Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Found my Adhesive!!!
(OLW challenge and a few other pages)

Yippee!! You'll remember that this morning I was lamenting that I had run out of adhesive right in the middle of finishing up some scrapbook pages last night. I so wanted to share a few I had done.

Well, this morning (when I should have been doing a lot of other things!) I found some double-sided tape and got to work! So, I can share some pages with you all!

This first one is for the One Little Word challenge this week. They give you a word and challenge you to make a scrapbook project with it. This week's word was "Simplicity." Here is what I created, based on that word...

When I heard the word, I immediately thought of how relaxed and "simple" I felt last week on vacation at the beach. So I took two of my fave pics from the week and created this page. The journaling says: "there is something so simple about a vacation at the beach. any worries or concerns just disappear in the sand, water, and sun."

I LOVED that the black and white patterned paper matched my bathing suit (LOL) and loved cutting some of that fun Elsie fabric paper into a circle. I really love this layout and is my current fave!!! (The only thing I don't like is that you can't really appreciate the white scalloped paper that is the background paper; it got kinda lost in the scan!)

Then...I used scalloped paper again with this page I did dedicated to my grandmother. (I also have created this as the "target" page for my Calendar Class next Tuesday night at Scrapbook Mania. I focus on a technique each month and this week we are doing scalloped and other shaped-edge paper. I created the scallop edge on this paper and will teach my students how to do this in the class. Really easy and fun!)

I dug these three pictures out when I was doing a mini scrapbook as a gift for Grandma's 80th birthday and I knew I wanted to use them on a scrapbook page for myself. I really like how it turned out!

The journaling on the circle says: "For Grandma's 80th birthday I made her a special scrapbook of photos through the years. These were some of my favorites--as a baby, with Grandpa in their engagement photo, and with me (the little blonde!), mom, and dad. I love old photos, because they make me realize how rich and real people's lives were before I was even born. Grandma's surely was!"

And then--continuing with the scallopped edge trend! lol--here is a 2-page spread I did with photos from my nephew's 8th birthday party back in May. I really like how this turned out, especially the cool paper strips and the framed photos and quotes. I just cut the frames and the journaling strips by hand. Sometimes imperfect is more playful, don't you think? (I also really like black as a background, and don't use it as much as I probably should.)

I have a really fun mini book that I'm using with the sweetest RAK that Theresa sent to me a few weeks ago. Can't wait to share that too!!

I love visiting all of you who are my fellow scrappers and getting inspiration from your creations too. One of the coolest things about having a blog! it's just about time for the weekend!! What are you guys up to Friday and this weekend?

We are going to go see Aly & AJ (they're on my video today) Friday night at our local theme park. They are a super cute teen sister pop act (you've probably seen them on Disney Channel, since I know A LOT of you watch that channel! lol) and Delaney is especially excited about seeing them. That should be fun! (McKenna is going out of town with her dad to her grandparents' house, so she'll miss the concert!)

Hope to spend some time reading Harry Potter on Saturday and Sunday!!! If you read, please DON'T SPOIL it!!!! I'm going to try and read it slowly and really enjoy this (since it will be the last), but not sure if I can. All I know is...I want Voldemort to die, Snape to be good, and Harry to live! Anything else and I will be seriously disappointed (or at least upset for awhile!).

Hope to have a restful weekend otherwise! No softball this weekend (first time in a while), so I will enjoy that for sure!!! Reading, scrapping, watching tv, hanging out with family, churching...all good stuff that I plan to do!


Susie Q said...

I don't believe I am first! Yeah me!!

Aly and Aj!!! Oh, Grace and I are So jealous! How cool! Grace is SO excited about High School Musical 2 in August too...anything Disney Channel is AWESOME, so says Grace!
: )

I have yet to pick up the last HP book...have fun reading!! I hope to get to it soon

Have a great weekend dear heart.


Anonymous said...

I love the layouts, especially the olw one, so pretty! I bought the new basic grey paper today Infuse, i can't wait to use it!! Plan on having a quiet weekend, maybe take the baby to a new park!

Danielle said...

WOW Cheryl!!! Those layouts are so beautiful :D

Glad you found your adhesives :)

Paula said...

Gorgeous pages. I so love your OLW page. The background paper is so groovy. I adore the CherryArte Classic Coffee range. I bought quite a bit!!!

Adriann said...

Love all your new LO's, especially the beach one. They turned out great!

Enjoy the weekend!

TK Angels said...

Your layouts are great!! We are still trying to complete the baseball tournament. Rained out for the championship game twice. 07-29-07 is the last resheduled game.

Hope I will post tonight.
Take care,

Gin said...

Your pages look GREAT! I love the colors on the beach one especially!

Je@net said...

What a great lay-outs!! You did a great job!

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

I love all of them..Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Great photos!
I hope your mom is doing better...I am praying for strength for all of you.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hello there! Your LO's are always so fun, bright and festive. I LOVE that! I too am a fan of black as a background. But, also like you, I don't think to use it that often.

Let's not even talk about the Disney Why do you think I want my OWN room to scrap in? I get so mad at myself when I find that I'm humming...or God forbid, SINGING one of the songs from the shows. ARGH!!!

Have a fun weekend, my friend.

Greta said...

your scrappies is the bomb girl...have fun this weekend

Mandy said...

I knew that picture of Sydney would be cute on a layout. Have fun at the concert!

Leah said...

Loving your layouts! They all look great!

I havent read any of the Harry Potter books but all the hoopla over this last one makes me want to read them. If I decide to I just hope I can make it through all of them before the ending is ruined for me. LOL I'm afraid the ending will be plastered all over the net.

Adrienne said...

you got a lot done!!!! Guess what!?!? I SCRAPPED TONIGHT!!! LOL

Lusi :) said...

hi ya Cheryl! Love all your fantastically fun layouts!!!
Hope you are well ;)
Love Lusi x

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh are so talented! I love 'em.

Kingcover said...

It would have been a complete travesty if you had not found your adhesive!
It's a terrible thought but if you ever run out of adhesive you could always reach inside Gary's ears and pull out some wax. Did you hear that Gary? Geesh. I said "IF YOU EVER RUN OUT OF ADHESI" ....... oh nevermind Cheryl, I think he has plenty of wax buildup in his ears ;-)

angel said...

i love our layouts cheryl... thanx for all the links!