makes for great, cozy family time though :-).

Phats said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter, Happy Easter!

You still get an Easter basket, Gary where is mine???

TK Angels said...

What a beautiful easter post. So creative. I loved it!!

Take care and have a great Monday!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

Loreluca said...

I was imagining your mornin as I was reading your blog yesterday. Sounds like an awsome way to start your day!!!
Many blessings to you!